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Sony CD-RW CRX140E

Sony CD-RW CRX140E

Sony CD-RW CRX140E

Installed the drive and it worked fine with all software, but my TV Wonder card stopped working.  Pulled the card and replaced in different slot and it now works fine but Adaptec Easy CD Creator software will not recognize the Sony drive.  It recognizes the Pioneer DR-744 CD-ROM on drive E but not the Sony on drive F.  I have tried to reinstall the software to no avail.  The Sony CD Extreem software that came with the drive will recognize it but does not support 80 min CD recording which Easy CD Creator does.  I would prefer to use the Easy CD Creator software.  Any suggestions?

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

I recently finished installing a Sony CRX-140E in my son's computer.  The supplied software, Sonys CD Extreme, is terrible!  If it worked it would not allow mixing tracks from various CD's unless, perhaps, you extracted them to the hard drive first.  The software would lock-up the computer EVERYTIME I tried a Disc copy.  Like you I installed Adaptec E-Z CD Creator that came with my Phillips CD-RW (great drive, great software) and it would not recognize the Sony.  I got on Adaptecs web site and found a download to upgrade to a version the recognizes more drives, and that patch did the trick.  Sony should be ashamed to bundle such terrible software with their products.  I'll never buy a Sony computer product again.

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

I have lost the drivers of this device.  I would like to know where I can find it

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

hello everybody, i would just like to say that i dont think it is the driver that is causing problems but the programs. At the moment i have the sony CD-RW CRX140E and i have adaptec easy cd creator 4 and i have had no problems whatsoever, since then i have gotten Roxio easy cd creater 5 (update of adaptec 4) and still have had no dramas, anyway

Talk to you all again
Cya L8RZ

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

My story is similar to other disgruntled Sony customers who tried to use E-Z CD Creator 4/5 with CD-RW.  Easy CD Creator does not recognize either version on my Gateway computer.  I'm having problems with that B's Gold Recorder which displays errors in many forms.  In addition to not supported by a format, it gives me a message "unexpected error in the MP3 encoding engine.  This B's Gold Recorder appears to be simply an inferior product. I went to update B's Gold and still wasn't satisfied.  For a company like Sony which has received such high acclaim in the past, this is really a disappointment.  

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

hi everybody ,
     i want driver for my sony cd writer but  as soon as i open the page for downloading driver it shows htp error.....now my cd writer isnt working . ehta should i do......any help

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

After reading the posts in this thread I am reminded of just how little people really know about the subjects they choose to post.  This is not intended to be an insult to all who have posted here, because the problem that almost everyone here is having is well ... it's deep.  Unless you're a long time tech you wouldn't have any way of knowing that Adaptec CD products EZ CD Creator, Direct CD and now WinonCD are just about the worst thing you can do to your CD writing capability.  When installing Adaptec CDR software some necessary windows CD related files get overwritten with adaptec versions of those same files.  This is why almost everybody here is having the problem(s) they're having.  The files that were overwritten are used by ALL cdr programs.  Even if you have uninstalled Adaptecs crap from your machine those files DO NOT get removed and you'll still have the problems you were having.   

Sony CDExtreme has been a rock of dependability for me.  I've burned hundreds of CDs with it making no (0) coasters and haven't had a single problem with my CRX-140E.  Why am I so lucky?  Because I never installed EZ-CD, Direct CD or any version of WinOnCD after v3.7 (adaptec bought winoncd after v3.7 and all versions of WinonCD after and including v3.8 should be avoided).  When you burn a CD, the software you are burning with relies upon the operating system to carry out low level functions essential to the burning process.  I never had the windows files (drivers) overwritten by adaptecs smegma so Sony CDExtreme has the support it needed from my operating system

I realize that Adaptec are an industry leader in cd-burning software but this is not because they make a great product.  It's because they have a great marketing department and somehow get their software bundled with EVERY CD-burner on the planet.  So, the first thing almost EVERYBODY does is install Adaptec software and because Windows drivers are overwritten, the adaptec software ends up causing ALL cd writing programs to malfunction.  It's like you're trying to build a house when somebody went in and changed the foundation without telling you such that the foundation can't support weight where you need it to .... sooner or later that house is gonna fall, just like your efforts burning CDs have.  

Here's what you need to do.  Uninstall all Adaptec CD burning software (not including the ASPI drivers of course if you've installed them - contrary to the CDR software the ASPI drivers are ok).  Next you need to replace the windows drivers that were overwritten by adaptec with the original versions on the windows install CD.  I'd tell you how to do this but my Internet Explorer is getting ready to crash right now.  I'll be lucky to get this note posted.  
Good Luck,


RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

I am having nothing but problems with my Sony CRX140E. I have not tried any other software but the Sony CDExtreme. I get buffer under run errors when I burn a cd to cd. I have to make an image on the hard drive first and then burn a cd. When I try to burn a data format CD, it gives me a  buffer under run error every single time at exactly 467.44mb. No matter what I do, it always stops at 467.44mb. I have updated the CDExtreme software. I have Windows 2000 and have updated to Service pack 3, but still get the buffer under run errors. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the CDExtreme software and CD Burner and still get buffer under run errors. Any Suggestions?

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

try burning at lowest possible speed.

What are you tryinging to copy and what are your hardware specs??

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

I've tried burning at all the different speeds and it still gives me the buffer under run errors. I am copying mp3's to CDR's. I have a Gateway PIII 500 with Windows 2000.
I have emailed Sony, but all they told me was that I am over my warranty period and they would charge me for support. I went ahead and tried Easy CD creator and guess what, it worked. So, markoff, can explain this???

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

Doesw anyone know the site to download updates for my Sony CD-RW CRX140E ...with Win98?



RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

I'm running an upgraded Dell Dimension XPS T500 computer. The Pentium III currently runs at 1.0ghz using Windows XP. I am no longer using the 3.5c version of Adaptec's Easy CD Creator software that came with the computer/burner, I have switched to Nero because of XP compatibility issues. This appears to have changed nothing. The drive writes CDs just fine, with no errors, and also reads correctly. The problem is, if I want to burn a CD, the drive simply spins up reading the CD-R and keeps reading it until it is ejected. This can cause Nero to stop responding as it attempts to figure out what kind of a CD has just been placed in the drive. The system doesn't recognize the blank CD. (I have tried several types of CD-Rs including Sony-branded ones.) In order to burn, the computer's source of electricity needs to be completely turned off (ie, powerbar off) and restarted with the blank CD-R IN the drive. Once this is done, the system can burn CDs for awhile; however if the drive is left idle for more than an hour or so the problem returns. The problem existed before my upgrades took place (graphics card, processor, and operating system). Any ideas? Could this have to do with the aforementioned Adaptec DLL files? Any help would be appreciated.

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

Back in April of 2001, I posted a message about the problems I had with the Sony CRX140E and the software bundled with it.  If you are still using this drive it is very outdated.  For $65 you can buy a 40x Lite-On CDRW from NewwEgg Computers (http://www.newegg.com/) that is much, much faster than the burners of the CRX140 vintage.  In addition this burner features buffer underrun protection.  I have installed 5 of these drives for myself, family & friends and they work flawlessly.  They come bundled with Nero burning software, but I prefer to use Roxio (formerly Adaptec) Easy CD Creator 5.  If you use the Roxio software you may need to visit their website for an update so it will recognize the newer drives.  Good luck to all.

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

I have the Sony CD RW Crx 140E on a Win 98SE PIII 450 and it worked fine for a ton of CD's both Aud/Dat however it recently gives me an error every time I attempt to burn (Command 2A Sense 03 ASC OC ASCQ 08) which in the error guide states that Write Error/Recovery Needed.
Can anyone help?


RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

I have been using the crx140e for over a year with no problems until recently. Now, every time I try to burn a CD I get the error message: sense:06 asc:29 ascq:00. The table indicates that a power on, reset, or bus device reset ocurred. I am running Win 2k pro sp3 on an AMD Duron 1.0ghz, 512mb memory. I have tried reinstalling the drive and CD Extreme software and updating the software as well as trying to burn on lower speeds with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

Here's the instructions on how to un-install EZCD Creator 4.  I've received a bunch of requests for help in recent months and want to apologize to anybody who hasn't heard back from me.  I don't always sufficient time to help all who requested it.  I'm posting this procedure here so those who are sufficiently confident will be able to fix the problem on their own.  Those who don't feel up to following the procedure on their own should get a more technical friend to walk them through it.  What I'm trying to say is that this procedure is not very difficult to understand.  It's do-able if not by yourself then by someone you know.  If you write to me for help, don't hold your breath.  I'm posting this as a response to an email I rec'd on Dec 7th. 2002.
r o x i o | Help with Your Roxio Software
 How to correctly uninstall and reinstalling Easy CD Creator 4
 How to uninstall/reinstall Easy CD Creator 4.
 This information applies to the following products:
 Easy CD Creator Deluxe 4.x Suite

 This information applies to the following operating System(s):

 Windows 95
 Windows 98
 Windows ME
 Windows NT 4
 Windows 2000 Professional
 Note: This article applies to uninstalling/reinstalling Easy
 CD Creator 4 only, if you are using Easy CD Creator 5
 Platinum, please refer to article # 010426-000000.
 Note: if you are running Windows NT or 2000, login as
 ADMINISTRATOR, not just a user with administrative rights.
 Click Start button and select "Setting"/"Control Panel" menu

 Select the "Add/Remove programs icon.

 Select and remove all Easy CD Creator programs and remove all
 shared files when prompted.

 Click Start button and select Find (Search)/Files or Folders
 menu option.

 Perform a search for the following files and rename the
 extensions to ".rox "if found. (example cdrtc.dll to





 Search for Adaptec files and folders and delete.

 Warning: the next step involves editing your System Registry.
 We strongly recommend you export your registry before
 attempting any editing. Editing your registry incorrectly can
 cause irreparable system damage. We recommend that if you do
 not feel comfortable editing your registry that you skip this

 Click Start button and select "Run" menu option.

 Type "regedit" and click OK button.

 Select Hkey_Local_Machine/Software and remove any of the
 following keys:

 Adaptec shared



 Direct CD

 Easy CD Creator

 Easy CD Engine


 SPG Master Setup

 Take Two

 Exit the registry editor.

 Perform system restart.
I wanted to respond to some of the posts since my last post here:

to piscado1:  
EZCD Creator worked for you?  Great.  
-Can I explain it?   
-Will I explain it?
No.  I'd much rather use my time solving problem rather than explaining why you aren't having one.  Suffice it to say that I never said EZCD creator simply doesn't work.  All I said was that it causes problems not limitted to it's own operations but problems that affect all cd-burning software.  I suggest you simply enjoy it while it lasts cuz if my experience is indicative, it won't last.  

To a-t:
So you've installed EZCDCreator on windows XP?  Here's a procedure from Microsoft I recently found when researching a problem a friend was having shutting down their XP desktop.  They blue screened every time they shut down.  Always they saw the same Stop Error message, very similar to the one referenced below - FYI, removing EZCD Creator fixed the problem.  The reason I mention this is because it gives you an idea of just how varied are the negative aspects of installing this application.  
Computer Automatically Restarts After You Upgrade to Windows XP
The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

This article was previously published under Q311466
IMPORTANT: This article contains information about modifying the registry. Before you modify the registry, make sure to back it up and make sure that you understand how to restore the registry if a problem occurs. For information about how to back up, restore, and edit the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
256986 Description of the Microsoft Windows Registry

After you upgrade your computer (with Easy CD Creator Platinum 5.02b and the DirectCD component installed) to Windows XP, you may experience one of the following symptoms:
Your computer may automatically restart when you try to shut down.
When you shut down your computer, you may receive the following error message on a blue screen:

STOP 0x0000000A (0x000002DC, 0X000000FF, 0X00000000, 0X804E9D48)
This problem may occur if you are using a version of the DirectCD component of EZ CD Creator that is incompatible with Windows XP.
WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

To resolve this issue, contact Roxio to inquire about the availability of a fix for this issue. For information about how to do so, please view the following Roxio Web site:

Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

To try to work around this issue:
If Easy CD Creator is still installed, uninstall it, or uninstall only the DirectCD component.
Rename the Udfreadr.sys and Cdudf.sys files that are located in the %Systemroot%\System32\Drivers folder to Udfreadr.old and Cdudf.old. File properties:
Udfreadr.sys, 23-Oct-01,
Cdudf.sys, 11-Jan-01,

NOTE: These files may have already been removed by the uninstaller program for Easy CD Creator.
Delete the following registry keys:


Restart your computer.
For additional information about related topics, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
311806 Windows XP Restarts When You Try to Shut Down Your Computer

To all:  One thing I don't see many people looking at is whether the operating system's support apparatus for the application is in place as it should be.  In addition to having the correct device driver installed your operating system has to have files in place to handle tasks reqested  by the cd-burning software.  Sometimes an installation program will write over these support files with older versions of the files with the same name.  This usually causes problems as old versions won't support all of the fnctionality supported by the newer version. To avoid this it's necessary to scan your files looking to see if the version # currently in place is older than the version that was there initially.   The various windows operating systems come with different ways to do this.  For windows98 you run SFC (STart - RUN - SFC) ..... for windows 2k/xp you open the command prompt (start - Run - cmd) then run the command (SFC /Scannow).  It's a good idea for everybody to run these programs on a regular basis.  I've often found SFC to be an effective fix for strange problems ... rather than finding the needle in a haystack it's like replacing the whole haystack.  

Best Regards,

RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

I had this problem for some time now. I try to install the Sony CRX140E external drive on my company old laptop (Toshiba Satellite 2590CDT). I manage to setup the drive but it'll show disk drive from "D: to K:" after the setup. This has cause the Sony CD-Maker software cannot detect which drive to take. Please help. I really going mad cause of this.


RE: Sony CD-RW CRX140E

A question:

When I upgraded my VAIO computer from windows ME to XP, I started having problems with my CRX 140E.  The drive will save data, but after one file is added to the disk, the disk is closed.  I can open the file but saving additional media to the file is not allowed.  Also, files created before I upgraded to XP cannot be opened.

Is there a fix for this?

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