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Macola ES release?

Macola ES release?

Macola ES release?

Has anyone heard when Exact plans to release the next rev of Macola ES? They announced interface changes at Engage and said it would go to general release this month...just curious if anyone has more info?


RE: Macola ES release?

There is a quality fix that is currently available now for 9.5.700.

Macola ES version ES9.5.700 - Quality Fixes

Package ID Description Component
Accounts Payable (A/P) 33.148.497 AP ES entry creates discount when discount % and $ is overwritten to be $0 MacPost.dll version
Accounts Payable (A/P) 35.167.994 Invoice Amount doubles when AP check is voided Ebterms.exe version
Accounts Payable (A/P) 35.584.273 AP Balance List not rounding properly to determine what should show ebterms.exe version
Accounts Payable (A/P) 35.923.381 ES AP - Invoice List View of Vendor Card does not display the remaining balance for credit memos eadcgcrd.exe version
Accounts Payable (A/P) 39.685.197 Rounding account hit for AP credit memo AP02P1.dll version 9.5.700.212
Accounts Receivable (A/R) 34.389.049 Balance Lists requires Main Contact on Invoice Address Ebterms.exe version
Accounts Receivable (A/R) 34.857.167 PRM / ES / AR - Entering Email Address for the AR Salesman mhumres.dll version
Accounts Receivable (A/R) 36.143.492 CF: The project number is not being tagged to the difference amount transaction. Reconcile.dll version
Accounts Receivable (A/R) 36.828.397 Re-allocation leaves an imbalance in the Customer Card Reconcile.dll version
Accounts Receivable (A/R) 37.003.878 Customer Filter problem on Finance Charge in Alphanumeric Co. eaFinancialCharge.exe version
Accounts Receivable (A/R) 37.953.380 Reallocation of invoices does not create the BankTransaction record for the From transaction Reconcile.dll version
Assets & Depreciation (A/D) 32.185.651 Can use opening balance to enter asset with too much residual value eaOpenBal.exe version
Assets & Depreciation (A/D) 33.901.405 Link between asset and G/L transaction can be broken eprtBudget.dll version
Assets & Depreciation (A/D) 35.746.695 Asset Opening Balance not accepting Our Ref from search of depreciation entry eaOpenBal.exe version
Bar Code for Distribution (BCD) 38.039.425 BCD - WMS Inventory Transaction history Order source type is "Z" for inventory transfers IMINVADJ.DLL version 9.5.700.311
Bar Code for Distribution (BCD) 39.563.499 Purging Quick Ship Exceptions leaves data in the tables BCOEEX2.DLL version 9.5.700.17
BCOEPRT.DLL version 9.5.700.8
Bar Code for Distribution (BCD) 39.975.909 Bar Code import of inventory transfer creates out of balance distribution BCPOLLUP.DLL version 9.5.700.29
BCEXCRPT.DLL version 9.5.700.16
BCEXCEPT.DLL version 9.5.700.14
Bar Code for Distribution (BCD) 40.016.746 Report doesn't show the line the error is on BCOEED4.DLL version 9.5.700.8
BCOEED5.DLL version 9.5.700.7
BCOEEX2.DLL version 9.5.700.18
BCOEEXC.DLL version 9.5.700.64
Bar Code for Distribution (BCD) 40.341.447 BC - Polling SF Material neg issue updating exp_dt incorrect when lot master recreated IMINVADJ.DLL version 9.5.700.319
Bar Code for Distribution (BCD) 40.557.241 Bar Code Inventory import not validating order numbers BCUPDATE.DLL version 9.5.800.31
BCPOLLUP.DLL version 9.5.800.30
BCEXCEPT.DLL version 9.5.800.15
BCEXCRPT.DLL version 9.5.800.17
Bar Code for Manufacturing-includes integration for POP 38.685.602 es,oe/pop, after system freezes, items are being pushed back in inventory bcppprep.DLL version 9.5.700.25
bcppprer.DLL version 9.5.700.26
bcpppupd.DLL version 9.5.700.30
Bar Code for Manufacturing-includes integration for POP 39.368.046 Incorrect time stamp causing polling to fail BCPPUPD.DLL version 9.5.700.29
BCPPPREP.DLL version 9.5.700.24
BCPPPRER.DLL version 9.5.700.25
Bar Code for Manufacturing-includes integration for POP 39.562.164 BC - Getting Locked Record Will You Wait Message During SFC Polling SFACMNT.DLL version 9.5.700.102
BCSFPIMP.DLL version 9.5.700.69
BCSFPREP.DLL version 9.5.700.58
BCSFPRER.DLL version 9.5.700.58
LPTREMNT.DLL version 9.5.700.108
LPTRIMP.DLL version 9.5.700.77
LPTRREPO.DLL version 9.5.700.69
FILESYS.DLL version 9.5.700.16
Bar Code for Manufacturing-includes integration for POP 41.452.924 SF Activity transactions reporting prod to existing lot on hold BCSFPIMP.dll version 9.5.800.70
Crystal Reports 10 - Developer Edition 35.885.793 Crystal invoice repeats header comments in specific cases MacOeInvPrt.rpt dated 7/13/2011
MacOeInvFrm.rpt dated 7/13/2011
Crystal Reports 10 - Developer Edition 37.544.724 Stock Status report by Item/Cat/Location looking at IMLFMST when it shouldn't MACIM06P1.rpt dated 7/12/2011
Crystal Reports 10 - Developer Edition 38.628.759 ES Crystal/IM: Out of balance stock status report hung at bin level MacIm06p1.rpt dated 7/12/2011
IM_Stock_Status_Report.rdl dated 7/12/2011
Crystal Reports 10 - Developer Edition 39.147.154 AR Dist to GL report does not handle finance charges right macardisrpt.rpt dated 7/12/2011
Crystal Reports 10 - Developer Edition 40.006.894 macoeinvprt.rpt no longer prints the "Ship Via" description MACOEINVPRT.rpt dated 7/12/2011
Currency Manager (C/M) 37.956.900 GL/CURR - GL card is not displaying foreign currency conversion balance if the opening balance is 0.00 Eadcgcrd.exe version
Electronic Banking (E/B) for Electronic Fund Transfer 32.118.009 System not rounding consistently MacPost.dll version
Electronic Banking (E/B) for Electronic Fund Transfer 34.016.403 Penny difference after voiding check with credit memos MacPost.dll version
Electronic Banking (E/B) for Electronic Fund Transfer 35.490.429 New Statement Number entry of 10 but not allowed for reporting BankRecUs.slc dated 07/28/2011
EBanOStatement.slc dated 07/28/2011
Electronic Banking (E/B) for Electronic Fund Transfer 37.734.359 DD/MM/YYYY causes date problem in non calendar year BankJournalizing2.dll version
Electronic Banking (E/B) for Electronic Fund Transfer 38.374.664 Distribution date wrong when mixing currencies Reconcile.dll version
Electronic Banking (E/B) for Electronic Fund Transfer 39.047.068 Deposit number populated on Cash Flow payments Ebabankstatemententry.exe version
Electronic Banking (E/B) for Electronic Fund Transfer 39.836.109 Runtime error for any bank rec with 35,000 unreconciled checks MacBankRecUSEEH.dll version
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 39.741.004 EDI - Kit Selection Screen Popping Up During EDI Integration Edordri2.dll version 9.5.700.78
Exact Synergy - North America 28.736.917 SYN: Cost Ctr is not populated in Synergy when accts created in BO SalesValidator.DLL version
Exact Synergy - North America 38.256.086 Synergy - Security Check Roles enable and Resource still able to see list of Supplier SCMSearch.asp date 4/29/2011
CRMFunctions.asp date 7/15/2011
Exact Synergy - North America 38.458.111 New project unable to add Parent once tabbed by assortment PRProject.asp date 03/29/2011
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 33.354.886 GL Select/Search does not accept alphanumeric values Hdl_ac03.dll version
FinancialTransactions.slc dated 08/02/2011
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 33.885.908 Values from Extra Tab carried to new projects MacMPrProject.dll version
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 35.405.319 AR Revaluation amount displays double the amount that posts. EaRevalue.exe version
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 35.414.909 Trial Balance report has wrong opening balance if date format is modified to be different from regional setting macbankreports.dll version
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 35.541.776 Financial Ratio Report - Period 12 gives strange numbers after Process Profit/Loss esxlfin.dll version
macratioreport.slc dated 5/9/11
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 35.757.137 Changing subadministration to Cash w/existing trx MacMGrtbk.dll version
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 36.494.703 PAYROLL - During actual payroll, NACHUAS file is created with incorrect BLOCK COUNT/FACTOR BankCountryRulesUS.dll version
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 36.506.180 Financial Ratio Report including Closing Entries causes negative results esxlfin.dll version
macratioreport.slc dated 5/9/11
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 36.979.410 ES GL - Interactive Report does not pull in correct balance for accounts with opening balance entries eabalancesheet.exe version
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 37.885.627 Interactive Balance not filtering on date range eabalancesheet.exe version
General Ledger (G/L)- includes Excel Add-In for Fin. Rpt. 40.520.221 Want Interactive Balance to show variance of 100% when there eabalancesheet version
Inventory Management (I/M) 38.483.217 Item Transaction History report not showing lots correctly when transfered between locations MacIm04p1i.RPT
Inventory Management (I/M) 38.613.959 Rollback on negative receipt of binned item reduces usage when it should not IMINVADJ.DLL version 9.5.700.313
Inventory Management (I/M) 38.709.083 Non stocked controlled sub double issue comp for pop orders IMINVADJ.DLL version 9.5.700.314
Inventory Management (I/M) 38.744.869 I/M Reordering Advice Report not limited by Order Policy Code entry macim09p1.rpt dated 4/5/2011
macim09p2.rpt dated 4/5/2011
Inventory Management (I/M) 38.833.971 ES IM Apostrophe in Item Number causes error in Multi Level Item View imitminq.DLL version 9.5.700.45
imloclbq.DLL version 9.5.700.18
Inventory Management (I/M) 38.997.455 Reset On Order removes on order records for IM intransit trxs. IM2801.DLL version 9.5.700.34
IM2501.DLL version 9.5.700.37
Inventory Management (I/M) 39.106.807 Last cost not updated when landed cost is used with transit iminvadj.DLL version 9.5.700.312
Inventory Management (I/M) 39.993.859 Program allows bin flag to be changed while on an open cycle count causing errors IM0201.DLL version 9.5.700.80
Inventory Management (I/M) 40.031.464 Bin to Bin Transfer Trx causes out of balance btw lot & bin (specific keystrokes) IMINVADJ.DLL version 9.5.700.316
Inventory Management (I/M) 40.320.168 Inventory count pre-post report giving false information on serialized items IM10P2.DLL version 9.5.700.95
Macola ES System Manager 33.968.441 Resource initials change not updating arslmfil_sql MHumres.dll version
Macola ES System Manager 35.720.495 Unable to change printers on Print Options screen on Terminal Server MacCom.dll version 9.5.600.13
Macola ES System Manager 38.102.416 ES GL/SECURITY - Customer Card and Vendor Card buttons are disabled if you don't have Administrator role Eadcgcrd.exe version
Macola ES System Manager 39.863.557 Saved PRT report disappears after rerunning report for screen view only. BIDRPT.DLL version 9.5.700.33
Macola ES System Manager 39.994.070 Synergy 95600 Document Security Level 101 BDSearch.asp dated 08/11/2011
Macola ES System Manager 41.027.529 ASImport.exe General Error: Debtors ASImport.exe version
Material Requirements Planning (MRP) 38.158.807 Fixed Order Policy Code w/Var Lead Time and Dock/Stock will not calculate dates correctly MacMrpES.dll version
Material Requirements Planning (MRP) 39.046.564 MRP not Merge QE orders if Merge Default is set to Both in MRP Setup msmsmrg.DLL version 9.5.700.32
macmrpes.DLL version
Material Requirements Planning (MRP) 40.639.748 MRP regen is bringing in Master Orders from PO MacMrpES.DLL version1.8.0.115
Order Entry (O/E) 33.188.844 System calculating discount on freight when it shouldn't MacPost.dll version
Order Entry (O/E) 38.402.901 Bin transaction wrong for hard alloc and fill backorders OE0701.DLL version 9.5.600.33
Order Entry (O/E) 38.520.467 RMA action code N creates order qty to ship = ordered OEGENORD.DLL version 9.5.700.61
Order Entry (O/E) 38.565.198 bp, es, oe, wants to get a password protected field in the oe0101 screen and is receiving an error OE0101.DLL version 9.5.700.667
CALLSCN.DLL version 9.5.700.45
Order Entry (O/E) 38.836.719 Sales Tax doubled with specific key strokes and I type order OE0101.DLL version 9.5.700.660
Order Entry (O/E) 38.881.174 ES OE/AR: Serialized Doc allowing duplicates OE03P3.DLL version 9.5.700.262
Order Entry (O/E) 38.943.896 Quote line item / Order line item both print on Crystal Packing slip if O type and Q type are same order number OeRpts.dll version
Order Entry (O/E) 39.235.347 ES OE Credit memo incorrect commissions when split OE0101.DLL version 9.5.700.661
Order Entry (O/E) 39.430.566 Incorrect cost when recalc flag is unchecked. OE0101.DLL version 9.5.700.662
Order Entry (O/E) 39.448.242 OE Invoice Posting is locking order header records for invoices on other batches OE03P3.DLL version 9.5.700.260
Order Entry (O/E) 39.674.010 ES OE/IM CM for Kit with Bin/Lotted components-cannot process if no lot exists IMINVADJ.DLL version 9.5.700.317
Order Entry (O/E) 39.922.682 ROLL BACK throws you out of the order when in confirm ship OE0101.DLL version 9.5.700.670
Order Entry (O/E) 39.925.855 Wrong order type in view for converted quotes OEINQQRY.DLL version 9.5.700.25
Order Entry (O/E) 40.185.690 esMacPriceV.DLL is not returning the Customer Information when it is Called with the Debcode value Passed into the DLL esMacPriceV.dll version
Order Entry (O/E) 40.201.536 Items on invoices not showing correct serial numbers MACOEINVPRT.rpt dated 8-25-2011
Order Entry (O/E) 40.517.329 GL distribution for COGS missing on non inventory item OE03P3.DLL version 9.5.700.263
Production Order Processing (POP) 40.538.811 Release, Unreleased doubles quantity PP0301M1.DLL version 9.5.800.118
Purchase Order & Receiving (POR) 29.213.092 PO entry allows the same PO# to be updated by two users PO0101.DLL version 9.5.700.333
PO2001.DLL version 9.5.700.298
PO2003.DLL version 9.5.700.132
Purchase Order & Receiving (POR) 36.378.923 Crystal PO print doesn't set status of cancelled lines MacPoRpts.dll version
Purchase Order & Receiving (POR) 38.585.076 ES PO/Receiving - quantity not populated in GBKMUT when IM set to distribute by amount. PO2001.DLL version 9.5.700.295
Purchase Order & Receiving (POR) 39.385.909 ES 9.5.500 PO Crystal Purchase Order button not "hot" when PO is saved. PO0101.DLL version 9.5.700.332
Purchase Order & Receiving (POR) 39.991.526 Item not on file error if component has apostrophe in number vbompes.exe version
Shop Floor Control (SFC) 38.742.641 OE source order removed from SFC order header if activity reported on order lined to OE order status 8 SFACMNT.DLL Version 9.5.700.101
IMINVADJ.DLL version 9.5.700.323
ETL32AE1.dll dated 8/31/2011
Shop Floor Control (SFC) 39.991.931 Manual Scheduling method warning appears too soon SFSOADD.dll version 9.5.700.128
WMS Device Manager (includes 1st device license) 26.178.903 Macola ES /WMS - PO receipt WMS 9.5.26
WMS Device Manager (includes 1st device license) 26.195.454 WMS - Problems With Item Amounts WMS 9.5.25
WMS Device Manager (includes 1st device license) 26.211.038 WMS - Pre Update Macola Order Report WMS 9.5.25
WMS Device Manager (includes 1st device license) 28.130.165 wms, bin verification errors only report showing variances WMS 9.5.25
WMS Device Manager (includes 1st device license) 37.402.130 WMS Bin Cost OTF bin creation WMS 9.5.25
WMS Device Manager (includes 1st device license) 38.459.348 WMS - Getting Error 2147217833 In Pick Management WMS 9.5.25
WMS Device Manager (includes 1st device license) 40.429.829 Is WMS purge cleanning EPN's? WMS 9.5.25
WMS Device Manager (includes 1st device license) 41.617.020 BC Not Updating Status Flag In Imlsmst_sql Table IMINVADJ.dll version 9.5.701.328
XML Server 39.146.684 ES9.5.x ASImport does not work w/ ESE AsImport.exe version 4.1.0

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