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does anyone have a list of definitions for the PDT commands?

RE: pdt

I think you need to get these directly from nortel.  We don't really talk about pdt here.  too dangerous.

RE: pdt


RE: pdt

janaya's right. It's a dangerous place to play....as I have found out.....

It's not getting any smarter out there. You have to come to terms with stupidity, and make it work for you.

RE: pdt

more then correct, i want even share them with other techs in person.. they mess up and stuff rolls down hill

john poole
bellsouth business

RE: pdt

what definitions do you need, i have most of them. it depends on what you are trying to do though maybe i could help. let me know

RE: pdt

do you know what course I would need to take from globalknowledge to aquire the necessary knowledge, or is such a course offered?

RE: pdt

I was curious about patch installation.

RE: pdt

I know that Global does do a patch installation course, but I'm not sure of the number. My friend just went through that class last year.

RE: pdt

Patch installation has become easier with the larger PBX's, If you are looking for the 11C, the MPL site has detailed instructions on how to install patches.  It has all the commands you would need to get the patches loaded and then how to reboot the system when done.

The only thing it does not give you is the pdt password.  Although most people here, i am sure, know the password, you probably won't get it from them.  They don't, as well as myself, want to be responsible for any major mishaps that could accidentally occur.

But if you are just looking for commands, check the mpl on nortelnetworks.com.  The commands are there.


RE: pdt

I wouldn't bother taking the eng class for PDT . From what I heard soon tech's will be able to install patches on their own . Nortel will be making it easier (imagine that) for patch install.

RE: pdt

you can install patches in rls 23 and up without pdt access, if not sooner, the eng class is worth the money, helped that it was someone elses money..but a worth while class

john poole
bellsouth business

RE: pdt

Does this work for option 11c's. I'm aware of mcds for large systems.

RE: pdt

  I'd thought that I would add in a few words on Patching. As has been suggested by one of the other members, there are other ways to patch a system.
 If you have access to the Element Manager software, which is incorporated with a Sig server on Succession & Call Server systems, then you can use the excellent "Patching" facility. I've used it & I've found it very easy to use.
  However the latest software release Call Server V04.00t, can now be patched without access into "pdt", because it uses LD 143!.
  Here is my short guide for reference only, on how to do it.

  Patching procedure that is now available on Nortel Call  
               Server Release 04.00t systems

  Login into the Call Server as Normal & go into LD 143 to start the patching procedure. The latest “PEP’s” will need to be put onto a PCMCIA card for a Option 11 type system, or a floppy disk / CD-Rom on the larger Call Servers. The files should be in the “Zip” format as supplied by Nortel.
  All items shown are important when referring to this document & usually  the use of the “Enter” key will be required at the end. The example shown is from a Cabinet Call Server system.
  This latest method is not supported for Call Server (Succession) V03.00 software. Lower or Upper case commands can be used in LD 143 & it takes about 20 seconds to run the program via Pcmcia.
The larger platforms that use the Floppy disk method will take around 2 minutes to install the patches.

>ld 143

.mdp refresh a:ssc400_1.zip    (This is the Chassis / Cabinet command) (a: = Slot “A” Pcmcia Card)

.mdp refresh f0/cpp400_1.zip  (This is the Half, Single or Multi Group command) (f0 = Floppy Dr)

.mdp refresh f0/cpt400_1.zip   (This is the Half, Single or Multi Group command) (f0 = Floppy Dr)

Refresh may deactivate and remove some PEPs from the system,
and may install new PEPs from the MDP distribution.
 Do you want to proceed (y/n)?  [y]

Extracting Archive a:ssc400_1.zip
Checking source media at a:/pch_tmp
Executing MDP Scripts Version: x210400t.0.1
MDP REFRESH for Call Server/Main Cabinets
Refreshing system from a:/pch_tmp

Generating Deltas
Checking source media at a:/pch_tmp
Creating directory c:/u/patch/add
Creating directory c:/u/patch/drop
Generating Deltas from a:/pch_tmp/SSC/patch/deplist
Generating Deltas from a:/pch_tmp/SSC/patch

Checking Index Files

Checking Deltas for Conflicts
Checking Deltas for Special Instructions

 Do you want to apply PEP Deltas now (y/n)?  [y]

Applying Deltas
MDP APPLY DELTAS for Media Gateway/Expansion Cabinets
ACPD is invoked for MDP REFRESH command.

PCH0155: Refresh routine completed successfully.

        List of the “Help” & “MDP” commands in LD 143

>ld 143
.HELP   (This command is available to the Half, Single or Multi Group systems only!)

ABKO < no param > - Attended backup
ARES < no param > - Attended restore

Keycode Management Commands:

KSTT < no param > - Status : List all keycodes : NEW, REC, OLD, F0, F1, HD
KSHO <    param > - Show   : Display content of: NEW, REC, OLD, F0, F1, HD
KDIF < p1> < p2 > - Diff   : Compare 2 keycodes: NEW, REC, OLD, F0, F1, HD

KNEW <    param > - Prepare: Select new candidate keycode from: F0, F1, HD
Depending on eligibility keycode may be
        instantly activated or activated on next reset
KRVR < no param > - Revert : Select the OLD keycode as the new candidate
Depending on eligibility keycode may be
        instantly activated or activated on next reset
KOUT < no param > - Delete : Remove pending (post KNEW/KRVR) candidate

KMAN < no param > - Create : Line-by-line candidate keycode file creation
KUPL < no param > - Upload : Candidate keycode file upload

           NEW  - pending keycode accepted by means of KNEW command
           REC  - keycode currently in use
           OLD  - previously used keycode
           F0   - candidate keycode on diskette in core side 0
           F1   - candidate keycode on diskette in core side 1
           HD   - candidate keycode created by means of KMAN/KUPL

MDP Commands:

MDP <option> <path> or MDP <option> ALARM
<option> :
   INSTALL    - install   MDP
   REVERT     - revert MDP
   REFRESH    - refresh MDP
   REACTIVATE - reactivate MDP
   SET        - set alarm
   SHOW       - show alarm
<path>        - directory path of the mdp diskette in the system

   CAUTION: The option UNINSTALL of MDP will remove all the PEPs
            from the target system.

.MDP SHOW (This is the Chassis, Cabinet, Half, Single or Multi Group command)
.****  (It will list out all the MDP commands as above)

     List of some of the changes made are shown below  

>ld 22
REQ  issp

ISSUE 00 T  +
IDLE_SET_DISPLAY The good life!
DepList 1: core Issue: 03         (New PEP’s installed)
DepList 2: eurnet Issue: 03
DepList 3: intnet Issue: 03
DepList 4: ip Issue: 03
DepList 5: features Issue: 03
DepList 6: term Issue: 03


  0     ENABLED   BV67946       MPLR02330      DLTN
  2     ENABLED   BV69389       MPLR02860      WKU
  3     ENABLED   00000             00000
  4     ENABLED   00000             MPLR02871
  7     ENABLED   00000             MPLR06413
  8     ENABLED   00000             MPLR06450
  10     ENABLED   00000            00000
  11     ENABLED   00000            00000
  12     ENABLED   00000            00000
  14     ENABLED   00000            00000
  15     ENABLED   MP07484       MPLR12767      CCNR
  16     ENABLED   MP06929       MPLR10238      ORON
  20     ENABLED   MP06945       MPLR10259      ACD
  23     ENABLED   MP12872       MPLR10558      CPND
  25     ENABLED   BV31038       MPLR09480      DPNS
  27     ENABLED   BV49770       MPLR07549      DID
  28     ENABLED   BV61124       MPLR08887      CAMP
  30     ENABLED   MP03491       MPLR12768      UDPC
  31     ENABLED   BV67986       MPLR09583      SCL
  32     ENABLED   BV81369       MPLR13257      DASS
  34     ENABLED   MP06876       MPLR12678      ORLU
  35     ENABLED   BV69924       MPLR12035      ORL2
  36     ENABLED   BV43890       MPLR08608      MFCA
  38     ENABLED   BV80957       MPLR11014      CLID
  40     ENABLED   BV49120       MPLR11540      PLDN
  41     ENABLED   MP05291       MPLR12515      DISA
  47     ENABLED   BV59546       MPLR08685      CDR

REQ  end

PDT:  login on /sio/2
PDT in Progress. Please Wait....

pdt> ll
Directory of 'a:/pch_tmp':

   SIZE          DATE       TIME         NAME
----------   -----------  --------   ------------
       512   Jan-10-2005  12:33:54   .                         <DIR>
       512   Jan-10-2005  12:33:54   ..                        <DIR>

pdt> cd c:/u/patch
pdt> ll
Directory of 'c:/u/patch':
   SIZE          DATE       TIME         NAME
----------   -----------  --------   ------------
      1024   Nov-25-2004  15:44:56   .                                 <DIR>
      1024   Nov-25-2004  15:44:56   ..                                <DIR>
      1024   Nov-25-2004  15:45:00   RETEN                     <DIR>
      1332   Nov-25-2004  15:48:56   P16094A3.11C
       752   Nov-25-2004  15:49:00   P16094B3.11C
       368   Nov-25-2004  15:49:00   P16094C3.11C
      1120   Nov-25-2004  15:49:00   P16094D3.11C
       956   Nov-25-2004  15:49:00   P16094E3.11C
       308   Nov-25-2004  15:49:00   P16095_1.11C
      2900   Nov-25-2004  15:49:00   P16280A3.11C
      3560   Nov-25-2004  15:49:02   P16280B3.11C
       488   Nov-25-2004  15:49:02   P16280C3.11C
      3864   Nov-25-2004  15:49:02   P16603_1.11C
       860   Nov-25-2004  15:49:02   P16669_1.11C
     45200   Jan-10-2005  02:05:00   RETEN.BKP
      1024   Nov-26-2004  14:15:00   DEPLIST                   <DIR>
      6992   Jan-04-2005  16:05:08   P17353_1.SSC
      4968   Jan-04-2005  16:05:12   P18238_1.SSC
      6672   Jan-04-2005  16:05:22   P18830_3.SSC
      1472   Jan-04-2005  16:05:32   P18879_2.SSC
       772   Jan-04-2005  16:05:36   P18949_1.SSC
      3180   Jan-04-2005  16:05:46   P19051_1.SSC
      2696   Jan-04-2005  16:05:54   P19155_1.SSC
      5384   Jan-04-2005  16:06:00   P19220_1.SSC
       448   Jan-04-2005  16:06:08   P19297_1.SSC
      1856   Jan-04-2005  16:06:16   P19308_1.SSC
      3204   Jan-04-2005  16:06:22   P19320_4.SSC
      6356   Jan-04-2005  16:06:32   P19334_1.SSC
      1432   Jan-04-2005  16:06:40   P19362_2.SSC
      1412   Jan-04-2005  16:06:44   P19364_2.SSC
      1024   Jan-10-2005  16:34:58   ADD                       <DIR>
      1024   Jan-10-2005  16:35:00   DROP                     <DIR>

pdt> cd add
pdt> ll

Directory of 'c:/u/patch/add':
   SIZE          DATE       TIME         NAME
----------   -----------  --------   ------------
      1024   Jan-10-2005  16:34:58   .                         <DIR>
      1024   Jan-10-2005  16:34:58   ..                        <DIR>
       213   Jan-10-2005  16:35:04   MCORE_03.SSC
       195   Jan-10-2005  16:35:04   MEUROP03.SSC
       175   Jan-10-2005  16:35:04   MINTL_03.SSC
       171   Jan-10-2005  16:35:06   MIP___03.SSC
       177   Jan-10-2005  16:35:06   MFEAT_03.SSC
       153   Jan-10-2005  16:35:06   MTERMS03.SSC

All the best

  Firebird Scrambler
Meridian Programmer in the UK

RE: pdt

Also use mdp install with caution, becuase this erases all patches, and those proprietary patches you already have installed may not be included in new deplist's.

However, you should always change your pdt password as stated when you login on rel4.0, because it's too many people knowing that standard pdt password and if they manage to dial into the modem to where the tty's are connected, they can login to pdt without logging into system first, and of course make serious damage.


RE: pdt

list of pointers for 'p' and 'w' commands ?

RE: pdt

  I totally agree on the comments about changing the "pdt" passwords!. It really is a area that only the "Professionals" should use.
  That's one reason why the latest patching method just requires the use of LD 143.
  I also accept that this method needs a certain amount of caution as I've just installed the latest peps today on a 61 CPP system via a floppy disk.
  It took over 9 minutes to install. I counted over 100 patches. Fortunately, I'm using my test switch. However I'll have to rethink about updating my main house SSC Call Server!.  

All the best

  Firebird Scrambler
Meridian Programmer in the UK

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