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Network Traffic Baseline compare performance issue

Network Traffic Baseline compare performance issue

Network Traffic Baseline compare performance issue

Hello all you networkers!

i got the following question:
sometime in our network my users come up with performance issues within a specific Software (clearcase Rational), i already checked alot of different things like intercabling between switches network card drivers and other stuff. I already asked to Rational IBM if there is a Software issue that it just takes some processing time for the next request.

anyhow i just did a tcpdump of my network, everytime when a preformance issue occured, so the error is in this dump. I already saw that after some requests the host does not send or receive anything for a period of seconds.
If there is a request i see that it is processed between server and workstation in msecs which tells me that the traffic seems to be ok, but then nothing happens except some stuff of the network or router itself for seconds.

has anyone enough knowledge to interpret this dump and could explain the seconds of nothing from the host ?
or is this just normal because the software does not send or receive anything for this time which then would be a software problem.
or are these dumps inbetween the reason?

I already tried to start a ping programm which runs the whole time, this reqeusts are sent in there "donothing" times, which tells me the network card driver is not hanging or something like this.

as i would interpret the host (workstation) itself does not send even one request for seconds isnt it ?

this is the host
10.10.99.x are the servers and 3 are the switches

maybe someone has another idea of interpreting or at least of checking some different way into this issue ....

thanks for your help in advance

cheers joe

################################# LOG ###################
1;0.000000;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
2;0.407128;;;UDP;Source port: user-manager  Destination port: microsan
3;0.751434;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
4;0.997183;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
5;1.172.734;;;UDP;Source port: user-manager  Destination port: microsan
6;1.938.345;;;UDP;Source port: user-manager  Destination port: microsan
7;2.000.380;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
8;2.750.852;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
9;2.996.995;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
10;3.999.774;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
11;4.750.706;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
12;4.996.841;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
13;5.999.741;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
14;6.423.571;;;HSRP;Advertise (state Passive)
15;6.750.932;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
16;7.000.728;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
17;7.050.520;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
18;7.051.229;;;ICQv3 (UDP);ICQ Version 3 protocol
19;7.052.309;;;ICQv3 (UDP);ICQ Version 3 protocol
20;7.069.760;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
21;7.085.484;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
22;7.088.611;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
23;7.107.077;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
24;7.151.548;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
25;7.159.537;;;NBSS;NBSS Continuation Message
26;7.159.586;;;TCP;atc-lm > microsoft-ds [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=2 Win=64987 [TCP CHECKSUM INCORRECT] Len=0
27;7.273.304;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
28;7.383.241;;;NBSS;NBSS Continuation Message
29;7.383.283;;;TCP;world-lm > netbios-ssn [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=2 Win=64170 [TCP CHECKSUM INCORRECT] Len=0
30;7.999.327;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
31;8.052.105;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
32;8.070.652;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
33;8.080.640;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
34;8.097.210;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
35;8.099.280;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
36;8.118.259;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
37;8.750.362;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
38;8.926.960;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
39;8.989.810;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
40;8.990.712;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
41;9.002.614;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
42;9.008.311;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
43;9.009.439;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
44;9.029.207;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
45;9.999.537;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
46;10.750.284;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
47;10.767.800;;;TCP;55711 > 60873 [PSH, ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=64743 Len=52
48;10.770.128;;;TCP;60873 > 55711 [PSH, ACK] Seq=1 Ack=53 Win=22512 Len=32
49;10.770.209;;;TCP;55711 > 60873 [FIN, ACK] Seq=53 Ack=33 Win=64711 [TCP CHECKSUM INCORRECT] Len=0
50;10.770.557;;;TCP;60873 > 55711 [FIN, ACK] Seq=33 Ack=54 Win=22512 Len=0
51;10.770.591;;;TCP;55711 > 60873 [ACK] Seq=54 Ack=34 Win=64711 [TCP CHECKSUM INCORRECT] Len=0
52;11.001.539;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
53;11.407.969;;;NBDS;Direct_group datagram[Packet size limited during capture]
54;11.999.231;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
55;12.553.863;Cisco_7c:87:22;CDP/VTP/DTP/PAgP/UDLD;CDP;[Packet size limited during capture]
56;12.750.412;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
57;13.000.041;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
58;13.999.044;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
59;14.750.103;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
60;14.998.924;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
61;15.999.572;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
62;16.750.107;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
63;17.001.691;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
64;17.999.214;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
65;18.750.065;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
66;18.998.462;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
67;19.998.970;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
68;20.030.370;HewlettP_80:e2:34;Broadcast;ARP;Who has  Tell
69;20.191.463;;;NBSS;Session keep-alive
70;20.316.514;;;TCP;gandalf-lm > microsoft-ds [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=5 Win=65235 [TCP CHECKSUM INCORRECT] Len=0
71;20.749.711;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
72;20.999.584;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
73;21.998.796;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
74;22.758.646;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
75;22.998.560;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
76;23.998.807;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
77;24.757.628;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
78;24.998.520;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
79;25.998.811;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
80;26.757.679;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
81;26.999.509;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
82;27.998.581;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
83;28.757.382;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
84;28.999.240;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
85;29.998.597;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
86;30.757.365;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
87;30.998.189;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
88;31.998.483;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
89;32.704.472;;;UDP;Source port: sxmp  Destination port: microsan
90;32.757.372;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
91;32.998.079;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
92;33.469.002;;;UDP;Source port: sxmp  Destination port: microsan
93;33.998.251;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
94;34.234.542;;;UDP;Source port: sxmp  Destination port: microsan
95;34.757.047;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
96;34.997.971;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
97;35.000.216;;;UDP;Source port: sxmp  Destination port: microsan
98;35.765.654;;;UDP;Source port: sxmp  Destination port: microsan
99;35.998.322;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
100;35.999.101;;;HSRP;Advertise (state Passive)
101;36.410.539;;;ICQv3 (UDP);ICQ Version 3 protocol
102;36.410.850;;;ICQv3 (UDP);ICQ Version 3 protocol
103;36.756.967;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
104;36.845.663;;;NBSS;Session keep-alive
105;37.000.401;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
106;37.013.730;;;TCP;florence > microsoft-ds [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=5 Win=65488 [TCP CHECKSUM INCORRECT] Len=0
107;37.997.940;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
108;38.757.034;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
109;38.998.208;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
110;39.109.291;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-15 Call (Reply In 111)[Packet size limited during capture]
111;39.109.971;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-15 Reply (Call In 110)
112;39.137.606;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-14 Call (Reply In 113)[Packet size limited during capture]
113;39.137.942;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-14 Reply (Call In 112)
114;39.138.031;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-15 Call (Reply In 115)[Packet size limited during capture]
115;39.138.386;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-15 Reply (Call In 114)
116;39.997.985;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
117;40.756.813;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
118;41.001.914;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
119;41.998.418;;;HSRP;Hello (state Standby)
120;42.756.741;;;HSRP;Hello (state Active)
121;43.009.890;Cisco_7c:87:22;Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00;STP;Conf. Root = 8782/00:0b:fd:da:a0:c0  Cost = 4  Port = 0x8032
122;43.413.029;;;DNS;Standard query A bswntp88.gg.gauselmann.com
123;43.413.413;;;DNS;Standard query response[Packet size limited during capture]
124;43.426.077;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-1 Call (Reply In 125)[Packet size limited during capture]
125;43.426.407;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-1 Reply (Call In 124)
126;43.426.944;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-28 Call (Reply In 127)[Packet size limited during capture]
127;43.427.273;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-28 Reply (Call In 126)
128;43.427.462;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-61 Call (Reply In 129)[Packet size limited during capture]
129;43.427.824;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-61 Reply (Call In 128)
130;43.464.539;;;DNS;Standard query A ascclp05.gg.gauselmann.com
131;43.464.878;;;DNS;Standard query response[Packet size limited during capture]
132;43.466.570;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-1 Call (Reply In 133)[Packet size limited during capture]
133;43.466.930;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-1 Reply (Call In 132)
134;43.467.371;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-28 Call (Reply In 135)[Packet size limited during capture]
135;43.468.049;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-28 Reply (Call In 134)
136;43.468.141;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-15 Call (Reply In 137)[Packet size limited during capture]
137;43.468.492;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-15 Reply (Call In 136)
138;43.468.632;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-15 Call (Reply In 139)[Packet size limited during capture]
139;43.468.991;;;CLEARCASE;V3 proc-15 Reply (Call In 138)

RE: Network Traffic Baseline compare performance issue

I found the problem

The reason was a request from clearcase client resolving a special group which generated a call back to the domain controller, this DC did not have the groupe information needed and sends back an not_translated in an LSARPC response. the problem was that the DC did not have the group and it timed out with around 45 seconds, so after recreating this groups requested from the client in the DC everything works fine again. The problem is that the Client was waiting for this answer even it does not need this groups they where set in the .identity directory of all our vobs. deleting the groups from the vobs files and removing it from everywhere was the solution

so this thread can be closed

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