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Avaya Merlin Magix system

Avaya Merlin Magix system

Avaya Merlin Magix system

I work for a small company which still uses the Merlin Legend system with Winspm software. Bare in mind I was given this project and know very little about this system, sorry. So far, I have been successful at programming our phone forward buttons to call local numbers but I am trying to setup forward buttons to be able to call out to long distance numbers. Our transfer buttons and pre programmed auto dial buttons dial out to long distance just fine. But, I press the forward button, type in a 9 to get out of the system and type in a 10 digit number (ex 93126645533) and press the # key. The number saves but is truncated by the last number (ex 9312664553). It looks like it only saves 10 digits and not 11. Therefore it will not dial out. I know there has to be a super simple setting to change that I am not finding. All Merlin phone programming hand books say i should be able to do it if the right authorization has been given. I feel like I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have read some of the forums on here but nothing seems to match my situation exactly. Thanks.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

You don't need a 1 in front of the area code?

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

I have tried it both ways with the forward button but it doesn't work. We can dial out without the 1 when dialing normally.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

It should "just work" (usually with the 1).

That being said, we need to determine what's eating that last number.

I can almost imagine some setting in ARS or a DISALLOWED table, but one thing you could try to see if my theory is correct is to assign a line to a phone. Then, rather than dialling 9, you could touch that line button instead.

Or, rather than doing that, you could do a print of the ARS and DISALLOWED tables and look for something there.


RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Thank you so much. Based on your suggestion I did try it with the 1 again. I swear we tested it with the 1 a week or so ago and it didn't work but it worked today! So weird, because it looks like it shouldn't. The saved number, with the 1 added, actually truncates two of the phone's numbers at the end. I guess now I don't care though because it works! Thanks so much for your assistance.


RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

ok, merlinman, now i have another issue. i also am trying to reassign extension numbers. I read back on an 04 post that stated i just need to go into the standard spm area, choose to sys renumber, single, type in my old extension and my new extension. When i do this i get a beep from my computer but i don't see an error on the screen. It just sits there on the new extension screen and won't take my new number. This extension was once a phantom voice mail number that i deleted. Help. I have 4 different extensions i would like to change and once again, I am faking my way through this system. any info would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

You can't assign a number in 2 places at the same time. Do a print of your dial plan to see where the numbers currently exist.

Example, you want to swap Ext. 100 and 101

Renumber 100 to a "placeholder" number that is not currently in use, such as 7100
Renumber 101 to 100
Renumber 7100 to 101

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

still doesn't work, i tried what you wrote but it keeps beeping and not taking the second extension. I tried also printing the dial plan to file and there is nothing in it. I wonder if that is even possible. This pc isn't hooked to a printer, unfortunately.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

"printing" the dial plan via WinSPM will generate a text file

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Might not be configured to 'setup space' dial plan. Just a memory lurking in the back of my mind about Magix quirks that I have hit my head on a decade ago.

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*(Disclaimer for all advise given)--'Version Dependent'

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Ok, I tried printing the dial plan but when I navigated to the file location the print file has zero bytes. I did find other reports that were printed back in 2014 (the last time someone who knew what they were doing worked on our system). I just don't understand how they got the plan to print. I see budbyrd mentioning "setup space" but I don't see that option anywhere. I am happy to send any info that would be of help.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

I would attempt to do the PRINT again. Sometimes they "Glytch" and I have to do 2 or 3 attempts. That is true on REMOTE connections more than a DIRECT connection.

Are you DIALING IN, or are you directly connected to the ADMIN PORT with a SERIAL CABLE.

Feel free to post the OLD Dial Plan report.

Perhaps it holds a clue.


RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Your attachment showed the PRI Programming. Not very helpful I'm afraid.

That being said, I must ask, when you attempt to PRINT a REPORT, do you get as far as a list of things to print, or just where does this process fail?

Perhaps armed with that knowledge, we can get the Print stuff working, which is basically how we shoot trouble on this thing.


RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

If I try and print, it says its printing but because we don't have a printer attached to this computer nothing happens. I have been going out to the folder under avaya and checking for new print jobs but nothing is there. I have also tried saving to file but nothing shows up. I have been able to successfully print the inventory list to file by clicking on print doing the same steps. The inventory list prints to screen first.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

OK, here's the deal. It really doesn't print it, it saves the info to a file. (Default is PRINT.TXT). You can rename the file to something that makes sense ("DIAL_PLAN" for instance) before it saves (prints).

Once the system"prints" it, then you can post i!t, email it or whatever.

The only trick is knowing just where it's been saved.

But I certain you can figure that out easily enough.

Let me know if this helps.


RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Ok, i have tried reprinting the dial plan and several other reports and have searched the whole drive but find no new print.txt. I see old reports. It looks like it stopped printing these back in 2013 for some reason or I am doing something wrong. Just to be sure, I am going to view/notes and ? selecting reports and dial plan and clicking on print. Should I be doing this another way? I'm sorry our system is a mess, unfortunately.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Click on Standard SPM
Press F1 - System Program
F5 - Start
Page Up - More
F3 - Print
F3 - Dial Plan
F1 - All

Now you get a pop up window that says "Choose file to save report". Type Dial Plan All in the File Name box
You see a box that says Please wait while the report is transferred

Just wait, after a time (depending on the size of your system, my report takes 2:44), a screen comes up for you to view the report
Click on Export, Change the Save in to the Desktop so it is easy to find, change the name if you wish, and viola'

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

It would actually be helpful to also print your System Setup, but, I think I've got it for you....

Renumber Adjunct 179 to 7387
Renumber Adjunct 148 to 7383
Renumber Extension 194 to 7142
Renumber Extension 199 to 7145

Now you have freed up those numbers to be reused, and you can then assign them to an actual phone on a desk.

Use the Standard SPM again,
Extensions or Adjuncts (depending on what the number is currently assigned to)
Enter Old Extension Number
Enter New Extension Number

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Thank you so much!!! you are a life saver! that worked.

Now, hopefully the last thing I have to bug you with is DID numbers. The same extensions listed above would like DID numbers. How do I assign those? I have never spent any time working with DID numbers before.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

You're going to need to find out what your "block" of DID numbers is. It appears, from the 1st file that you posted, that your DID numbers match the last 2 digits of your extension numbers, as the last entry in the table says to receive 4 digits from the phone company, delete the first 2 digits, and add a 1 in front of them to match the target extension.

If your DID numbers are 309-XXX-ABCD, the phone company will send you the digits ABCD, and your Magix will route the call to Ext. 1CD. ie, the DID for Ext. 179 will be 309-XXX-XX79

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Ok, I will see if I can find this. Thank you so much for all your help!

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Do you know if there is a DID report of some kind? This system was setup so long ago I am having trouble finding our list of dids.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

There's no report on the system that can tell you what numbers the phone company is providing to you. Do you know ANY of your DID's and where they ring?

Again, it appears that you have DID's where the last 2 digits match extension numbers in the 100 range

Let's say you have a DID of 309-555-0023, and you find that it rings to Ext. 123. You would start dialing for dollars by calling 309-555-0001 and see if it rings Ext. 101, call 309-555-0010 and see if it rings Ext. 110, keep going until you start getting wrong numbers or telephone company recordings. Once you know the upper and lower numbers in your DID block, you can either renumber extensions to match the DID's, or add entries to the routing table to send incoming DID's to different extenions.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Ok got it. I will start doing that. Thanks. I will probably reach out again when I have to setup the new DID extensions.
Thanks again.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

ok, i have them. We have numbers from 6710 to 6749. How do i add entries to the routing tables to send incoming did's to different extensions? Thanks!

example 6744 did (ext 144) to 194 extension

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Print your PRI Information report again, so that you have the most recent, in case it is different from the one you posted that was printed in 2014

Towards the bottom, you will see "Dial Plan Routing Table"

CODE -->

A   Dial Plan Routing Table

A   Entry Number:      0           1           2           3          
A   NtwkServ:                                                         
A   Expected Digits:   0           0           0           0          
A   Pattern to Match:                                                 
A   Digits to Delete:  0           0           0           0          
A   Digits to Add:                                                    

A   Entry Number:      4           5           6           7          
A   NtwkServ:                                                         
A   Expected Digits:   0           0           0           0          
A   Pattern to Match:                                                 
A   Digits to Delete:  0           0           0           0          
A   Digits to Add:                                                    

A   Entry Number:      8           9          10          11          
A   NtwkServ:                                 Any service Any service 
A   Expected Digits:   0           0           4           4          
A   Pattern to Match:                         6789        4343        
A   Digits to Delete:  0           0           4           4          
A   Digits to Add:                            236         336         

A   Entry Number:     12          13          14          15          
A   NtwkServ:         Any service Any service Any service Any service 
A   Expected Digits:   4           4           4           4          
A   Pattern to Match: 4336        6798        6799                    
A   Digits to Delete:  1           4           4           2          
A   Digits to Add:                336         236         1 

Look at Entry 10,
It says that you will receive 4 digits from the phone company (Expected Digits)
When you receive 6789 (Pattern to Match)
Remove all 4 digits (Digits to Delete - this is a quantity of digits, and it removes them starting from the left)
Route the call to Ext. 236 (Digits to Add - if you are not deleting ALL of the digits above, these digits would be added to the FRONT of what's left after the deletion)

Look at Entry 15
Expect to receive 4 digits, they didn't match anything else up to this entry, so remove the first 2 digits, and add a 1 in front of what's left. This would make 6744 go to 144

You want to add Entry 9
Network Service: Any Service
Expected Digits: 4
Pattern to Match: 6744
Digits to Delete: 4
Digits to Add: 194

I don't have a Magix in front of me to give you the procedure, but....

You're going to do this through Standard SPM: LinesTrunks -> PRI -> Incoming Call Routing ->

Then you will select the parameter to change, you will see the current setting, back space out and enter the new value, or select the item if there are choices, then press Enter.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

this is awesome and I thought I responded before now. Thank you. One thing I need clarification about. Do I need to complete an entry for each of the dids i am trying to forward to another extension? I am assuming yes. I don't understand why there isn't an entry number for each did we currently have. am i missing something? i'm guessing yes, lol. Let me know and thanks again.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Entry 15 covers all the DID's where the last 2 digits match the last 2 digits of a 1xx extension. (Receive the last 4 digits of the DID number, delete the first 2 digits, put a 1 in front of the remaining digits, and route to the matching extension number)

It's only when you need to route a DID to a non-matching extension number that you need to create a new entry.

RE: Avaya Merlin Magix system

Totally makes sense. Thank you. I get it now. I let others confuse me. I so appreciate your help.

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