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Counting Pages in PCL 6

Counting Pages in PCL 6

Counting Pages in PCL 6

Hello everybody,

we want to count the pages in a PCL 6 or PCL XL file, respectively. PCL 5 or below is based on ASCII text, so parsing for some commands which indicate a page switch is no problem. PCL 6 is a binary stream where the size of the commands and parameters is not fixed. How to parse this?

Does anybody know where I can find some information and some examples about PCL 6 and rules for building the binary steams?

Thanx a lot

Pascal Jost

University of Stuttgart

RE: Counting Pages in PCL 6

From my limited knowledge of PCL6, I would say that
you have a formidable task in front of you. The
EndPage command in binary is simply 0x44, but as that
is the letter "D" it doesn't get you very far.

I would suggest that you contact HP in Europe and
see if you can get the PCL6 details.

Jim Asman

RE: Counting Pages in PCL 6

Hi jlasman,

thank you very much for your help.

I already have the technical reference of PCL 6 from HP, but as you said the codes for the commands are readable letters. What's before a command (compareable to ESC) and what's behind a command depends on several things.

Well, what can help a lot is an example for building a command sequence. This will make it much easier for me to understand the documentation. Does anybody has such an example?

Thanx a lot.


RE: Counting Pages in PCL 6

What I have seen is very similar to an Editor/Assembler
for machine code.

The PCL6 code is written in its assembler language
and is then "assembled" into PCL6 object code.

There is a program called "jetasm" that I believe
can also disassemble the obect code. If you could
disassemble and then count the EndPages you might
have it.

Again, contact HP.

Jim Asman

RE: Counting Pages in PCL 6

Hi Pascal

Did you find a solution to you problem on how to count the pages in a PCLXL file?


RE: Counting Pages in PCL 6

As Jim states, you'll need to parse the stream using the JetASM dissassembler, or similar.

I wrote one some time ago; an extract from the output (if it will fit in the width here) shows the format (use this in conjunction with your PCL6 Technical Reference document); sorry if it's a bit long ( I don't know the rules/conventions for code snippets/samples in these forums):

*** PCL Analysis ***

Date/Time:  2003/03/19 23:24:09
File:       F:\aaa\Sample_prn\PCLXL\HP9000_PCL6_abcde.pxl
Size:       788 bytes

Offset(dec)  Type                   Sequence          Data / Interpretation
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
0000000000  Special                <Esc>%-12345X     Universal Exit Language (UEL)
            Comment                                  Switch language to PJL
0000000009  PJL Command                              @PJL JOB NAME="Document"[0d][0a]
0000000035  PJL Command                              @PJL COMMENT "Context data is not available"[0d][0a]
0000000081  PJL Command                              @PJL COMMENT "Username: "[0d][0a]
0000000108  PJL Command                              @PJL SET RET=ON[0d][0a]
0000000125  PJL Command                              @PJL SET DUPLEX=ON[0d][0a]
0000000145  PJL Command                              @PJL SET BINDING=LONGEDGE[0d][0a]
0000000172  PJL Command                              @PJL SET ECONOMODE=OFF[0d][0a]
0000000196  PJL Command                              @PJL SET OUTBIN=UPPER[0d][0a]
0000000219  PJL Command                              @PJL SET FINISH=NONE[0d][0a]
0000000241  PJL Command                              @PJL SET PAGEPROTECT=AUTO[0d][0a]
0000000268  PJL Command                              @PJL SET PAPER=A4[0d][0a]
0000000287  PJL Command                              @PJL SET HOLD=OFF[0d][0a]
0000000306  PJL Command                              @PJL SET RESOLUTION=600[0d][0a]
0000000331  PJL Command                              @PJL SET BITSPERPIXEL=2[0d][0a]
0000000356  PJL Command                              @PJL SET EDGETOEDGE=NO[0d][0a]
0000000380  PJL Command                              @PJL ENTER LANGUAGE=PCLXL[0d][0a]
            Comment                                  Switch language to PCLXL (PCL6)
0000000407  PCLXL Stream Header    0x292048..            ") HP-PCL XL;2;0;Comment Copyright Hewlett-Pa"
0000000451                         0x636b61..            "ckard Company 1989-2000. Version[0a]"
0000000492  PCLXL Data Type        0xd1              uint16_xy
0000000493             Value       0x58025802            600 600
0000000497  PCLXL Attribute        0xf889                UnitsPerMeasure
0000000499  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000500             Value       0x00                  eInch
0000000501  PCLXL Attribute        0xf886                Measure
0000000503  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000504             Value       0x03                  eBackChAndErrPage
0000000505  PCLXL Attribute        0xf88f                ErrorReport
0000000507  PCLXL Operator         0x41              BeginSession
0000000508  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000509             Value       0x00                  eDefaultDataSource
0000000510  PCLXL Attribute        0xf888                SourceType
0000000512  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000513             Value       0x01                  eBinaryLowByteFirst
0000000514  PCLXL Attribute        0xf882                DataOrg
0000000516  PCLXL Operator         0x48              OpenDataSource
0000000517  PCLXL Data Type        0xc2              uint32
0000000518             Value       0x09207068            1752178697
0000000522  PCLXL Attribute        0xf891                **** Reserved ****
0000000524  PCLXL Operator         0x46              **** Reserved ****
0000000525  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000526             Value       0x00                  ePortraitOrientation
0000000527  PCLXL Attribute        0xf828                Orientation
0000000529  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000530             Value       0x01                  eAutoSelect
0000000531  PCLXL Attribute        0xf826                MediaSource
0000000533  PCLXL Data Type        0xc8c10200        ubyte_array
0000000537             Value       0x4134                "A4"
0000000539  PCLXL Attribute        0xf825                MediaSize
0000000541  PCLXL Operator         0x43              BeginPage
0000000542  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000543             Value       0x00                  eNonZeroWinding
0000000544  PCLXL Attribute        0xf854                ClipMode
0000000546  PCLXL Operator         0x7f              SetClipMode
0000000547  PCLXL Operator         0x74              SetPageDefaultCTM
0000000548  PCLXL Data Type        0xd3              sint16_xy
0000000549             Value       0x64006400            100 100
0000000553  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82a                PageOrigin
0000000555  PCLXL Operator         0x75              SetPageOrigin
0000000556  PCLXL Data Type        0xc3              sint16
0000000557             Value       0x0000                0
0000000559  PCLXL Attribute        0xf829                PageAngle
0000000561  PCLXL Operator         0x76              SetPageRotation
0000000562  PCLXL Data Type        0xd5              real32_xy
0000000563             Value       0x000080..            1.000000 1.000000
0000000571  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82b                PageScale
0000000573  PCLXL Operator         0x77              SetPageScale
0000000574  PCLXL Operator         0x69              SetClipToPage
0000000575  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000576             Value       0x01                  eGray
0000000577  PCLXL Attribute        0xf803                ColorSpace
0000000579  PCLXL Operator         0x6a              SetColorSpace
0000000580  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000581             Value       0xff                  255
0000000582  PCLXL Attribute        0xf809                GrayLevel
0000000584  PCLXL Operator         0x63              SetBrushSource
0000000585  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000586             Value       0x00                  0
0000000587  PCLXL Attribute        0xf805                NullPen
0000000589  PCLXL Operator         0x79              SetPenSource
0000000590  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000591             Value       0x00                  eOpaque
0000000592  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82d                TxMode
0000000594  PCLXL Operator         0x78              SetPatternTxMode
0000000595  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000596             Value       0x00                  eOpaque
0000000597  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82d                TxMode
0000000599  PCLXL Operator         0x7c              SetSourceTxMode
0000000600  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000601             Value       0xf0                  e_P
0000000602  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82c                ROP3
0000000604  PCLXL Operator         0x7b              SetROP
0000000605  PCLXL Operator         0x85              NewPath
0000000606  PCLXL Data Type        0xe3              sint16_box
0000000607             Value       0x880088..            136 136 4760 230
0000000615  PCLXL Attribute        0xf842                BoundingBox
0000000617  PCLXL Operator         0xa1              RectanglePath
0000000618  PCLXL Operator         0x86              PaintPath
0000000619  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000620             Value       0x01                  eGray
0000000621  PCLXL Attribute        0xf803                ColorSpace
0000000623  PCLXL Operator         0x6a              SetColorSpace
0000000624  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000625             Value       0x00                  0
0000000626  PCLXL Attribute        0xf809                GrayLevel
0000000628  PCLXL Operator         0x63              SetBrushSource
0000000629  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000630             Value       0x01                  eTransparent
0000000631  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82d                TxMode
0000000633  PCLXL Operator         0x78              SetPatternTxMode
0000000634  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000635             Value       0x01                  eTransparent
0000000636  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82d                TxMode
0000000638  PCLXL Operator         0x7c              SetSourceTxMode
0000000639  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000640             Value       0xfc                  e_PSo
0000000641  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82c                ROP3
0000000643  PCLXL Operator         0x7b              SetROP
0000000644  PCLXL Operator         0x85              NewPath
0000000645  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000646             Value       0x00                  eOpaque
0000000647  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82d                TxMode
0000000649  PCLXL Operator         0x78              SetPatternTxMode
0000000650  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000651             Value       0x00                  eOpaque
0000000652  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82d                TxMode
0000000654  PCLXL Operator         0x7c              SetSourceTxMode
0000000655  PCLXL Data Type        0xc8c11000        ubyte_array
0000000659             Value       0x54696d..            "TimesNewRmn     "
0000000675  PCLXL Attribute        0xf8a8                FontName
0000000677  PCLXL Data Type        0xc5              real32
0000000678             Value       0x0000a642            83.000000
0000000682  PCLXL Attribute        0xf8a6                CharSize
0000000684  PCLXL Data Type        0xc1              uint16
0000000685             Value       0x4e02                590
0000000687  PCLXL Attribute        0xf8aa                SymbolSet
0000000689  PCLXL Operator         0x6f              SetFont
0000000690  PCLXL Data Type        0xd3              sint16_xy
0000000691             Value       0x8800d200            136 210
0000000695  PCLXL Attribute        0xf84c                Point
0000000697  PCLXL Operator         0x6b              SetCursor
0000000698  PCLXL Data Type        0xc9c10500        uint16_array
0000000702             Value (U+)  0x610062..            "abcde"
0000000712  PCLXL Attribute        0xf8ab                TextData
0000000714  PCLXL Data Type        0xc8c10500        ubyte_array
0000000718             Value       0x252a25..            ( 37 42 37 42 0 )
0000000723  PCLXL Attribute        0xf8af                XSpacingData
0000000725  PCLXL Operator         0xa8              Text
0000000726  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000727             Value       0x01                  eTransparent
0000000728  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82d                TxMode
0000000730  PCLXL Operator         0x78              SetPatternTxMode
0000000731  PCLXL Data Type        0xc0              ubyte
0000000732             Value       0x01                  eTransparent
0000000733  PCLXL Attribute        0xf82d                TxMode
0000000735  PCLXL Operator         0x7c              SetSourceTxMode
0000000736  PCLXL Data Type        0xc1              uint16
0000000737             Value       0x0100                1
0000000739  PCLXL Attribute        0xf831                PageCopies
0000000741  PCLXL Operator         0x44              EndPage
0000000742  PCLXL Operator         0x49              CloseDataSource
0000000743  PCLXL Operator         0x42              EndSession
0000000744  Special                <Esc>%-12345X     Universal Exit Language (UEL)
            Comment                                  Switch language to PJL
0000000753  PJL Command                              @PJL EOJ NAME="Document"[0d][0a]
0000000779  Special                <Esc>%-12345X     Universal Exit Language (UEL)

*** End of analysis ***

(Jim: 'Dan' is not old enough to be interested in tech. topcs yet).

RE: Counting Pages in PCL 6

Our PCLTool Program or PCLTool SDK can count PCL XL pages.

We provide the page count in the .log file generated when you try to view or convert a PCL XL file.  We currently do not view or convert PCL XL, just PCL3-5e.  Our next release adds PCL5c.  And, we have a beta PCL XL text extraction tool, then also counts pages.

Bob Pooley

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