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'View call failed' error when creating an Invoice through DotNET

'View call failed' error when creating an Invoice through DotNET

'View call failed' error when creating an Invoice through DotNET

I am trying to create an invoice through DotNet.  I copied the code from a Macro that was run through AccPac, and then made it DotNet 'friendly' (I have to use the enum's as the object wont accept string values).

The error occurs when I try to assign the IDITEM to the detail object.

An unhandled exception of type 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException' occurred in aplaccpac.dll

Additional information: View call failed

Public Class clsAccPac

        Enum Detail_1
            CNTBTCH = 0
            CNTITEM = 1
            CNTLINE = 2
            IDITEM = 4
            AMTPRIC = 11
        End Enum
        Enum Detail_2
            CNTBTCH = 0
            CNTITEM = 1
            CNTPAYM = 2
        End Enum
        Enum Header_1
            CNTBTCH = 0
            CNTITEM = 1
            IDCUST = 2
            IDINVC = 3
            PROCESSCMD = 108
        End Enum

        Public Function createInvoice() As Integer
            Dim intBatchNumber As Integer = 570

            Dim session As New ACCPACXAPILib.xapiSession
            session.Open("ADMIN", "ADMIN", "RMICON", Now.Today, 0)

            Dim ARINVOICE3batch As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiView

            Dim ARINVOICE3batchFields As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiFields
            ARINVOICE3batch = session.OpenView("AR0031", "AR")
            ARINVOICE3batchFields = ARINVOICE3batch.Fields

            Dim ARINVOICE3header As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiView
            Dim ARINVOICE3headerFields As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiFields
            ARINVOICE3header = session.OpenView("AR0032", "AR")
            ARINVOICE3headerFields = ARINVOICE3header.Fields

            Dim ARINVOICE3detail1 As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiView
            Dim ARINVOICE3detail1Fields As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiFields
            ARINVOICE3detail1 = session.OpenView("AR0033", "AR")
            ARINVOICE3detail1Fields = ARINVOICE3detail1.Fields

            Dim ARINVOICE3detail2 As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiView
            Dim ARINVOICE3detail2Fields As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiFields
            ARINVOICE3detail2 = session.OpenView("AR0034", "AR")
            ARINVOICE3detail2Fields = ARINVOICE3detail2.Fields

            Dim arr(2) As Object
            arr(0) = ARINVOICE3batch
            arr(1) = ARINVOICE3detail1
            arr(2) = ARINVOICE3detail2


            Dim arr2(1) As Object
            arr(0) = ARINVOICE3header
            arr(1) = ARINVOICE3batch



            ARINVOICE3headerFields.Field(Header_1.IDCUST).Value = "1000003"
            ARINVOICE3headerFields.Field(Header_1.IDINVC).Value = "INV0000000000000000006"

            ARINVOICE3detail1Fields.Field(Detail_1.IDITEM).Value = "ASSOC-CPT      "
            ARINVOICE3detail1Fields.Field(Detail_1.AMTPRIC).Value = "1200.000000"



        End Function

    End Class

RE: 'View call failed' error when creating an Invoice through DotNET

If you are using VB.Net you may end up with lots of problems. The a4wcomm.dll (the xAPI) is not fully compatible with VB.Net. Some components of the ACCPAC 5.2 SDK (and maybe the 5.1 SDK) are but I am not sure which ones.

The tool of choice, right now, for the xAPI would be VB6. With the horror stories that I have read I haven't even tried using VB.Net yet. That doesn't mean you can't get it to work, I would just think that it will be more difficult. The code for the Marcos is VBA based on VB6, so you will require more syntax adjustments. There is even less documentation for using VB.Net (but how can you get less than almost none).

The error view call failed covers a lot of ground. It usually means that you are trying to enter a value that goes against the view constraints or keys. This could be data or relationship related. I would try removing the extra spaces or padding. You can also try using .putwithoutverification instead of .value.

Take Care,


"Show me someone with both feet on the ground and I will show you someone who can't put their pants on."

RE: 'View call failed' error when creating an Invoice through DotNET

Thanks.  It looks like I will have to do it through VB 6.

Do you have, or do you know where I could find an example of an invoice been gererated?  AccPac macro puts so much stuff in its code, it's hard to tell what is relevant and what is not.

RE: 'View call failed' error when creating an Invoice through DotNET

Hear is a procedure that I use to export invoices from one program into Accpac. Hopefully it will make sence to you.

My session object (exSession) has a larger scope than just this procedure. 'm_udtInvoice' and 'm_udtjobs' are modular UDT arrays that hold the information to be exported.

Private Sub AddNew_Invoice(pInv As Integer)
'// Save the on account invoice details.
   Dim i As Integer, l_bolOK As Boolean, l_intDetail As Integer
   Dim ARINVOICEbatch As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiView
   Dim ARINVOICEheader As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiView
   Dim ARINVOICEdetail1 As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiView
   Dim ARINVOICEdetail2 As ACCPACXAPILib.xapiView
   On Error GoTo ERR_AddNewInvoice
   '// Set the views.
   Set ARINVOICEbatch = exSession.OpenView("AR0031", "AR")
   Set ARINVOICEheader = exSession.OpenView("AR0032", "AR")
   Set ARINVOICEdetail1 = exSession.OpenView("AR0033", "AR")
   Set ARINVOICEdetail2 = exSession.OpenView("AR0034", "AR")
   Set ARCUSTOMER = exSession.OpenView("AR0024", "AR")
   '// Compose the views.
   ARINVOICEbatch.Compose Array(ARINVOICEheader)
   ARINVOICEheader.Compose Array(ARINVOICEbatch, ARINVOICEdetail1, ARINVOICEdetail2)
   ARINVOICEdetail1.Compose Array(ARINVOICEheader, ARINVOICEbatch)
   ARINVOICEdetail2.Compose Array(ARINVOICEheader)
   '// Get the customer information, to be entered in the invoice.
      .Browse "IDCUST = " & m_udtInvoice(pInv).AccPacID & "", True
      If Not .Fetch Then MsgBox "Customer information could not be found.", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Information Missing"
   End With
   '// Get the batch number, separate function that gets and existing batch number or creates a new one.
   If m_lngInvBatch = 0 Then Fetch_InvBatch
   '// Open the batch.
   ARINVOICEbatch.Browse "CNTBTCH = " & m_lngInvBatch & "", True
   If ARINVOICEbatch.Fetch Then
      l_bolOK = True
      '// Header table.
      With ARINVOICEheader
         m_intInvEntry = m_intInvEntry + 1   '// modular variable to keep track of the enties (invoices)
         .Fields("CNTITEM").value = m_intInvEntry
         .Fields("IDCUST").value = m_udtInvoice(pInv).AccPacID
         .Fields("IDINVC").value = m_udtInvoice(pInv).inNumber
         .Fields("TEXTTRX").value = 1  '// Invoice.
         .Fields("IDTRX").value = 12   '// Summary entered.
         .Fields("INVCDESC").value = "WBSS Invoice: " & m_udtInvoice(pInv).inNumber
         .Fields("ORDRNBR").value = "WBSS Work Order: " & m_udtInvoice(pInv).inWorkOrder
         .Fields("CUSTPO").value = m_udtInvoice(pInv).inCustomerPO
         .Fields("DATEINVC").value = m_udtInvoice(pInv).inInvDate
         .Fields("TERMCODE").value = ARCUSTOMER.Fields("CODETERM").value
         .Fields("SWMANTX").value = 0   '// Do not calculate tax.
         .Fields("CODETAXGRP").value = ARCUSTOMER.Fields("CODETAXGRP").value
         .Fields("TAXSTTS1").value = ARCUSTOMER.Fields("TAXSTTS1").value
         .Fields("TAXSTTS2").value = ARCUSTOMER.Fields("TAXSTTS2").value
         .Fields("TAXSTTS3").value = ARCUSTOMER.Fields("TAXSTTS3").value
         .Fields("TAXSTTS4").value = ARCUSTOMER.Fields("TAXSTTS4").value
         .Fields("TAXSTTS5").value = ARCUSTOMER.Fields("TAXSTTS5").value
         .Fields("BASETAX1").value = Round(m_sngTaxBase, 2)
         .Fields("BASETAX2").value = Round(m_sngTaxBase, 2)
         .Fields("BASETAX3").value = 0
         .Fields("BASETAX4").value = 0
         .Fields("BASETAX5").value = 0
         .Fields("AMTTAX1").value = m_udtInvoice(pInv).inGST
         .Fields("AMTTAX2").value = m_udtInvoice(pInv).inPST
         .Fields("AMTTAX3").value = 0
         .Fields("AMTTAX4").value = 0
         .Fields("AMTTAX5").value = 0
      End With
      '// Loop through the details updating the various gl accounts.
      l_intDetail = 0
      For i = 0 To UBound(m_udtJobs)
         With ARINVOICEdetail1
            .Fields("IDACCTREV").value = m_udtJobs(i).joGLRevenue
            .Fields("CNTLINE").value = l_intDetail
            .Fields("AMTEXTN").value = (m_udtJobs(i).joPriceEach * m_udtJobs(i).joQuantity)
            l_intDetail = l_intDetail - 1
            .Fields("IDACCTREV").value = m_udtJobs(i).joGLInventory
            .Fields("CNTLINE").value = l_intDetail
            .Fields("AMTEXTN").value = (m_udtJobs(i).joCostEach * m_udtJobs(i).joQuantity) * -1
            l_intDetail = l_intDetail - 1
            .Fields("IDACCTREV").value = m_udtJobs(i).joGLCOGS
            .Fields("CNTLINE").value = l_intDetail
            .Fields("AMTEXTN").value = (m_udtJobs(i).joCostEach * m_udtJobs(i).joQuantity)
            l_intDetail = l_intDetail - 1
         End With
      Next i
      '// AR transfers into ARIBS.
      ARINVOICEdetail2.Fields("DATEDUE").value = ARINVOICEheader.Fields("DATEDUE").value
      '// Update the database.
   End If
   '// Destroy the objects.
   Set ARINVOICEbatch = Nothing
   Set ARINVOICEheader = Nothing
   Set ARINVOICEdetail1 = Nothing
   Set ARINVOICEdetail2 = Nothing
   Set ARCUSTOMER = Nothing
   If l_bolOK Then
      Update_InvoiceExport m_udtInvoice(pInv).InvoiceID, m_udtInvoice(pInv).inNumber
   End If
   Exit Sub

   Dim Errors As xapiErrors
   Dim Error As Variant
   Set Errors = exSession.Errors
   If Errors.count = 0 Then
      MsgBox Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description, , "AccPac Error"
      For Each Error In Errors
         If Error.Priority = 2 Or Error.Priority = 1 Then
            RaiseEvent SendStatus("Warning on On Account Invoice with Invoice:" & m_udtInvoice(pInv).inNumber & ".")
            LogEvent eLogError, "ACCPAC Warning, " & Error.Description & " on On Account Invoice with Invoice:" & m_udtInvoice(pInv).inNumber & "."
            RaiseEvent SendWarning
            RaiseEvent SendStatus("Transfer Failure on On Account Invoice with Invoice:" & m_udtInvoice(pInv).inNumber & ".")
            LogEvent eLogError, "ACCPAC Transfer Failure, " & Error.Description & " on On Account Invoice with Invoice: " & m_udtInvoice(pInv).inNumber & "."
            RaiseEvent SendFailure
            m_bolInvError = True
            l_bolOK = False
         End If
         'MsgBox Error.Priority & ": " & Error.Description
      m_bolError = True
   End If
   Set Errors = Nothing
   Resume Next
End Sub

Take Care,


"Show me someone with both feet on the ground and I will show you someone who can't put their pants on."

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