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Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:


This document describes the reasons for wireless connection loss after windows update in windows xp machine and the ways to overcome it.

This document is provided in as is basis no warranty whatsoever will cover the consequences of any results. The readers are requested to try these steps in their own risk


The document is specific to the wireless problem in windows xp where the user loses the wireless connection after running windows update ( and not installing the service pack ) in his machine.

This happens because of the installation of a recommended hotfix (815485) from microsoft from XP. This hotfix is a part of an optional but recommended windows xp update which adds WPA support to the wireless card drivers.

The indication of this problem can be like this,

1. After the wireless card is enabled and connected to the AP it will not get an IP address nor will it be able to ping to the AP. The wireless connection properties will say that it is connected with good signal strength, it will also send packets but not receive any packets back.

2. The Wireless status will say "One or more wireless networks available" when the user tries to connect , it will not connect , but it will continue to say "One or more wireless networks available". Whatever the user does will not help himto connect to the AP.


To solve this problem we need to either uninstall the update or enable encryption in the wireless network in open key mode.

Uninstallation of the hotfix:

1. Go to control panel " Add remove programs".
2. Scroll to the bottom and look out for an entry which says,
    "Windows XP Hotfix (SP2)Q815485"
and remove it

Enabling encryption:

The user can enable encryption in his wireless network which will also fix this problem. To enable encryption the user first needs to enable encryption in his AP and follow these steps to enable encryption in the wireless card.

1. Right click on the network icon in the system tray and click on " View available networks",
2. Select the network name or SSID of the AP,
3. Enter the encryption key in the fields  " Network key " and " Confirm network key",
4. Uncheck the checkbox which says "Enable 802.1X authentication for this network" and click on connect.

After a few seconds the user will be able to establish an encrypted connection to his wireless network.

The user can also alternately configure encryption using the following steps,

1. Right click on the network icon in the system tray and click on " View available networks",
2. Click on the button advanced.
3. It will take the user to the "Wireless networks" tab of the wireless area connection properties window.
4. Select the entry in the preferred network and delete it,
5. Select the entry in the "Available networks " and click on configure,
6, In the configuration window select the  Data encryption as WEP and Network authentication as Open system,
7. Click on the TAB Authentication and uncheck the check box which says "Enable 802.1x authentication"

Click OK twice to come back to the desktop and check the connection to the router, which will be active now.

Disabling the Wireless Zero configuration:

If the wireless card vendor has supplied a utility program for windows xp, the user can install the utility and disable the Wireless zero configuration.

The user can follow these steps to disable the Wireless zero configuration.

1. Go to the wireless networks tab of the wireless area connection properties window.
2. Uncheck the check box which says " Use windows to configure my wireless network"

Checked configurations:

1. SMC2404WBR + Windows XP professional SP 1 + Q815485 + SMC2632w V2. - positive

Able to connect but not able to receive packets, the computer with the wireless card goes on sending packets but is not receiving the packets.

2. SMC2404WBR + Windows XP professional SP 1 + Q815485 + SMC2435 - negaitve

3. SMC2404WBR + Windows XP professional SP 1 + Q815485 + SMC2662w V3. - positive

Not even able to connect without encryption, only if encryption is enabled able to connect. Shows one or more available networks over and over again

3. SMC2404WBR + Windows XP professional SP 1 + Q815485 + SMC2664 - positive

Not even able to connect without encryption, only if encryption is enabled able to connect. Shows one or more available networks over and over again.

4. SMC2404WBR + Windows XP professional SP 1 + Q815485 + SMC2335 - negaitve

Please keep the results posted.
Replies continue below

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RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

wow! im glad that this problem is really a problem.  i thought i messed up my wireless connection when that problem happened.
let me ask you a question, so with this update causing this problem is it advisable to not install the patch at all?

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:


The advice is to:

. Upgrade the router firmware to the latest version
. Upgrade the client firmware and/or drivers to the latest version
. Enable encryption as pranmo1 suggested above.  If you want an open system, remove hotfix Q815485 through Control Panel, Add/Remove programs.  Your hotfixes and near the bottom so scroll to see them.

If you are not using WEP or WPA, you should remove the hotfix from the client.  It does cause problems if no encyrption is set at the router and the client.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Well said bcastner,

My advive would be not to install the patch until the wireless card vendors come with more compatible drivers.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

pramno1, all:

pramno1's advice above is not SMC specific.  I have had the same problems with Linksys, d-Link and Buffalo.
In a nutshell:

. If you are not using WEP, WPA or 802.1x in any form, remove through Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, the hotfix from the client Windows XP Hotfix (SP2)Q815485.

. If you are using WEP, WPA and/or 802.1x featurbut aes, make certain all router firmware and client side driver software is absolutely up to date.  Re-enter on the client side all shared keys as if it was a new installation.

This is not a bug, per se, but a 'feature' that deserves some installation respect by all.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I am using a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 in Windows xp pro. I am having problems as you described when I use a D-Link 650+ pci card adapter and a D-Link 114+ router. No matter how many times I interchanged messages with D-Link I was able to get the right answer to make it work. I have reintalled 23 times.
When i saw your work, tried to eliminate the  hotfix (SP2)Q815485 you mentioned, but I neither have it installed nor it shows up in the windows update page in my case...???.
In view of this problem, I have been using the ethernet connection to the router, and Microsoft MN-510 USB wireless adapter at the other end with perfect conditions for file transfering and printers sharing also. However I have lost my mobility, which was the reason for adquiring the 650+ card.
Would it be the fact that the card is not in the compatibility list for XP? (when installing it, it instruct you to go ahead with the installation, ignoring the message).
I understand that XP can let my card think I am using Windows 98.ME ,or 2000? Would like to hear your opinion before I studiy this possibility.
As a sad joke, D-Link anwered all my emails up to the point that I questioned the well being of the card and asked the procedure to send it back from Venezuela,for checkup; they replied real fast that they were not able to keep the service because I was in Venezuela, and that I should call on the phone my closest international representative which is in Santiago de Chile, 2000 miles further than California from Venezuela.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:


Disable 802.1x authentication for the wireless client on the Toshiba.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Thanks bcastner
I already had taken 802.1x out and also had to use wep, and changed chanels, in order to avoid my desktop to keep falling out of line very often. Right now I can work as long as I am ethernet connected to the router, or by setting the laptop practically on top of the router if I want to use the 650+. I really believe that the card is no good, and I can do nothing about. I'll wait for a compatible program from dlink or throw it out.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I've got a toshiba satellite 2400 with Toshibas own internal wireless plug-in, with a d-link 614+ router at the cable modem end of things.

I was constantly dropping the wireless conection until I disabled WEP.  Not the best solution, but I'm still looking for a better fix.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Try setting the speed on the client from 'Auto' to fixed at 11 mbs.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I don't think its your card at all.  I have the dlink g520 wireless card and it does the same thing. It will connect as soon as I turn the computer on for a while then all the sudden it just loses its connection.  I am able to restore the connection most of the time; sometimes I can't tho.  I've tried everything including calling dlink.  They have no answers for me...Tech support people at companys like that are idiots.  The interesting thing is is that I have a laptop with a built in wireless adapter and it works all the time perfect.  Its an 802.11b tho and the Dlink is an 802.11g.  At times I think that is the problem but who knows.  I think that it is the driver from dlink and that windows zero configuration thing not communicating correctly.  I'm going to go home and test a few things.  Keep me posted on anything that happens with this.  Thanks...Joe

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I agree with you, I wish you could see some of the answers D-Link gave me on email, not to mention the phone answer (we  can not take calls from out of the country). Actually I am going to check with another brand and pherhaps buy it if it works. Actually our opinion on D-Link is not unique. It they are so good why don't day clasify for XP approval? it has been on the market for over two years.???

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Hi guys,

    My problem with WEP is a bit different than you guys.  In my company, I've about 4 laptops accessing the network wirelessly with different WNIC.  Two clients works just fine with the 64-bit WEP key and the other two are not.  The setting are exactly the same.  WinXP Pro SP1.  The troubled clients received signal after entering the WEP key, but is not able to obtain an IP form the DHCP server.  I tried menully entered the IP setting with no luck.  Any suggestion from you guys?

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I don't think your problem is different from mine,only that I have just one laptop....I do get the lights on the card to do the blinking, but do not get IP until I practically put the laptop on top of the router, then it shows a perfect connection that lasts while I keep the laptop close to the router...

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Are the 4 adapters identical?

Two thoughts:

1. You need to choose the lowest common denominator in terms of bits if the adapters are not identical.  XP SP1 supports 40bits or 104bits depending on your network configuration. This can be entered as 5 or 13 ascii characters or 10 or 26 hexadecimal characters.  You can enter more characters than the card in fact supports and your WEP will fail authentication.

2. The key is case sensitive.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I forgot to give you the translation:

104 bits (26 HEX digits) (13 ASCII chars)= 128 bit WEP
 40 bits (10 HEX digits) ( 5 ASCII chars) = 64 bit WEP

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Sorry for replying late...

    Mine is not signal problem.  The signal can be very strong but still not getting IPs.

    The WLAN cards are not identical.  I used the exact key and two works, two doesn't.  Any more idea?

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

You have to be sure that the two that do not work will support the key length used in the two that do work.

Every adapter offers differing acceptable key lengths.  If you enter 104 bit key lengths in an adapter that can only handle 40 bits you will have the result you now see.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Work around for Compaq Tablet PC's

Thanks to all who have repsonded to this thread. It helped me. I have a Compaq tablet PC. The workaround before I removed the recommended hotfix (815485) from microsoft from XP is to the start the machine and log on. Then turn off the wirelss interface using the "Q" menu. Wait for the wirelss interface to shut off by checking the network connections control panel applet. Then, turn the interface back on using the Q Menu. You'll be in buisiness until the next time the machine goes into sleep or shutdown

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I know the exact fix for the Lynsys wireless B Router. IF your using Windows XP any edition I know your pain i spented count less hours tryin to fix it. Dont config your wireless zero connection. Why because its crap and wont work. I dunt know who the hell came up with that. Also they said to delete recommended hotfix (815485) from. Didnt help me. Upgrade your firmware for your wireless B and if that dont work email me or im me on misturr50 AIM sn

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Did anyone solved the problem described by "HKNinja" yet? I have exactly the same problem of not able to obtain an IP from the AP (Adapter: Dlink DWL-520g Router: Dlink 624+), with DHCP on and not (manual).

Odd enough, I have 2 520g, one of them works just fine and it's very stable but not the another.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

If I were you I would RMA the non-working adapter.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

We are deploying wireless across campus here at our university.  We have had lots of problems getting 802.1x to work correctly with XP.  A couple of issues we have come across:

If you have Windows XP and have installed the original Service Pack 1a, it needs to be uninstalled and the newer version installed.  There was a bug in the earlier version that prohibits 802.1x from working.

Also, there is a timeout issue with XP.  On some cards, 802.1x does not start trying to authenticate until 60-120 seconds has passed.  This is a known issue with XP and Microsoft has a patch, but you have to contact Microsoft directly to get it.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Man am I happy that I found this place.

Here's my situation..can anyone help.

Running a speedstream 6300 WAP.  Got 2 machines with linksys wpc54g cards.

First machine is a dell laptop, running 2000 pro.  Runs like a top when either wired or wireless.

Second machine is...wel to put it modestly, a nightmare.

It's a compaq Presario 2195CA. with an identical card, but running Windows XP Home editon.

Router is configured as follows;
SSID is set to a unique value.
Broadcast channel is 11
64 bit WEP is enabled.

NIC Cards have been tested in teh Dell and both work fine in that macine.

XP Box is at Latest SP, l;atest BIOS flash,  with the XP Wireless roll up from MS site for pre SP2, and the very latest drivers from linksys.

XP Box can hear the WAP....says there is a nework available, but cannot connect reliably to teh WAP.  In teh cases where it does connect, the connection stays up for few minutes then drops off.  Last night, after spending about 4 hours with Compaq tech support we fiannly got it up and running...Great ...NOT

After a few reboot tests... to make sure the configuration was stable, I could still connect.  But after nightly shutdown...nothing. (Possible that as the original config was set to both infrastructure and peer to peer the Xp box may have been piggybacking on teh dell.  Not sure though)

When XP bx is started and Del is not active...no connection.

In a word....HELP

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I have not been able to Communicate Wireless
for last week with Thinkpad R40 and Cisco or D-link 650+ card Win XP Pro.
OR: Not able withe Ethernet Cable too!
This is with LINUX and it Works!!!
Save Me Thanks!

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

. Make sure SSID broadcast is enabled on the wireless router
. Make sure that under the Authentication tab for the notebook wireless adapter, that 802.1x is disabled
. Test first without WEP enabled on both router and client
. Make sure that the AP is defined as a "Preferred" Network, that you are set to connect only to preferred sites.

Finally, the "gotcha".  You may need a special driver for the Compaq machine, as certain TI-based chipsets for the PCMCIA controller will not work with the standard distribution of the Linksys drivers.  

At the bottom of the page on the linksys driver page for the wpc54g, they have a line that says,

If you are having problems using this Adapter and you have a Texas Instrument CardBus Controller, please download this driver here.

Did you give that a try? It is a different driver for the TI Cardbus controller.  http://www.linksys.com/download/driver.asp?dlid=92

. Use the version 1.2 drivers (an older set than the current ones):  

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Dear all,

I can offer no comforting news except to say that I too suffer from the same problems as you.

I have a Netgear ME102 Wireless Router and have so far tried three different laptops (2 with internal wlan and 1 with an external card).  And when ever WEP is enabled (even without 802.1x authentication) it still fails to get DHCP supplied addresses, and even using static ipit fails to connect successfully.  Although I constantly have a full 11Mbps connection (apparently)

The laptop using the external (pcmcia card - netgear MA521) does how ever connect without issue (but then it does have netgear wlan drivers so I would hope that their own equipment/software is compatible).

In short it would seem to be a problem generally speaking with Win2000/WinXP.  Do we know if Microsoft are looking in to this or have they decided that it's not important?


Toby Heywood

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

In addition to my previous post.

I have a linux box running as DNS/DHCP/Web and Firewall for my network.

I was just doing my daily check of the logs when I spotted the following:


Jul  5 23:52:36 server1 dhcpd: DHCPINFORM from via eth1: unknown subnet
Jul  5 23:52:38 server1 last message repeated 5 times

The default ip of my wireless lan card is - when it cannot get in touch with the dhcp server.

So it would appear that some packets are getting through, but just not back in.

The plot thickens.


Toby Heywood

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I have the same Network card (Netgear MA521) and Netgear Wireless Router.  The problem is the same.

The origional problem that I had:
Administrator account had excelent reception and no connection problems... using the connection manager software for the MA521.
Limited User / Guests had no access to the connection manager software supplied by netgear for the MA521.  Windows Wireless zero is disabled but can see the router...but absolutly no connection

Called Microsoft tech support.
-  They had me uninstall the netgear software.
-  Uninstall drivers for MA521 card
-  Reinstall most current drivers for Netgear MA521 card
-  Enable Wireless Zero software:
*  Check "Enable IEEE 802.1x auth for this network"
*  Check "Auth as computer when computer information is available
*  Check "Auth as a guest when comp info is uanvailable
*  Disabled and reenabled the wireless connection.
^  Upon restart of connection the wireless zero connection began sending and receiving packets in the admin/limited user/guest accounts.
^  When restart computer all users are able to send packets to the router but are unable to receive any packets back.  

-  In the end the issue is still unresolved.
-  The current solution is to remove the network card and pop it back into the comp... open the network icon that appears in the systray and press connect to force the computer to send the auth info to the router.  Once that is completed I have access for all types of users.

I would love to make this connection automatically connect without all of the extra steps.  

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Service Pack 2 (if you are using XP) has very extensive rewrites of wireless services, including a new wireless provisioning wizard.

SP2 final should be availabe very soon.

In the meantime, make certain you have applied the Wireless Rollup Hotfix to all clients:  http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=826942

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

So what do we do in the meantime???  I'm having the same problems as everyone else but I see no resolution.

vewy, vewy fwustwating!

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

The 'in the meantime' is not going to be very long at all.  SP2 is done, and its release is imminent.

But, try what I suggested above:  "In the meantime, make certain you have applied the Wireless Rollup Hotfix to all clients:  http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=826942


RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I am running SP2 and it fixed alot of these problems.  ALthough I never tried these setting because I updated my new laptop before ever connecting to my wireless router.  It was a simple plug and play deal, very easy and not weird configs.  It reminded me of my W2K setup...stable.

In the future everything will work...

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Good News Guys!
I managed to overcome the Problem by Defining a Bridge Connection called Network Bridge.
This Works well with the CISCO Aironet Card.
My D-Link 650+ Card has been replaced but still does not work. Worse than that it crashes the Computer.
My Guess is that the Texas Instruments Driver has disappeared (The Same Chip as D-Link).
When I have the Money I will buy a CISCO Card instead of the one I lend from Internet Cafe.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I've installed the Wireless Rollup Hotfix to my clients but this still doesn't resolve the issue.  I'm anxiously awaiting the release of SP2 so I can see if it resolved the issue.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I had the problem addressed in pramno1's original post when I first bought my wireless router and NIC about 3 months ago.  Uninstalling the update fixed the problem.

Now, I installed XP SP2 last night, and the exact same problem has shown up again, which was something I was afraid would happen.  My wireless connection is unavailable, and I can't get it back.  

I'm not currently running WEP or WPA on my wireless router, which is a D-Link DI-624-C Wireless-G router.

This issue is making me a very unhappy camper.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:


I have followed this site, even posted my problems which were finally fixed, and came back after a new format, not being able to fix it again; however, the reason for this message is to advise you to try to write a sort of manual on how to get a simple wireless connection between a laptop (wired and wireless connected to a router) and a wireless desktop or viceversa in simple language, which will serve all makes because it is not a hardware problem it is just that we do not understand those quick install or troubleshoot problems being and speaking for myself just plain stupid. Hope you do it

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Quick message for Alfredol and others.  I have a DLink 650+ and was also getting all kinds of strange behavior.  The wireless card built into my Thinkpad is also misbehaving.  Like Alfredol I do not see
Windows XP Hotfix (SP2)Q815485
in the installed programs, although my troubles did begin after running windows update.  

My IT guy at work gave me the solution:
1) Start -> run services.msc and disable wireless zero
2) Download the latest drivers from DLink (who have a fantastic email helpline by the way).  Unpack the zip files to a temp directory and delete the WinXP drivers.  Reinstall the 650+ drivers so WinXP is forced to use the Win2k drivers.

With wireless zero out of the way and the win2k driver my wireless connection happens instantly, if fast even with 128bit encryption and is solid as a rock.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Thanks acole02:
Your information seemed so good, that I re installed the card and worked on it for about an hour to no avail, that is why I decided some time ago to forget the card and keep the cable conexion to the 614 where I can get internet through both machines, even though I can not interchange information to each other. Thanks again

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:


     I have a linksys WRT54G, and basically, my problem was exactly what the very first post described.  I followed the solution (I didn't have the Windows XP Hotfix (SP2)Q815485 installed so I used the encryption method).  But after doing so, my internet connection never goes down, but it never finds any site either.  it'll always say that it cannot find the site.  I have no idea what the problem is, any help would be greatly apprecited. (From the computer that is directly connected to the router, everything is ok, but the problem occurs with the computer that is using the wireless card.)

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I also installed SP2, It took about three hours to download and install. There is improvment in security etc..

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I haven't read all posts on this thread since there were a lot, but the wireless router WILL work with service pack 2.  Although the dlink client does not like the windows update, Windows has made some significant changes to its wireless client.  When you go to "see wireless networks available" you will see a screen that says something about not being able to see any networks blah blah blah, click on the left side advanced settings.  Remember the first time setting it up that you were supposed to uncheck the "let windows manage your wireless connection" this time check it back.  Exit out of the dlink client (dlink will have to do some kind of firmware version update to fix this).  Setup the wireless client as you did with the dlink client, (choose SSID, type of network, type of encryption, and etc.)  You should start receiving packets now.  

All in all SP2 is pretty large leap forward then SP1, the wireless client is a lot more sophisticated then the one for SP1 which just was total crap.  Oh and the windows firewall will work fine, but since your behind a router that has a firewall you technically don't need a firewall on your pc unless your running an ad hoc network and you only allow certain ports and protocols which by the way the windows firewally can do.  It does pretty much what zone alarm can do and that is make you look invisible to the outside world.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I have been reading all these posts regarding the wireless connections, and finally I think I found the answer to my wireless problem. I run 6 XP Professional servers all with the latest XP Build 2600.xpsp.sp2.rtm.040803.2158.svp pk2.
I also connect through a Linksys WRT54G wireless router with 4 ethernet ports. Four servers are connected through the ethernet ports and two are connected using 802.11B Linksys wireless adapters. The wireless I have the WEP/WPA disabled on my Linksys router. All of the devices come up normally under boot and run correctly. Its only when the servers go into standby mode that I lose my wireless connections, and they never come back when I try to use them. Finally here is the answer. Microsoft writes in article Q305618 that all XP-based computers that go on standby and are remotely connected to internet connections, are silently disconnected when the processors go to standby. Microsoft states this is by design. You must manually reconnect any remote access connections before you can use them again. I hope this helps some of your questions.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Like many others SP2 upgrade stuffed auto IP address aquisition. This on both Netgear MA111 USB and WG311 PCI. Tried most suggestions here & other forums w/o success until I dissabled WEP, and then IP aquired no problem.

It appears that SP2 doesn't like WEP keys created with a passphrase, but will accept 64 bit key manually. Haven't tried 128 bit, or USB, and only on PCI so far. Router access point is Netgear WGR614. All other changes eg Wireless Zero config, IPSEC were reset to auto and running prior to the above.

Hope this helps save others many hours of stuffing around.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

My new Sony VAIO laptop showed the same issue and after I unchecked "enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network", the problem was fixed. BTW, my OS is XP home and this issue happened before and after I install SP2.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

To add to the neverending list of frustrating experiences here... I've got a NetGear WAB501, which worked perfectly fine under XP SP1 (using NetGear's configuration, naturally, not Wireless Zero Config). As soon as I installed SP2, it stopped working and I couldn't get it to work again no matter what I tried.

The symptoms were that the wireless network would connect, and get a DHCP address, but would not communicate. Furthermore, if I ever lost the connection, it would endlessly rescan and never reestablish, even if the laptop was sitting on top of the access point. Interestingly enough, I could ping the access point's IP address, but I could not ping the gateway or any other machines on the network. I also could not ping back to the laptop from other machines on the network. I had the Windows firewall turned off (also tried turned on--didn't seem to matter). I tried fiddling around with the routing tables, but that didn't fix it either.

The final combination that I tried that worked was this (there may be a simpler way :-):
1) Go into the Device manager, and uninstall the device.
2) Pop the 802.11 card.
3) Reinstall the drivers from the CD (there aren't newer ones available on the web, or I would have used those).
4) Stop the Wireless Zero Configuration service (Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services). I left it set as "Manual" instead of "Automatic".
5) Insert the card.
6) Reinstall the drivers.
7) Temporarily re-start the Wireless Zero Config (needed because the configuration dialogs weren't showing up in the NetGear software.)
7) Reenter the info for your network (SSID, WEP, etc.)
8) Re-stop the Wireless Zero Config.
9) Reboot. All should be back to normal and working.

Without disabling the Wireless Zero Config service, it didn't matter that I had turned off "Don't have Windows configure wireless", since it still was interfering with things working.

About five hours total wasted, but now I'm a happy camper again...

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

andygryc -- tried your solution. Using Buffalo "g" wireless cable/DSL router with:
1) ethernet for primary machine (Mac G4/800/OSX),
2) wireless to D-Link DWL-G810 Ethernet Adaptor connected to Mac G3 beige/300/OS9 (which works great with static IP, period),
3) wireless to D-Link DWL-G650 Cardbus in Toshiba laptop running XP Home w/ SP2.

Most of my symptoms have been described by nearly all of you above. Tray icon showed a strong signal and connection, but no access to web and no networks showing up when I open network connections. Worked with D-Link for literally hours, nothin' doin'. Encryption, no encryption, every setting imaginable and in Windows they are freely distributed in numerous and to me, illogical places. nuthin.

Here's what's working now (but I have yet to extract the card and/or reboot, so who knows?
Turned off the firewall under Security panel, turned off ZoneAlarm
Disabled the Wireless Zero -- set to manual
Reinstalled the D-Link latest drivers and AirPlus Extreme Utility
  then nothing would work
Started Wireless Zero manually
D-Link software working.
Enabled WEP 128-bit on router
Enabled WEP in D-Link SW
Everything working, but no security in place.

I'm under no illusions. It's late and I may follow up further tomorrow, but maybe tonight. Stay tuned.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

OK, tried ejecting the card and plugging back in without a reboot. Not working now, and nothing I do is getting it back. Also, the WEP encryption settings in the D-Link Utility SW are not sticking. I'm not sure whose problem this is, but Microsoft really has to bear the brunt. This was all working for me prior to SP2.......

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

bcastner -- thanks for the link. I have followed all of it and tried what it suggests, to no avail. I note that no D-Link products are in the Windows catalog as XP certified, and that most other brands are not either. The only thing I've seen in this thread that I haven't tried is to eliminate the hotfix file. I'll try that (if it exists) and if that doesn't work, then I will try re-installing WinXP, and not update to SP2 until someone here says, "Yay! it's working!"


RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

OK, I've got it working. Here's what I did on my Toshiba laptop:
Just to remind you -- XP Home, D-Link DWL-G650 wireless card, most recent drivers, talking to Buffalo WRB2-G54 router.

Turned off encryption on router and laptop, turned off all firewalls, etc.
Uninstalled SP2 from XP Home using Control Panel>Add/remove software>Remove software.
Crossed fingers and hoped. Didn't help. Nothing working.

Upgraded (not clean install -- upgraded -- to XP Pro.
Did a Softwatre Update for everything *except* SP2.
Kept wireless card in PCMCIA slot
Under Control Panel>Network Connections>Wireless Network Connection>Properties>Wireless Networks, disabled "Use Windows to configure...".
Uninstalled and reinstalled D-Link drivers and AirPlus Utility, re-booted.
Using D-Link AirPlus utility from Tray, configured settings, AND ENABLED WPA-PSK security. Also gave the network a profile.
After about a minute the system recognized the card and network.
Ran IE 6.

NOTE -- The Wireless Zero Configuration is running -- its presence or absence made no difference in my set-up.

Hope this helps.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Another piece of the puzzle -- I discovered that the D-Link DWL-G810 Ethernet adaptor didn't wan't to run with WPA, even though i updated it to the latest firmware.

Facing that, I reset the system to use WEP/128bit and that fixed the Ethernet adaptor.

BUT it broke everything on the laptop again. I've been trying the various combinations of settings to see if anything will work, but nothing does and the D-Link AirPlus utility won't run, either. I changed the router first, and in retrospect i probably should have changed the laptop to WEP first and then changed everything else. Tired, going to bed.

Will call Buffalo in the morning to see if they can assure me that a completely Buffalo system with Ethernet Adaptor and Cardbus card on the two wireless-connected computers will work. Really disappointed about the Ethernet adaptor not working with WPA.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Last installment for me, I hope. Replaced the D-Link DWL-G810 Ethernet Bridge with another of the Buffalo WBR2-G54 routers and am using both in bridged mode. On these units, bridging does not support WPA. so went back to WEP/128bit.

Reconfigured the main Buffalo router to be a switch by disabling NAT and plugging the Dway modem (which is also a router) into one of the LAN ports instead of the WAN port. By disabling routing on the Buffalo, I let the Dway modem do the IP assignments. That got all of the gear working, ALTHOUGH I had to *enable* the "Let Windows configure my network" in the Wireless Networks panel of Wireless Connections, and *enable* Wireless Zero, then uninstall and reinstall the laptop's D-Link DWL-G650 Cardbus card's drivers and connection utility.

Once everything was working reliably, I re-installed SP2 on the laptop, and everything continues to work through sleeping, shut-down, restarts, etc.

I can't honestly say what was the crucial change in getting things going -- was it going to XP Pro? Was is simply the fact of uninstalling SP2 on XP Home and then upgrading XP, so that some files got fixed or replaced? Was it reconfiguring the router and letting the Dway modem/router do the subnet IP addressing? No matter. I'm happy now. Hope something in here will help someone else.


RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:


I've got a DLink DWL510 which was running beautifully under W2K Pro until I trashed it performing surgery to remove some unwanted spyware (oops).  Upgraded to XP Pro SP1a, dumping the partition, so it was a proper clean install. The connection was dropping but I assumed it was  due to a weak signal, as I had move the computer during the process, or possible not having applied SP2 and all the hotfixes et al.  

I was gutted that the connection kept on dropping after the software, drivers and everything was completely up to date and the router was moved to improve the signal.  Once the connection was lost only a reboot would get it back.  

What was particularly strange was that I could ping the router and the modem but not the name server or anything else beyond the modem.

Whilst reading this thread I disabled the Wireless Zero Config Service even though I had already unchecked the "Use Windows to configure wireless..." checkbox.

All I can say is that I have read this entire thread without a disconnect (saying something now ) and written this reply without a disconnect.

I don't really know the answer to this, but I can't see any reason to keep the WZC service running if you aren't going to use it.


RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

     I don't have the specifics with me, but I was installing my nephews linksys wirelessG on his HP laptop and I would get a supposedly great connection with the linksys router, but I could never surf the web, or use his AOL I.M. or anything else for that matter.  As an act of desperation I tried updating his windows XP pro and I could actually update it... even updated to SP2.
     I must be missing something very obvious or something not so obvious.  I know I've haven't specified what exact equipment here.  I'll try to get all the specifics later and get back on here.... but has anyone got any ideas for this problem?

Thanks in advance.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:


    Have you tried using a static ip address instead of DHCP?
    I always had trouble with that when the DHCP lease would   
    renew on my router. Switching to a static addresss solved   

Hope that helps,

cout << "If you don't know where you want to go, we'll make sure you get taken";

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I have a problem in not being able to connect to the internet. I know I am sending packets but not recieving any. Before I had this problem, and used a WinsockFix program. Now it isn't working.

When I look at my ipconfig, it recognize all the appropriate info, except the DNS and gateway are empty. What am I doing wrong?

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

I just made up my mind and I am going to mac and linux only...just tired...simply tired.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

XP at the service pack level 2 exposes issues:
. malware
. physical connectivty
. logical TCP/IP settings

You are welcome to go to Linux, but the same three issues that XP esposes will still confront you.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

If I don't have that hotfix installed but I am experiencing all the symptoms with XP SP2 and a SMC Wireless router.  I upgraded to the latest firmware but still no joy.  Any ideas?

Please address my pet hate, "a cable is loose, you lose your keys"

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Suffering very similar symptoms here too.  Tried everything in this thread, and the MS KB article, but hasn't worked.

Using a DLink DWL-G520 and an Intel Wireless Pro 2100 to access a DLink DI-624 router.  Both PCs have SP2, the Intel card works fine, but the DLink card does not.  Using 128bit WEP.

Like others the DLink and Windows icons in the sys tray say everything is connected fine, but nothing seems to work.

But there is a few interesting things i've noticed that differ from what others have previously described.  The PC does get an IP address from the router.  Pinging the router fails, but checking the packet packet counts in the network connection status reveals one response from the router immediately when ping is first run, then after each timeout (yes this kinda sounds like a firewall prob, but have them disabled).

Also, if the G520 is disabled, then reenabled in the device manager, everything works until the next reset!?

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Very similar symptons here as well.

Problem was that we couldn't connect to a Netgear wgr614v4 router (used as an access point) every morning until the router was rebooted. Then it worked fine. I was using WEP 64bit encryption, but also the access control list.

I updated the firmware on the router (a step backwards) and on my wireless card, disabled the Wireless Zero Config Service, using the card's software instead. Still no good. Win XP would tell you it found networks, but when we tried to connect to the office one, it just repeatedly told you networks were available. No error message and useless information (IntelĀ® Wireless Troubleshooter does not find any usable alert event traces) in the log file... argggh!

Fortunately turning the Access Control list off solved my issue and was probably redundant security any way.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Similar problem as the rest of you.  Thanks for this article.  It's a relief to come across other sufferers.

Configuration: Windows XP + SP2 on Dell D500 laptop with Intel Pro 2100 adapter using 128-bit WEP.

Can't get an IP address from DHCP (192.168....)  As a result can't connect to my wireless router. Wireless connection shows excellent signal; shows network name, etc.
Fix IP address and can now ping router, but can't access internet.

Tried all the above solutions with no success (Winsock fix, fixed IP, disable Wireless Zero, etc).  Intel Pro 2100 driver is (latest I can find)
Workaround - using my normal setup.  Connect Ethernet cable so that PC gets IP address and connects to network.  Refresh Wireless connection and remove Ethernet cable.  Result is that wireless works correctly until PC shutdown and restarted with some time interval (reboot seems to be ok)

Only details I can find are that there is an SP2 problem with Intel 2100.  Having got SP2 I don't really want to remove all of it.  One workaround (Microsoft) seems to be to remove the wireless hotfix if that was all I'd got installed (Microsoft article 821442).

The only other clue I have is that I increased the memory on this machine before this problem appeared.  I've not tried going back to the former memory - it may be either sluggish with small memory but wireless, or responsive with the extra memory and a wireless workaround.  Doesn't affect my usage too much since I'm only connecting to the local network around the house and wireless is convenient.

I've got another laptop with the similar software configuration apart from drivers since different wireless hardware.  That works with no problems with SP2.

So the problem seems to be related to SP2 with particular wireless network interfaces.  May also be related to speed of startup.  Anyone know if Microsoft/Intel are going to produce a fix in the near future?

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Zuser, think you're right about it being related to speed of startup.  Spoke to DLink technical support, and while the guy was helpful and knew what he was talking about, it is a problem they're aware of but do not have a solution for :(  Same card will work in one machine, but not in another that is almost identical.

The best workaround appears to be resetting the card (which is why it does sound like a bootup initialisation timing problem).

General method:
- double click the wireless network connection status icon in the system tray
- go to the "Support" tab
- click "Repair"

Similar DLink specific method (DLink tech support guy told me this one):
- double click the "D" icon in the system tray
- go to "Site Survey" tab
- click on "Connect"

While it's a bit of a pain in the arse to have to do this everytime you boot up and want to access the network, it's not tooo bad.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:


Configuration: WinXPHome with SP2 installed with AutoUpdate... D-Link 624 Router and DWL-G120 Wireless USB Adapter.

This stupid limited to no connectivity thing is driving me nuts! About 90% of the time I get a good internet connection - no troubles at all. But then about every 5-10 minutes my connection drops for about 10 seconds each.. enough time to give me the popup, kick me off AIM, and kill the use of internet. Then, about 10-15 seconds later, sometimes less than that, the connection is restored and everything's good again. If I weren't using AOL IM, I wouldn't be bothered too much by it but after logging off/on so many times in a short period, AIM actually blocks me from signing back on for a period of time. So what's the deal?

I'm able to ping the router and I get a response back - Gateway default is ...

I checked the router logs to see what kind of leasing it's giving me, and it's basically reporting sending me the same IP every 5-10 minutes. Basically I believe it's resetting my IP for no known reason. There is another wireless desktop on the network that has no connection issues whatsoever and has a much more unique IP than I get (I'm always getting, NEVER anything different. Other computer gets something like 3xx.xxx.x.xxx and actually keeps the lease for a week like it's supposed to) Both computers are set to keep their leases for 1 week.. it's just that mine gets reset constantly and the other one normally.

In my desperation, I actually tried uninstalling SP2. It didn't really help and I had to sysrestore back to my setting a few days prior. However, I just recently moved this PC onto the wireless network after being away from home for a couple months. Around the beginning of January (prior to SP2 installation) this PC was working fine on this same wireless network.

Any suggestions? I tried to uninstall Q815485, but alas, I can't uninstall it individually - it's stuck with the rest of SP2. Drivers are updated for my adapter too, and I'm running the network through the D-link software. I was thinking about possibly putting the two adapter computers on static IPs, but is it possible with DSl that has a dynamic IP? Not sure about this and I don't really want to mess around with it unless I know what I'm doing.

I want a unique IP! That doesn't reset every 5 minutes... :(

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

When you have an IP and are surfing fine,  open a command prompt and type in "ipconfig /all" and see how long your lease is.

Computer/Network Technician

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Lease Obtained..... Monday, March 14th, 2005
Lease Expires...... Monday, March 21st, 2005

So it isn't the lease amount that's the problem. Still getting same IP number though.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Well let me break down my problem i have here. But first let me tell you the specs of the laptop i'm using.

ibm thinkpad t30 i believe, with a fresh install of Windows XP with SP2 intergrated. Symantec Client Security 2005.  My wireless setup:  Linksys Router WRT54G with a WPC54GS card.  Pretty much i have the problem where it gets the signal and sees the network but i receive the default ip of 169.... instead of the 192...  i have wep 128 setup, with no ssid broadcast.  my pc and my server connet no problem wired but the laptop doesn't wirelessly but wired.  i read about enabling a setting where you have to enable Upnp under network services in the windows components.  i upgrade all the firmware and all. i had this running ok on another laptop that i had that was dell with the similar program setup. hopefully in add that component fixes my problem.

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Attn: Misturr50 or anyone who can help

I have linksys Wireless B router and have had problems since my windows update sp2. Can someone please send step by step instructions on how to fix this? I have tried everything mentioned in this thread already to no avail :(

Thank you!

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Has anyone used a PCI wireless 802.11B card that only receives and sends packets after your disable and enable the card every time you start up your PC?

LINKSYS 802.11b WMP11

RE: Windows XP wireless problems after windows update:

Came across this page as i was having problems with me belkin wireless g card (F5d7000uk)in xp and i disabled the Wireless Zero Configuration service in services and it sorted my problem out with the disconnecting as it was disconnecting all the time from my Belkin g router thank to the peap that posted the tips at the top of this page.

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