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Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

Having a problem setting up a h323 trunk group. trunk group in out of service NE. sig group out-of-service
What I need to fix?
This is my configuration:
Voice System name: Telemedik - TRUNK GROUP STATUS

Member Port Service State Mtce Connected Ports

0050/001 T00243 out-of-service-NE no
0050/002 T00244 out-of-service-NE no
0050/003 T00245 out-of-service-NE no
0050/004 T00246 out-of-service-NE no
0050/005 T00247 out-of-service-NE no
0050/006 T00248 out-of-service-NE no
0050/007 T00249 out-of-service-NE no
0050/008 T00250 out-of-service-NE no
0050/009 T00251 out-of-service-NE no
0050/010 T00252 out-of-service-NE no
0050/011 T00253 out-of-service-NE no
0050/012 T00254 out-of-service-NE no
0050/013 T00255 out-of-service-NE no
0050/014 T00256 out-of-service-NE no
0050/016 T00258 out-of-service-NE no
0050/017 T00259 out-of-service-NE no
0050/018 T00260 out-of-service-NE no
0050/019 T00261 out-of-service-NE no
0050/020 T00262 out-of-service-NE no
0050/021 T00263 out-of-service-NE no
0050/022 T00264 out-of-service-NE no
0050/023 T00265 out-of-service-NE no
0050/024 T00266 out-of-service-NE no
0050/025 T00267 out-of-service-NE no
0050/026 T00268 out-of-service-NE no
0050/027 T00269 out-of-service-NE no
0050/028 T00270 out-of-service-NE no
0050/029 T00271 out-of-service-NE no
0050/030 T00272 out-of-service-NE no
0050/031 T00273 out-of-service-NE no
0050/032 T00274 out-of-service-NE no
0050/033 T00275 out-of-service-NE no
0050/034 T00276 out-of-service-NE no
0050/035 T00277 out-of-service-NE no
0050/036 T00278 out-of-service-NE no
0050/037 T00279 out-of-service-NE no
0050/038 T00280 out-of-service-NE no
0050/039 T00281 out-of-service-NE no
0050/040 T00282 out-of-service-NE no
0050/041 T00283 out-of-service-NE no
0050/042 T00284 out-of-service-NE no
0050/043 T00285 out-of-service-NE no
0050/044 T00286 out-of-service-NE no
0050/045 T00287 out-of-service-NE no
0050/046 T00288 out-of-service-NE no
0050/047 T00289 out-of-service-NE no
0050/048 T00290 out-of-service-NE no
0050/049 T00291 out-of-service-NE no
0050/050 T00292 out-of-service-NE no
0050/051 T00293 out-of-service-NE no
0050/052 T00294 out-of-service-NE no
0050/053 T00295 out-of-service-NE no
0050/054 T00296 out-of-service-NE no
0050/055 T00297 out-of-service-NE no
0050/056 T00298 out-of-service-NE no
0050/057 T00299 out-of-service-NE no
0050/058 T00300 out-of-service-NE no
0050/059 T00301 out-of-service-NE no
0050/060 T00302 out-of-service-NE no
0050/061 T00303 out-of-service-NE no
0050/062 T00304 out-of-service-NE no
0050/063 T00305 out-of-service-NE no
0050/064 T00306 out-of-service-NE no
0050/065 T00307 out-of-service-NE no
0050/066 T00308 out-of-service-NE no
0050/067 T00309 out-of-service-NE no
0050/068 T00310 out-of-service-NE no
0050/069 T00311 out-of-service-NE no
0050/070 T00312 out-of-service-NE no
0050/071 T00313 out-of-service-NE no
0050/072 T00314 out-of-service-NE no
0050/073 T00315 out-of-service-NE no
0050/074 T00316 out-of-service-NE no
0050/075 T00317 out-of-service-NE no
Voice System name: Telemedik - TRUNK GROUP

Group Number: 50 Group Type: isdn CDR Reports: y
Group Name: SSS-H.323 COR: 1 TN: 1 TAC: 750
Direction: two-way Outgoing Display? n Carrier Medium: H.323
Dial Access? y Busy Threshold: 255 Night Service:
Queue Length: 0
Service Type: tie Auth Code? n
Member Assignment Method: auto
Signaling Group: 50
Number of Members: 75

Group Type: isdn

Codeset to Send Display: 6 Codeset to Send National IEs: 6
Charge Advice: none
Supplementary Service Protocol: a Digit Handling (in/out): enbloc/enbloc

Digital Loss Group: 18
Incoming Calling Number - Delete: Insert: Format: pub-unk

Disconnect Supervision - In? y Out? y
Answer Supervision Timeout: 10
CONNECT Reliable When Call Leaves ISDN? n
XOIP Treatment: auto Delay Call Setup When Accessed Via IGAR? n

Caller ID for Service Link Call to H.323 1xC: station-extension

ACA Assignment? n Measured: both
Internal Alert? n Maintenance Tests? y
Data Restriction? n NCA-TSC Trunk Member:
Send Name: y Send Calling Number: y
Used for DCS? n Send EMU Visitor CPN? n
Suppress # Outpulsing? n Format: natl-pub
UUI IE Treatment: service-provider

Replace Restricted Numbers? n
Replace Unavailable Numbers? n
Send Connected Number: y
Network Call Redirection: none Hold/Unhold Notifications? n
Send UUI IE? y Modify Tandem Calling Number: no
Send UCID? n
Send Codeset 6/7 LAI IE? y

Show ANSWERED BY on Display? y


SBS? n

QSIG Value-Added? n

Administered Members (min/max): 1/75
GROUP MEMBER ASSIGNMENTS Total Administered Members: 75

Port Name Night
1: T00243 SSS-H.323
2: T00244 SSS-H.323
3: T00245 SSS-H.323
4: T00246 SSS-H.323
5: T00247 SSS-H.323
6: T00248 SSS-H.323
7: T00249 SSS-H.323
8: T00250 SSS-H.323
9: T00251 SSS-H.323
10: T00252 SSS-H.323
11: T00253 SSS-H.323
12: T00254 SSS-H.323
13: T00255 SSS-H.323
14: T00256 SSS-H.323
15: T00257 SSS-H.323
16: T00258 SSS-H.323
17: T00259 SSS-H.323
18: T00260 SSS-H.323
19: T00261 SSS-H.323
20: T00262 SSS-H.323
21: T00263 SSS-H.323
22: T00264 SSS-H.323
23: T00265 SSS-H.323
24: T00266 SSS-H.323
25: T00267 SSS-H.323
26: T00268 SSS-H.323
27: T00269 SSS-H.323
28: T00270 SSS-H.323
29: T00271 SSS-H.323
30: T00272 SSS-H.323
31: T00273 SSS-H.323
32: T00274 SSS-H.323
33: T00275 SSS-H.323
34: T00276 SSS-H.323
35: T00277 SSS-H.323
36: T00278 SSS-H.323
37: T00279 SSS-H.323
38: T00280 SSS-H.323
39: T00281 SSS-H.323
40: T00282 SSS-H.323
41: T00283 SSS-H.323
42: T00284 SSS-H.323
43: T00285 SSS-H.323
44: T00286 SSS-H.323
45: T00287 SSS-H.323
46: T00288 SSS-H.323
47: T00289 SSS-H.323
48: T00290 SSS-H.323
49: T00291 SSS-H.323
50: T00292 SSS-H.323
51: T00293 SSS-H.323
52: T00294 SSS-H.323
53: T00295 SSS-H.323
54: T00296 SSS-H.323
55: T00297 SSS-H.323
56: T00298 SSS-H.323
57: T00299 SSS-H.323
58: T00300 SSS-H.323
59: T00301 SSS-H.323
60: T00302 SSS-H.323
61: T00303 SSS-H.323
62: T00304 SSS-H.323
63: T00305 SSS-H.323
64: T00306 SSS-H.323
65: T00307 SSS-H.323
66: T00308 SSS-H.323
67: T00309 SSS-H.323
68: T00310 SSS-H.323
69: T00311 SSS-H.323
70: T00312 SSS-H.323
71: T00313 SSS-H.323
72: T00314 SSS-H.323
73: T00315 SSS-H.323
74: T00316 SSS-H.323
75: T00317 SSS-H.323
Voice System name: Telemedik - STATUS SIGNALING GROUP

Group ID: 50 Active NCA-TSC Count: 0
Group Type: h.323 Active CA-TSC Count: 0

Group State: out-of-service
Voice System name: Telemedik - SIGNALING GROUP

Group Number: 50 Group Type: h.323
SBS? n Remote Office? n Max number of NCA TSC: 0
Q-SIP? n Max number of CA TSC: 0
IP Video? n Trunk Group for NCA TSC:
Trunk Group for Channel Selection: 50 X-Mobility/Wireless Type: NONE
TSC Supplementary Service Protocol: a Network Call Transfer? n
Location for Routing Incoming Calls: T303 Timer(sec): 10
H.245 DTMF Signal Tone Duration(msec):
Near-end Node Name: procr Far-end Node Name: SSS-CLAN(H.323)
Near-end Listen Port: 1720 Far-end Listen Port: 1720
Far-end Network Region: 15
LRQ Required? n Calls Share IP Signaling Connection? n
RRQ Required? n
Bypass If IP Threshold Exceeded? n
H.235 Annex H Required? n
DTMF over IP: out-of-band Direct IP-IP Audio Connections? y
Link Loss Delay Timer(sec): 90 IP Audio Hairpinning? y
Enable Layer 3 Test? n Interworking Message: PROGress
H.323 Station Outgoing Direct Media? n DCP/Analog Bearer Capability: 3.1kHz


Enable on the main Processor(s)? y

Enable on Survivable Processors (ESS and LSP): all
Voice System name: Telemedik - IP NODE NAMES
Name IP Address
( 16 of 22 administered node-names were displayed )
Voice System name: Telemedik - IP INTERFACES

ON Type Slot Code/Sfx Node Name/ Mask Rgn VLAN
Gateway Node
-- ------ ----- -------- --------------- ---- --- ----
y PROCR procr /24 1
@cmserver1> ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=56 time=2.65 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=56 time=1.91 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=56 time=1.54 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=56 time=1.39 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=56 time=2.04 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=6 ttl=56 time=5.14 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=56 time=1.75 ms
^[64 bytes from icmp_seq=8 ttl=56 time=1.48 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=9 ttl=56 time=1.67 ms

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

change TSC Supplementary Service Protocol to b, also can you ping the clan board from cm?

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

Until the sig group comes up the trunk group will be out of service, so just deal with the sig group at this point

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

Changed TSC SSP to b, but it didn't worked.
This is the ping from the cm to clan.
@cmserver1> ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=56 time=2.65 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=56 time=1.91 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=56 time=1.54 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=56 time=1.39 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=56 time=2.04 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=6 ttl=56 time=5.14 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=56 time=1.75 ms
^[64 bytes from icmp_seq=8 ttl=56 time=1.48 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=9 ttl=56 time=1.67 ms

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

Sorry I see you can ping the clan

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

busy sig group and release sig group, status sig group

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

display alarms and errors and test the sig group.

What if port 1720 wasn't open on a firewall?
Who runs the other CM?

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

It worked. Thanks.

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

Did the busy sig group and release sig group, status sig group
and it change to in-service.

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

Awesome glad I could help

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

Getting Network failure during test. The other site reach us when they called us.

list trace tac 750 Page 1
time data
17:04:17 TRACE STARTED 10/03/2019 CM Release String cold-
17:05:45 Calling party station 6041 cid 0x74f
17:05:45 Calling Number & Name 6041 IT Dept
17:05:45 dial *96917# route:AAR
17:05:45 term trunk-group 50 cid 0x74f
17:05:45 dial *96917# route:AAR
17:05:45 route-pattern 51 preference 1 location 1/ALL cid 0x74f
17:05:45 seize trunk-group 50 member 57 cid 0x74f
17:05:45 Calling Number & Name NO-CPNumber NO-CPName
17:05:45 Setup digits 6917
17:05:45 Calling Number & Name NO-CPNumber IT Dept
17:05:45 denial event 1191: Network failure D1=0x9f91 D2=0x26
17:05:45 idle trunk-group 50 member 57 cid 0x74f
17:05:49 idle station 6041 cid 0x74f

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

it'll always change to in service until the maintenance tests run and decide it's not in service or something like that happens

get a packet capture. right now you're not sure if both ends are pitching and catching and just configured wrong or if some firewall has ports closed in between

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

The other site was able to communicate and make calls to us. But when I tried to make a call to them the denial evetn 1191 appears. I think is more a network situation than configuration.

RE: Avaya Aura H323 Setup G450

Network issue for sure

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