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Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Hey all...our company has ordered a Covad T1 Line to replace our 8 current POTs lines.  Covad installed a Edgewater Router connected to the T1 and I have connected the LAN Port from the Edgewater to the PRI Slot on our PRI Expansion Card in our IP Office Partner Edition.  I went to the Trunk Setup and setup Channel 13 for the PRI Card to T1 and put the first 4 lines as "In Service."  I than went ahead and setup a button on my phone for Line 13 and rebooted the system.  The line shows up as Red when it booted up on my 1416 Phone and when I select the button I don't get a dial tone.

Is there something that I am missing?  Do I need any additional setup or hardware?  I appreciate your help with this newbie.


RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Try connecting to the T1 port on both devices.

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

The only ports available on the back of the Edgewater Router are LAN Ports.  I have connected the Cat-5 cable from there to the correct Port on the PRI card (9).

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

I think what cargoski means, is remove the router out of the equation - and go from smartjack to IPO direct.

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

PRI and LAN ports are two totally different technologies, they cannot be connected to each other like that, LAN ports are for PC's and Ip Phones etc. They need to present you with a PRI circuit or you are on a no go smile



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RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Sounds more like they are expecting to provide VoIP trunks from thier Router to the IP Office and the T-1 is supposed to provide both Data/Voice traffic.
If there is only one DS1 interface on the Router and that is going to the SmartJack, than thier equipment is not providing DS1 service to your Phone System.
DS1 is not Ethernet.  The Ethernet port on their Router will not interface with the DS1 port on the IP Office.

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

We were giving an Edgewater 4500T4 and have the PRI 1U expansion card.  Is there any way to plug that edgewater into ip office or am I missing some hardware?

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Off their data sheet: http://www.covad.com/export/sites/default/downloadables/edgemarc_4500T4_datasheet.pdf

The EdgeMarc 4500T4 combines key data routing
capabilities into a single, easy to use converged networking
router. It includes the following interfaces: 4 X T1 WAN or
10/100 Mbps ethernet WAN and a 4 port managed VLAN

Scalability – Whether you need a single T1
or a 4 X T1 interface, the 4500T4 is cost
optimized for businesses of all sizes.
Additional T1 interfaces are enabled through
software license keys.

T1 WAN Up to 4
Framing ESF/D4
Line coding B8ZS/AMI
Line Build Out 0, -7.5, -15db
Connector RJ45
Frame Relay Yes

If you have the T1 WAN (4Ports) than you need to be plugged into one of the T1 WAN ports.

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

The smart jack is plugged into the t1 port on edge.  I currently have lan connected from edge to ip office which sounds wrong. So I plug it from wan port on edge to ip pri card?

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

It appears that that system can be fitted with either a Ethernet WAN or a T1 WAN.  If it has a T1 WAN you need to plug the WAN1 to the IP Office.  If it has an Ethernet WAN you have the wrong equipment to plug into the PRI/T1 interface on the IP Office.

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Or maybe the WAN ports can be turned on through software to become T1 interfaces, now that I read it again....
Did you purchase any additional T1 License?
"Additional T1 interfaces are enabled through software license keys." (Turning a WAN port into a T1 port)

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Exactly, what type of service did you order from Covad? Covad would be responsible for the Edgewater device. If the service is straight DS1 or PRI, why do you need a router between the NIU and the IPO?


RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

I believe the OP has a full T1 in which there should be both a PRI and wan output. PRI for his IPO and let's say channels 12-20 are used for data...


RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Unfortunately, I was not involved in the ordering process.  What little information I have been giving, is the T1 will be shared for data and voice.

The Covad tech came and configured the router and didn't ask any question and just said when Verizon runs the Smartjack, just plug it into T1 port.

So are you saying there is some configuring I need to do on the Edgemarc to be able to connect it to the IP Office?  Can someone point me to a document on how to do this?

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

The Edgewater will allow you to share both voice and data on your T1, but it does not provide a PRI handoff to the IP Office.  (It WILL provide SIP trunking, but you need additional IP office licenses for that)

You need to contact Covad and tell them you need a PRI handoff to your PBX.  They'll likely provide an Adtran 904 or similar device instead of the Edgewater.  

I had a similar situation with Bandwidth.com.  We changed from SIP trunks to a PRI and they changed our Edgewater to an Adtran to accomplish this.  

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

I now have an Adtran 904 installed.  What else must go into programming hte IP Office to accept this and utilize the T1?

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

The IP Office needs to be configured to match whatever services the carrier is providing.  You would be well served to have your Avaya Business Partner assist you with this, as it is a bit beyond the scope of a support forum.

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

I have configured the IP Office and am now able to make Outgoing calls across the PRI however it appears that Incoming Calls are not being routed properly.  The PRI Provider says that the Avaya is rejecting the incoming call.  Any ideas to what could cause this?   

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Here is the error getting back from the PRI...any idea what could be configured wrong on IP Office to cause this.  I have changed PRI Number to 1111111111 and External Number making call into PRI to 2222222222 so that you don't have the original numbers.


2011.05.31 15:49:50 TM.T02 09 IsdnTmStateIdling - clear trunk appearance
15:49:50:938 ISDN.RES_MGR Reserving an outbound channel.
15:49:50:939 ISDN.RES_MGR ISDN Channel reserved.
15:49:50 ISDN.CC_MSG PRI  1  Host>>CC: 00 8001 SETUP_REQ
15:49:50 ISDN.CC_IE  PRI  1     ie: 00 04 0A 80 80 80 90 00 00 00 00 00 82
15:49:50 ISDN.CC_IE  PRI  1     ie: 00 6C 0E 80 80 80 80 33 34 37 32 32 35 33 36
39 37
15:49:50 ISDN.CC_IE  PRI  1     ie: 00 70 0C 80 80 36 34 36 33 35 34 32 39 31 34
15:49:50 ISDN.CC_IE  PRI  1    Qie: 1C 0E 9F 8B 01 00 A1 08 02 01 01 02 01 00 84
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_MSG PRI  1  Sent  = 02 01 30 30 08 02 00 02 05 04 03 80 90 A2 1
8 03
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_MSG PRI  1          A1 83 96 1C 0E 9F 8B 01 00 A1 08 02 01 01 0
2 01
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_MSG PRI  1          00 84 00 6C 0C 00 80 33 34 37 32 32 35 33 3
6 39
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_MSG PRI  1          37 70 0B 80 36 34 36 33 35 34 32 39 31 34
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1  ===================================================
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1  Sent = Sapi:00  C/R:C Tei:00
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1         Ctl:INFO     Ns:24   Nr:24
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1         Prot:08  CRL:2  CRV:0002
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1         M - 05 SETUP
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1          IE - 04 BEARER CAPABILITY   Len=3
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               80 Xfer Cap.:SPEECH
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               90 Xfer Rate:64k
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               A2 Layer 1:u-Law
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1          IE - 18 CHANNEL ID          Len=3
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               A1 Primary Rate
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1                  Intfc ID:IMPLICIT
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1                  Pref/Excl:PREFERRED
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1                  D-Chan Indicated:NO
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1                  Chan. Sel:FOLLOWS
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               83 Numb/Map:NUMBER
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               96 Channel:22
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1          IE - 1C FACILITY            Len=14
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1           Calling Name: not available
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1          IE - 6C CALLING PARTY #     Len=12
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               00 Numb. Type:UNKNOWN
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1                  Numb. Plan:UNKNOWN
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               80 Presentation:ALLOWED
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1                  Ph.# 2222222222
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1          IE - 70 CALLED PARTY #      Len=11
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               80 Numb. Type:UNKNOWN
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1                  Numb. Plan:UNKNOWN
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1                  Ph.# 1111111111
15:49:50 ISDN.EP     PRI  1  Dialing '1111111111'
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_MSG PRI  1  Recd  = 00 01 30 32 08 02 80 02 5A 08 02 80 AC
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1  ===================================================
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1  Recd = Sapi:00  C/R:R Tei:00
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1         Ctl:INFO     Ns:24   Nr:25
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1         Prot:08  CRL:2  CRV:8002
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1         M - 5A RELEASE_CMP
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1          IE - 08 CAUSE               Len=2
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               80 Location:U
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  1               AC Cause:44 (REQ_CHANNEL_NOT_AVAIL)
15:49:50 ISDN.L2_MSG PRI  1  Sent  = 00 01 01 32
15:49:50 ISDN.CC_MSG PRI  1  CC>>Host: 02 8001 CLEAR_IND
15:49:50 ISDN.CC_IE  PRI  1     ie: 00 08 04 80 80 00 AC
15:49:50 ISDN.EP     PRI  1  Call to '1111111111' Process clearing. CCR 44
15:49:50 ISDN.EP     PRI  1  ProcessClearing:: Send clearCallEvt to user  TM: 8
15:49:50 ISDN.CC_MSG PRI  1  Host>>CC: 02 8001 CLEAR_RESP
15:49:50 ISDN.CC_IE  PRI  1     ie: 00 08 04 80 80 00 AC
15:49:50:979 ISDN.RES_MGR Releasing outbound channel, called number 1111111111.
2011.05.31 15:49:50 ISDN.EP     PRI  1  Call clearing: REQ_CHANNEL_NOT_AVAIL : L

RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie


RE: Help with T1 Setup - Newbie

Can you post a screenshot of your PRI setup in the ipo?

The trace shows that you do not have channels available (cause=44)


Cause No. 44 - requested circuit/channel not available.
This cause is returned when the circuit or channel indicated by the requesting entity cannot be provided by the other side of the interface.


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