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Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Cannot drag and drop desktop icons


I can't drag desktop icons: double click works fine, i can move windows but, also, cannot drag and drop files/dirs in explorer too.

Another problem, that started simultaneously with the first one, is that Internet Explorer is not able to open correctly a new window when the html page contains a link that opens a new window: it opens a new window without link, so a blank window.

Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Try repairing internet explorer? (add/remove programs, repair option).

What happens when you try to drag and drop?

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Yes, i already tryed it. Nothing changed. When i click an icon on desktop i select it but i am not able to drag it: the auto arrange icons option is not selected. The same thing happens on explorer with files and dirs. To move a file i have to copy and paste it.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

It happened on of my colleague's machine as well, just "fixed" it today. Check the "Show Web content on my Active Desktop" box in the [Display Propertites], it worked. Don't ask me why it matters, ask M$.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

I don't have this option on my Windows NT 4 Workstation...where did you find it?

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

My friend is using Win2K, then may not work for you.:(

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

More evidence / clues?

I am using XP Pro  and have the same problem occasionally.  Can drag an icon, but cant drop it anywhere, either to move it on the desktop or to run it with a program icon shortcut.  

So far, only a re-boot has solved the problem, and solved it every time.

Interstingly, my system has been hanging-up where i cant use anything but ctl-alt-del to get the task manager up.  Using the task manager kicks the system back to normal somehow.  As I reacall, if I wait long enough it will recover (but not from the icon issue).

There (might be) a virus relating to the above issue, as I got a bumped email I apparently sent re: refinancing a mortgage, with loads of cc: addys I dont recognize.  I may be hijacked, yet NAV is active and finds nothing.

Within the past few days when returning from hybernation the monitor is black w/ bklinking cursor for a few minutes  before resuming from hibernation.  Makes me wonder whats going on during those minutes.

Im going to try a reinstall/repair of XPpro on top of the existing installation and will post results.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

For your problem try to see for the W32.Blaster.Virus. at http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data...
From here you can download a free tool that can help you if your sistem is infected by this virus.
Concerning my problem i think it's a little bit different: the system is stable and probably i only need to update the OLE32.DLL library (ver.4.00...mmmh, i think it's old) (even if i don't know exactly how to do it).
If you know how, let me know it.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Surfing Harley,

My husband has the exact same problem on his computer.  Cannot drag and drop desktop items or any files in Windows Explorer.  We did a reinstall of XP and it fixed the problem... for a while.  Most recent auto update installed this morning and the problem returned.  Worse yet, we cannot identify which hotfix was installed so we cannot remove it.

Also, as with you, system hangs on boot and programs will not respond until activating Task Manager.  Don't have to close anything... just open Task Manager, close Task Manager, system behaves normally (except for the drag and drop problem).

We have checked for viruses using McAfee, Norton, AVG, and assorted online scanners.  Nothing.

My computer is *identical* to my husbands, however, and I DO NOT have this problem.  Shrug.

Any ideas would be most appreciated... especially as I didn't want to spend the day after Christmas computer troubleshooting!

"Whatever one man can dream, another can accomplish" - Jules Verne

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

I recently reinstalled windows XP pro and shortly after my desktop also started acting crazy. I'm pretty sure the problem was caused by my mouse. The wheel button on the mouse got jammed and that some how didn't let me drag desktop items.

Initially I got around the problem by selecting the "Lock desktop items" box under Control Panel > Display > Desktop > Customize Desktop > Web. I could then move desktop items around by using cut & paste in the right click button menu.

I finally solved the problem, completely by unjamming the wheel button.

Moral of the story: Check your mouse to see if the buttons and wheel are working properly.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

If you suspect it to be "blaster related", try downloading the newest version of Stinger...


RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

take a look at this thread: Thread779-723934 I had the same problem as you sc7090, and it helped me

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

i have windows XP and i have basically the same problem
the exception is that i cannot interact at all in the desktop using my mouse and secondly internet explorer won't read most javascript pertaining to opening new windows. there are some exceptions to this javascript rule but that's basically it. i see its been a while since anyone has posted to this thread so i hope you have fixed it by now and have a solution

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons


I can't speak for any of the others, of course, but the problem still exists on my husband's computer.  We have gotten so tired of trying the same "fixes" over and over again - sometimes they work for an hour or so, but the problem always returns in less than 24 hours.  We are currently in the process of backing up all his user files so that we can reformat the drive.

I wish you the best of luck with your problem, but I'm tempted to say just reformat and get it over with.

"Whatever one man can dream, another can accomplish" - Jules Verne

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Hi to everybody,

I also have the drag and drop and explorer problem. I showed all the messages and tried to fix it but I couldn't. I wonder if someone managed to solve it without formating the hard disc. Or, if someone didn't  fixed it even after the formating. Someone told me that had a similar problem (couldn't even cut and paste) and it was hard disck failure. He changed the hard disc and the problem gone.

Please help me

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Has any of you found any clue to the problem? Mine is worse than the combination of yours. I've just installed W2K server. Somehow the administrator user is fine but the other user (that I use more often) is abnormal. In addition to the drag and drop problem, I cannot copy and paste from one application to another (but I can copy from Notepad to the URL address of IE6), I cannot even save a web page not to mention copy and paste...

This is so annoying. Someone please get some clues...

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

I have seen the same thing with XP.  Interesting, when I cannot move the icons on my desktop the up and down arrow, page up, page down, home and end keys do not work in IE 6 while browsing. They [the arrows] work fine in all other applications and they work in the note fields, text fields, etc of a form while browsing.

Also, I have noticed, the mouse, when I click in a cell in Excel, acts like it is stuck down.

I have yet to understand what causes this. I have scanned for spyware, virii, trojans, worms, etc and nothing is there. I have killed all running applications, as well as all unnecessary services and it still doesn't solve the problem.

A reboot, however, always does.

I have found one common occurrence. If I am using my PC and the mouse jumps up to the upper right corner and it acts like I have right-clicked the desktop, I can assure
myself that the arrow keys are dead in IE6 and the icons will not move on the desktop. I cannot drag and drop anything from the desktop to any application and java script does not work in browsed web pages.

I have a Dell D600 notebook and have installed all of the newest drivers.

It acts like a shell/IE6 error to me.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Hi all,

May be you will be happy :)
I think, I found something for all of us who have this problem go see :


What I've done to clear this problem was on my desktop right click to popup the menu, Arrange icons by, auto arrange or align to the grid

for me it was align to the grid, auto arrang was unchecked and I checked it again all is fine :)

Maybe it will help you all :)

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

download spybot search & destroy (freeware) and update the detection rules and run ... also download lavasoft ad-ware 6 update and run... before running end any processes that you dont need running...i got this before and it solved my problem  
sounds like its spyware....

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Ahh  after 12hrs i have found a group with my identical problem. I have scanned for spyware, virus, trojans, worms, etc and nothing is there.  I am using XP pro SP1

1. I can drag but not drop
2. I cant right click for a drop down menu on any icon
3. Drag Application Hangs
4. If done in explorer it also hangs
5. Reloaded XP still same problem
6. Cant burn a CD

This is really very bizarre any one had any success with fixing this or practical suggestions on how to save all my data

" We have gotten so tired of trying the same "fixes" over and over again - sometimes they work for an hour or so"
          ?????WHAT FIXES ARE THESE?????

Desperate  jtestar@hotmail.com

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Ok just wanted to reply fast and say my buddy had the same exact problem with his icons on 2k.  As it turned out… as we read through this thread and got to the mouse part, we were in the process of install new mouse drivers for his USB Logitech IR mouse. (with a mouse wheel)  So were not sure if it was a stuck wheel mouse or a messed up driver.  Long story short:  Same problem – try futzing with the mouse wheel and perhaps an updated mouse driver.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Any other solutions besides mouse? -- I have win 2K and have same problems as nightowl007 (IS/IT--Manageme) -- with icons not moving on desktop, excel acting as locked mouse...

and in addition: problems with illustrator becoming sporatically unusable... and incomplete loads of pages in IE6 -- graphics missing -- especially https pages.

A reboot fixes most problems, but not the spotty image loading.  IE issue?

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons


   There is a FAQ for this problem in WinXP: FAQ number FAQ779-5242

   I haven't tested it with NT... maybe some other users with XP will find their way to the faq.

   Hope it helps!

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

AS win2000 user, i tried 'FAQ for this problem in WinXP: FAQ number FAQ779-5242'... it didn't hurt my system , but it didn't fix it either.

Hear's another piece of the puzzle: Everything works fine until I log off and my wife logs in... When she logs out and I log back in (without re-boot) icons don't drag/drop -- files don't drag-drop in explorer, and all the other symptoms appear.

Is if possible that there is a spyware application running with her loggin and not mine?

ALSO -- If I take away admin rights from her loggin, then IE and Outlook do not run properly (pages and images don't load).

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

I know that this is an old thread, but I recently developed the cant move icons problem after installing the latest windows update.  I am using XP, but this fix should work on NT and others as well.  

There are 3 reg keys relevant to this problems.  Do a regedit and make sure that you have all 3, somehow the update deleted one of them on my computer.


SHOULD BE: unnamed Value of type REG_SZ which is set to 12.


SHOULD BE: unnamed Value of type REG_SZ which is set to {0000030C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}


SHOULD BE: unnamed Value of type REG_SZ which is set to {00000320-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

Reboot and you should be good to go.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

I just loaded XP SP2 and had this exact problem and the post above mine is my fix....... I was indeed missing the middle reg key.... entered it and voila.... mouse works again.... THANKS

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

After un-installing about 15 programs, I found my icons and files all to be 'stuck' as well.  

Your post saved me, all three reg_keys were gone.  I would have never known to replace them.

Star for you!

No Dolphins were harmed in the posting of this message... Dolphin Friendly Tuna!  

Ever feel like you're banging your head against a tree?  I did, so I cut down the tree.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

I'm also having this problem however mine started after I reformated my computer. My computer was getting hung up out of no where, just to be safe I started to back up my files & kept locking up. After so many reboots it finally said a file was missing or corrupted Windows\System32\config\system

I reformated my computer and in the process of re-installing programs I started to lock up a bit where I have to open the task manager to work in a program. I downloaded all window updates & updated my antivirus. Yesterday when I come home my keyboard and mouse were going insane. I could hardly type & my mouse was going on auto scroll and the cursor was flashing non stop making it impossible to use the keyboard. I ran my anti virus and it picked up nothing. I also can not drag & drop into the recycle bin on the desktop. I also tried to register my Microsoft Word & it says my key is invalid when I am typing it correctly.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

                                            April 11, 2005
I'm using Xp pro and something it's oocurs that:

 I cant drag/drop any icon or files
 My task Bar is missing
 Reloaded XP still same problem
 I cant save any data because i cant  burn a CD

  I appreciate any idea how to fix this.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

ERI2K5 - try the XP forum! (Forum779) - I presume you tried the starred solution above.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

I had the same problem over moving desktop icons, and it turned out to be down to the desktop folder it was in (admittedly I'm talking XP here). Icons in my own folder moved fine, icons in the all users folder not. So I moved (not copy) all the short-cuts in C:Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop to C:Documents and Settings\Dave\Desktop and all was fine. Careful if you do share your desktop with another user of course.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

In Regards to mryanf's response on the cant move icons problem:

I am missing the part below and need to add it but I dont know how to do so, can you (or someone else who is reading this)please go through it step by step? I dont want to mess anything up


SHOULD BE: unnamed Value of type REG_SZ which is set to {0000030C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

Thanks ahead of time!


RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Hey All, I recently had this problem on my desktop. after trying all the fixes, patches, etc., I finally solved the problem simply by getting a new mouse. not sure why it worked but I have no problems at all since replacing the mouse. hope that helps.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

actually, I HAVE THE ANSWER!!
i was suffering this too, i defragmented my PC from control panel to make programs ru faster (works) and to free up more space, since then i could interact like 97.2% with drag and drop (and my internet was gay, i was connetced, and i new it cause i was downloading movies for free, but my Maxthon Web Brower (its faster than IE6) wouldnt connect!) oh and right clicking - i would do this the menu would flash on and go agen - so i had to just open start menu with keyboard (button right side of left ctrl) and then right clicking would be normal, but so would double clicking, draging wasnt working..

i just instantly got rid of it just now and saw that yuo guys needed my attention, so cause i like helping and i aint tight or sad go download CCleaner, a simple google surch would do it..

then open it - uncheck Internet Explorer (from the left of CCleaner in the grey shaded bit at the top, hey i like being spacific! it helps)

and just leave Windows Explorer Checked (and all the tihngs listed in the WIndows Explorer Menu, Not ADVANCED!!)

Then Click Anylise... it should pick up stuff, then clik run cleaner (next to anylise wich is at the bottom in the middle of CCleaer!)

then check if you get to drag icons!

if they dont - uncheck Windows Explorer and check INternet Explorer , do the same tinhg allover agen, u now wit the anylise and all that!

then check agen - if they still dont muve - uncheck internet explorer and check the ADVANCED box, you will get pop ups - they aint important  just click yes to them all, then anylise - and run cleaner!

YOUR ICONS SHOULD DRAG, and by the way - if ya try and open ya task manager bu8t it says sometinhg about the administrator disabling it or something baisically and error, go google up xp_taskmgrenab.exe or just xp_taskmgrenab! works for all Windows! and im not sure about Mac, SHould work cause Macs are same layers as Windows.

Hope i helped - if not post up and heres a site if you need further assistance...i used it for many tihngs, i now the people who run the buisness, its a PC fixing site!

PLZ IF YOU HAVE A PROB GO THERE, and if ya dont trust me you cant trust them, cause you need to add them through MSN and give them your symptoms and they start a remote assistance (they can use their keyboard and mouse on yor comp by seeing your scree in a small window on theirs :D)
but you need to turn off your firewall or open port 6689!

their site is gonna get a help desk (in forum) to be most best comp handling team ever... i would already put up my votes on them!

help advertise their site its: HTTP://BANYULESCOMPUTERS.CJB.NET!!!

if i helped, those guys now alot more like 20x more than me!


RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons


Firstly, thanks for all your ideas.

Secondly, I hope I got your attention. For all those, like myself, who have been having problems trying to drag and drop on the desktop and for those whose desktop has been freezing up, I have found out a cause.

This post has received many replies, I have tried the solutions mentioned here.  I tried the registry solution, too, but for me, that had no effect.

I have SJNightOwl to thank for the solution.  For me, it was a mouse problem.  The scroll wheel had started to get stuck down for a while, and besides being annoying, I did not think it was really a problem.  Now I realise that when it gets stuck down, it causes the two problems that have been discussed in this thread:

1. Desktop items can be dragged, but not dropped.

2. The taskbar becomes frozen.

For a simple demonstration, I suggest you hold down the scroll wheel with one finger, and then try and either drag and drop a desktop item or click on the taskbar. You will see that these two tasks cannot be done. Now release the scroll wheel, and all is well.

I am therefore going to attempt to clean the scroll wheel, or simply purchase a new mouse.


I hope this helps.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

I've been having the can't drag n drop and taskbar freezing problem also.  I've just tried mryanf's solution and seems to work so far but time will tell.

I thought the mouse might be a problem as I occasionally get the little circle with the arrows appear like when you click the mouse wheel and move the mouse to scroll.

But I also got the problem when the mouse wasn't plugged in! (I am using an HP/Compaq nc6000 laptop).

I have discovered that if I rest my left wrist on the wrist rest below the keyboard, it engages the mouse wheel...

This causes all sorts of problems like characters I type not appearing.  So basically I can't type on my laptop unless I hold my hands up (and I'm no touch typist). Luckily I use a docking station and keyboard at work.  Obviously this model laptop is from the school of crap design

Anyway, I'm hoping the registry fix will work (of course it won't fix my rubbish laptop case), otherwise it's new mouse time.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

I have rebuilt several servers in the past 6 months when occasionally running into all these problems but I think I finally found the solution that will fix most everyone's problems on this forum. Our environment consists of Windows 2000 and 2003 servers and have had similar problems on both platforms. HERE IS THE SOLUTION....

It is a permission problem in DCOM that has been changed incorrectly by someone or an application.

Let me know if this helps out.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons


It was the wheel!!! It was the #%@%#& mouse wheel!!!

OK guys, After having all these problems for a while, I don't understand why the hell didn't I try to replace the mouse at the first day when the wheel button got stucked!

It appears that a stucked mouse button can be such a pain. Fix your mouse wheel button / get a new one!

Thank you all in this post! you just saved me from formating my drive.


RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Thank You! so much. I have been trying to resolve the task manager/freeze up problem for over a week now and today I could not drag and drop on my desktop, I was just about to format (dread) when I came here to check for the drag & drop issue and could not believe my eyes I had actually found others with the very same problem with task manager and freeze ups and YES it is my MOUSE that is the cuprit and thanks NEM25 for the demonstration which proved it is the mouse wheel.

THANK YOU! you saved me from the dreaded format.

RE: Cannot drag and drop desktop icons

Well Done mryanf,

It worked...one of the reg keys was indeed missing!

I experienced issues when i tried to drag drop icond or even move an opened window...I have a very expensice mosue...took it back to the shop, they tested it, found nothing wrong with it...made me look stooopid and then came home and found this site....What a relief - I won't have to reformat!

PLEASE NOTE: I use the 3D-White Mouse Pointer normally...this was defaulted to the normal pointer when I noticed this strange mouse behaviour.

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