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No Standby Option

No Standby Option

No Standby Option

Issue - No Standby Option on Shutdown
Under XP Home and on the previous HD Standby worked.

Installed a new HD then XP Pro SP3 on this Compaq Presario V5000

On Start and hover on shutdown the comment box says Standby is possible.

When I click Shutdown only three choices are available -
Log off, Sutdown, and Restart.
No Hibernate nor Standby.

I suspect XP Pro code looks at the Hardware and then sets up the drop down options -
thus omitting Hibernate and StandBy.

Anyone know which XP Pro code module(s) is active here?

Working with HP vendor support yields nothing of value.


RE: No Standby Option

Te first thing to try is to go into Power Options in control Panel, and enable Hibernation from the Hibernation tab.

Additionally you could use gpedit.msc to enable the Stand By option.



Phil AKA Vacunita
Ignorance is not necessarily Bliss, case in point:
Unknown has caused an Unknown Error on Unknown and must be shutdown to prevent damage to Unknown.

Behind the Web, Tips and Tricks for Web Development.

RE: No Standby Option

He had said "STANDBY" missing as well as hibernation.  Maybe OP can confirm which one of the two or both.  Normally STANDBY is always there and HIBERNATE needs to be turned on.

RE: No Standby Option

Control Panel | Power Options does show a dialog with four tabs:
Power Schemes | Alarms | Power Meter | Advanced

And none of these tabs mentions Hibernate.
The article discusses the Hibernate tab which I don't see sad

I did load gpedit.msc but am unsure as to where to go from there.

And yes, I see neither StandBy nor Hibernate.
I do see Log Off, Restart, Shutdown options.


RE: No Standby Option

You may be missing that option in the power scheme.

At the command prompt type powercfg /l

this lists the available schemes.

powercfg.exe is a powerful :) command line tool in XP that allows the creation of power schemes among many other things. This is the output of Powercfg /?

POWERCFG [/LIST | /QUERY [name] | /CREATE name | /DELETE name |
       /SETACTIVE name | /CHANGE name settings |
       /HIBERNATE {ON|OFF} | /EXPORT name [/FILE filename] |
       /IMPORT name [/FILE filename] | /GLOBALPOWERFLAG {ON|OFF} /OPTION flag |
       /BATTERYALARM {LOW|CRITICAL} [settings] |
       /DEVICEQUERY queryflags | /DEVICEENABLEWAKE devicename |
       /DEVICEDISABLEWAKE devicename | /?]

    This command line tool enables an administrator to control
    the power settings on a system.

Parameter List:
    /LIST, /L       Lists the names of existing power schemes.
    /QUERY, /Q      Displays the configuration of the specified power scheme.
                    If no name is specified, the configuration of the currently
                    active power scheme is displayed.
    /CREATE, /C     Creates a power scheme with the specified name.  The new
                    scheme is created with the properties of the currently
                    active scheme.
    /DELETE, /D     Deletes the power scheme with the specified name.
    /SETACTIVE, /S  Makes the power scheme with the specified name active.
    /CHANGE, /X     Changes settings of the specified power scheme. Additional
                    switches specify the changes as follows:
                    AC settings are used when the system is on AC power.
                    DC settings are used when the system is on battery power.
                    Setting a timeout to zero will disable the corresponding
                    timeout feature.  Supported throttle settings are NONE
                    CONSTANT, DEGRADE, and ADAPTIVE.
    /EXPORT, /E     Exports the power scheme with the specified name to a
                    file.  If no filename is specified, the default is
                    SCHEME.POW.  This additional parameter is supported:
    /IMPORT, /I     Imports the power scheme from a file under the specified
                    name.  If no filename is specified, the default is
                    SCHEME.POW.  If a scheme with that name already exists, it
                    is replaced with the new one.  This additional parameter
                    is supported:
    /HIBERNATE, /H {ON|OFF}  Enables/Disables the hibernate feature.  Hibernate
                    timeout is not supported on all systems.
    /NUMERICAL, /N  Allows the power scheme to be operated upon to be specified
                    using a numerical identifier.  When using this switch, in
                    place of the name of the power scheme on the command line,
                    specify its numerical identifier.  This switch may be used
                    in combination with the /QUERY, /DELETE, /SETACTIVE,
                    /CHANGE, /EXPORT, and /IMPORT commands.
    /GLOBALPOWERFLAG, /G {ON|OFF}  Turns one of the global power flags on/off.
                    Valid flags (to be used after "/OPTION ") are:
                         BATTERYICON:    Turns the battery meter icon in the
                                         system tray on/off.
                         MULTIBATTERY:   Turns on/off multiple battery display
                                         in system Power Meter.
                         RESUMEPASSWORD: Prompt for password on resuming the
                         WAKEONRING:     Turn on/off wake on ring support.
                         VIDEODIM:       Turn on/off support for dimming video
                                         display on battery power.
    /AVAILABLESLEEPSTATES, /A  Reports the sleep states available on the
                    system.  Attempts to report reasons why sleep states are
    /BATTERYALARM, /B {LOW|CRITICAL}  Configures the battery alarm.  The
                    following switches can be specified:
                            Enables or disables the alarm.
                            The alarm will be activated when the power level
                            reaches this percentage.
                            Turns the text notification on or off.
                            Turns the audible notification on or off.
                            Specifies the action to take when this alarm goes
                            off.  Not all actions are always available.
                            Force stand by or shutdown even if a program stops
                            Specifies a program to run.  schtasks.exe /change
                           may be used to configure the program.
    /DEVICEQUERY  will return a list of devices that meet the
                    criteria specified in .  Possible values
                    for  are:
                    wake_from_S1_supported - return all devices that support
                             waking the system from a light sleep state.
                    wake_from_S2_supported - return all devices that support
                             waking the system from a deeper sleep state.
                    wake_from_S3_supported - return all devices that support
                             waking from the deepest sleep state.
                    wake_from_any - return all devices that support waking
                             from any sleep state.
                    S1_supported - list devices supporting light sleep states.
                    S2_supported - list devices supporting deeper sleep.
                    S3_supported - list devices supporting deepest sleep.
                    S4_supported - list devices supporting system hibernation.
                    wake_programmable - list devices that are user-configurable
                             to wake the system from a sleep state.
                    wake_armed - list devices that are currently configured to
                             wake the system from any sleep state.
                    all_devices - return all devices present in the system.
                    all_devices_verbose - return verbose list of devices.
    /DEVICEENABLEWAKE  enable the device to wake the system from a
                    sleep state.  is a device retrieved using
                    the '/DEVICEQUERY wake_programmable' parameter.
    /DEVICEDISABLEWAKE  disable the device from waking the system
                    from a sleep state.  is a device retrieved
                    using the '/DEVICEQUERY wake_armed' parameter.
    /HELP, /?       Displays information on command-line parameters.

    POWERCFG /QUERY scheme
    POWERCFG /CHANGE scheme /monitor-timeout-dc 15
    POWERCFG /CHANGE scheme /monitor-timeout-dc 0
    POWERCFG /EXPORT scheme /file file
    POWERCFG /DEVICEENABLEWAKE "Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Explorer"

Let us know what you find.


RE: No Standby Option

Drivers can cuase the missing Hibernate tab and unavailable Stan By mode.

Make sure all your drivers are up to date, including the video card driver, and your MB chipset drivers.  Older drivers may not have the necessary options to support Stand By and Hibernate.

Since you mention you re-installed XP, you may be missing some newer drivers.

Quote (Microsoft):

Outdated or incompatible device drivers
If the computer is running outdated device driver files, they may not support power management and they may cause incompatibility problems. This behavior prevents a computer from entering or resuming from hibernation and standby. Drivers are the primary causes of hibernation and standby issues.

Make sure that you install the latest updates for the operating system to all the devices, especially audio devices and video devices. If you are not sure which driver is causing the issue, go to the "If you have outdated driver files, run the Crash Analysis tool" section.

Note Audio devices must have drivers that use Windows Driver Model (WDM) architecture exclusively.
If the system is using a basic graphics driver, such as a VGA video driver, it may not be compatible. Although VGA drivers support basic video, they do not support power management. If you have a VGA driver, visit the driver vendor's Web site to see whether an update is available.


Phil AKA Vacunita
Ignorance is not necessarily Bliss, case in point:
Unknown has caused an Unknown Error on Unknown and must be shutdown to prevent damage to Unknown.

Behind the Web, Tips and Tricks for Web Development.

RE: No Standby Option

Powercfg /L says
Existing Power Schemes
Max Battery
Minimal Power Management
Always on
Home/Office Desk

When I try
powercfg /HIBERNATE on   
I get
System does not support hibernate.

Which drivers are applicable?
 HP says they don't support XP Pro on this laptop,
 but standby did work under XP Home.
 AFAIK there is no available driver set from HP
I would be shocked to see that although Standby worked under
XP Home it won't work under XP Pro.

RE: No Standby Option

You didn't mention any subversion, but the V5000 in Compaq's websie does offer XP drivers for all hardware in the laptop:



but standby did work under XP Home.

If it worked under XP home there was then a driver for it which was applied at some point to the machine.  

Phil AKA Vacunita
Ignorance is not necessarily Bliss, case in point:
Unknown has caused an Unknown Error on Unknown and must be shutdown to prevent damage to Unknown.

Behind the Web, Tips and Tricks for Web Development.

RE: No Standby Option

I agree.
Unfortunately chat support suggested I reset the machine to its BIOS default settings (F9 then F10) and I did.
On reboot I got a black screen offering 5 startup options.
None of the options work.
We removed both batteries waited five minutes and rebooted.
No help at all.
HP support then suggested that I purchase a new machine!
I think I need my XP Pro DVD which is 860 miles away!
So I wait.

RE: No Standby Option

If you have to reload, make sure all options are set properly in the BIOS BEFORE doing so.  Especially ones related to power management.

RE: No Standby Option

I will have to Reload XP Pro.
How do I determine which options are to be set properly in the BIOS BEFORE I reload - especially Power management settings ?
Thanks for the heads up.

RE: No Standby Option

XP Pro SP3 is now re-installed.  I now see a grayed out Standby option which I didn't see before.

Powercfg /L says Existing Power Schemes Max BatteryMinimal Power Management Always on
PresentationPortable/LaptopHome/Office Desk

When I trypowercfg /HIBERNATE on   
I get System does not support hibernate.

Any one know any expert HP Presario V5000 Pros in HP or Microsoft who may have encountered this standby issue before?

I repeat: Standby did work under HP Home with the failed Hard Drive.  I refuse to believe that Standby works in XP Home, but not XP Pro SP3.



RE: No Standby Option

What USB devices do you have attached?

are the Chipset drivers all up to date? other drivers?

does the Laptop come with a camera? if so, see if there is a Hotfix on the HP website for that problem... (e.g. some Lenovos had this similar problem, because the camera that came with the laptop was a USB device, and they issued a MS hotfix which cured the Standby problem )...

The HotFix:

A Windows XP-based computer stops responding during standby or hibernation operations or when you try to use the Shut Down command

also of interest:

How to troubleshoot hibernation and standby issues in Windows XP

PS: what firewall/AV etc. is installed?

"If it works don't fix it! If it doesn't use a sledgehammer..."
How to ask a question, when posting them to a professional forum.
Only ask questions with yes/no answers if you want "yes" or "no"

RE: No Standby Option


Although there is no specific driver saying chipset, I guess this is probably it:



File name:    sp31290.exe (33 MB)    

This package installs Microsoft fixes and enhancements for the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System with Service Pack 2 (SP2), as well as providing other fixes and enhancements that are specific to the listed operating systems. These fixes and enhancements are required to improve notebook performance.

PURPOSE: Routine
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition


RE: No Standby Option

Ran XP Home on original HD on Compaq Presario V5000 and Standby worked. Installed new HD and Running XP Pro SP3. On Start | TurnOff Computer : XP examines Hardware and Settings then XP displays a Turn Off Computer Dialog in which the StandBy Choice is visible but grayed. So going from old HD with XP Home to new HD withXP Pro SP3, I lost the StandBy option which makes no sense to me - perhaps this is a driver issue? Compaq shows 42 possible drivers to download which may or may not resolve the No Standby issue! (no clues from HP ! ) So, under what conditions does XP show StandBy grayed and thus not active ?
I tried
powercfg/HIBERNATE on   
Response is
  System does not support Hibernate

Any thoughts ?

RE: No Standby Option

As suggested,I installed sp31290.exe and it had no effect.
Stand By is still grayed out.
So again I ask -
Under what conditions does XP show StandBy grayed and thus not active ?

RE: No Standby Option

I had this problem for years before I figured out my graphics driver was out of date. It locked me out of standby and hibernate.
I've helped countless friends with this problem also and it has for me ALWAYS been caused by an outdated driver. Windows XP device manager may not determine whether or not the driver is out of date. I used DriverGenius Pro 10 and worked like a charm. It scanned drivers, and downloaded from external links. Then it installed and rebooted. Then my standby and hibernation opitions returned. I find it is much easier to use a software that will automatically install the drivers for you as apposed to doing it manually. Especially if the drivers you've downloaded aren't specified for your machine, it can be a hit and miss that your drivers are correct. If you do decide to use the auto driver program, be sure to back up all old drivers incase you need to roll back. As many mentioned above, it is usually because of a graphics or chipset driver.

RE: No Standby Option

There are also some applications which will allow you to prevent the system from going to sleep/hibernation.  Did you get this issue with a clean install of XP, or did you only notice after installing other applications?

Also, make sure of the power settings, in case some app or driver changed those directly:

It's also entirely possible (not that common, I think) that the motherboard doesn't support hibernation.

You may very well need to dig through the details in the BIOS rather than "set to defaults" or such options.  It could very well be that the default factory settings disallows hibernation for whatever reason.  So I'd serioulsy look under BIOS power options, try changing some things there.  The changes to your BIOS made earlier may simply have been because of one or two settings that did not match the way your system is currently working, particularly if there have been any hardware changes along the way.

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