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NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen

NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen

NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen

My NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen.
the NBX hang, no dial tone on the phones, not accessible from the network, can't receive outside calls.
The access to the NBX via Hyper terminal is possible during the problem.I am turning off the NBX and on in order to bypass the issue.
This is causing a check disk that is taking from 1 to 2 hours to finish, during this period we are not able to receive or dial calls.

Any ideas??
How to reboot NBX from hyperterminal?

RE: NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen

Press CTRL+R to reset the nbx from hyperterm that will soft reset it  and keep it from the disk check

RE: NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen


Any idea on how to check logs on NBX?
what to search for to diagnose the problem encoutered?


RE: NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen

Hi, I'm having the same kind of problems with a V3000. No web access, no answering, presumably no dialtone.  Is there anything special way of setting up Hyperterminal to accept the ctrl-r?  I am communicating with the console fine it just won't reboot with ctrl-r.    Only suspended tasks are imap141 and TransportRe. The name gets cut off so I'm not sure what that is.  Can't get the ti command to work with TID.

Thanks in advance for advice!

  NAME        ENTRY       TID    PRI   STATUS      PC       SP     ERRNO  DELAY
---------- ------------ -------- --- ---------- -------- -------- ------- -----
tExcTask   10b189c       6fb3fc8   0 PEND        10e579a  6fb3f38   3006b     0
tLogTask   1047474       6fb16c4   0 PEND        10e579a  6fb1630  3d0001     0
tShell     10c28e4       6a2e4bc   1 READY       1059db8  6a2e190       0     0
LedDisplay 9c7508        6f70738   2 DELAY       1053f1e  6f706b8       0     6
tTelnetd   1073e04       6a6cc5c   2 PEND+S      1051fcc  6a6cb88       0     0
tWdbTask   107cc70       6a2f674   3 PEND        1051fcc  6a2f328       0     0
Disk 0     9c4258        6a2aa64   3 PEND        1051fcc  6a2a9dc       0     0
itimerd    92e498        6485e6c   3 PEND        1051fcc  6485de0       0     0
t1         92e498        6483cd8   3 PEND        1051fcc  6483c5c       0     0
cleanupd   92e498        6481b44   3 PEND        1051fcc  6481ad4       0     0
kmemd      92e498        647f9b0   3 PEND        1051fcc  647f918       0     0
fsflushd   92e498        647d81c   3 PEND        1051fcc  647d798  3d0002     0
pageoutd   92e498        647b688   3 PEND        1051fcc  647b60c       0     0
ElvisCodecTd24784        49f03ac  38 PEND        1051fcc  49f0350       0     0
nbxElvis   d245e8        5c9dd4c  39 PEND        1051fcc  5c9dcec       0     0
ElvisAudioRd281f0        49f26f8  39 PEND        10e579a  49f2628       0     0
ElvisReceivd283b0        49f1564  39 PEND        10e579a  49f1498       0     0
nbxH3errorHcf80d0        5c98d98  40 PEND        1051fcc  5c98cf8       0     0
tAioIoTask110b8818       6f9b718  50 PEND        1051fcc  6f9b6b8       0     0
tAioIoTask010b8818       6f94584  50 PEND        1051fcc  6f94524       0     0
tNetTask   106cf14       6a8ce6c  50 PEND        10e4d01  6a8ce0c       0     0
nbxH3AudioRcfd95c        5c93de4  50 PEND        1051fcc  5c93d8c       0     0
nbxH3readercfddac        5c45988  50 PEND        1051fcc  5c45930       0     0
tH3Input   df41c8        5a82158  50 PEND        1051fcc  5a82114       0     0
tH3LoSnd   df2138        5a80fc4  50 PEND+T      1051fcc  5a80f78  3d0004     2
tH3UDPRx   df79d4        5a7fe30  50 PEND        1051fcc  5a7fc7c       0     0
TransportRe6121c4        594552c  50 SUSPEND      615900  5945254       0     0
imap141    d402a0        45bba10  50 SUSPEND+I   30eaa43 82fff104       0     0
tAioWait   10b8d58       6fa28ac  51 PEND        1051fcc  6fa25a8       0     0
tFtpdTask  10c398        6a6b4a0  55 PEND        1051fcc  6a6b3cc       0     0
time       6121c4        592a060  55 PEND        1051fcc  5929fe8  3d0004     0
nbxCallProc111d14        594d38c  60 PEND        10e4d01  594cfb0  d40010     0
VoiceMailRe6121c4        5940578  75 PEND        1051fcc  593ff94       0     0
nbxCCMDBserd08c38        5a79ce8  99 PEND        10e579a  5a79c40       0     0
nbxDownloadd1ffb0        5ccc6ec 100 PEND        10e4d01  5ccbf84  d40010     0
nbxCCMserved08648        5a7ec9c 100 PEND        1051fcc  5a7ebb8       0     0
nbxCCMVTLsed08648        5a76bbc 100 PEND        1051fcc  5a76ad8  3d0001     0
nbxVAppIL  eaa6c0        5a6c498 100 PEND        1051fcc  5a6c06c       0     0
nbxMediaT00ddf6b0        5a65ef8 100 PEND        10e579a  5a65e30  d40010     0
nbxMediaT01ddf6b0        5a51614 100 PEND        10e579a  5a5154c  d40010     0
nbxMediaT02ddf6b0        5a3cd30 100 PEND        10e579a  5a3cc68  d40010     0
nbxMediaT03ddf6b0        5a2844c 100 PEND        10e579a  5a28384       0     0
nbxInetD   d3e3a0        4767110 100 PEND        1051fcc  4766d40  2b0001     0
nbxVMAA0   d402a0        49f6ea0 100 PEND        1051fcc  4760b20      2d     0
nbxVMAA1   d402a0        469dfc8 100 PEND        10e579a  469dd7c  d40005     0
nbxVMAA2   d402a0        46693f8 100 PEND        10e579a  46691ac  d40005     0
nbxVMAA3   d402a0        46341f0 100 PEND        10e579a  4633fa4       0     0
nbxBitSended402a0        45a2994 100 PEND+T      10e579a  45a28d4  d40010 32553
nbxNotMgr  a61a60        4592100 100 PEND        10e579a  4592064       0     0
nbxYAVA    a55130        458f7dc 100 PEND        10e579a  458f630       0     0
OutDialT0  a656b4        457ba2c 100 PEND        10e579a  457b990       0     0
OutDialT1  a656b4        45670c8 100 PEND        10e579a  456702c       0     0
OutDialT2  a656b4        4552710 100 PEND        10e579a  4552674       0     0
OutDialT3  a656b4        453dd84 100 PEND        10e579a  453dce8       0     0
INetDlvry0 a71390        452936c 100 PEND        10e579a  45292b8       0     0
TCPServerT a75958        451edd0 100 PEND        1051fcc  451eb88  2b0001     0
DiskLogger 9c7508        6a281bc 128 PEND        1051fcc  6a28148       0     0
Performance9c7508        6a050ec 128 PEND        1051fcc  6a05078       0     0
nbxLogger  dd4814        692abd4 200 PEND+T      1051fcc  692a65c  3d0004 29786
nbxLogRemotdd96b4        688b45c 200 PEND        10e579a  688b388       0     0
rdcTask    dfbdb4        49b0970 200 PEND        10e579a  49b08b0       0     0
nbxDiagCLISdfa010        5c3f9ac 200 PEND        1051fcc  5c3f8a4       0     0
tEmWeb     625310        59e43f4 240 PEND+T      1051fcc  59e3f94       0  1683
cpuUsageTas9c2c4c        6ffee20 255 PEND        1051fcc  6ffedd4       0     0
nbxACDRTS  c85750        5a71470 255 PEND+T      1051fcc  5a70cf0  3d0004   224
value = 0 = 0x0

RE: NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen

First off when troubleshooting system "lock ups" it can be tedious, tricky and exhausting.  When the system freezes first find out
1. Do any phones have dialtone (no)
2. Can you access the v3000 admin Gui (no)
3. Can you ping the v3000? (no)
4. Check the v3000 ethernet cable, is it connected? does it have a link light with activity?
5. Move the v3000 to a different ethernet switch port, does that help?
6. do an "i"  command from the console and take note of suspended tasks
7. See my notes on running nbxSaveCore command, if 1-5 does not help 3com support will need to be involved to decipher some of the logs.  Also, start keeping good records of the time (exact) that the system fails.
8.  Sometimes its a good idea to plug the nbx into a hub and plug that hub into the network switch.  This will allow you to connect your pc to that hub and use a program like wireshark, to sniff the line to see whats coming thorugh.  sometimes there can be other apps on the network using certain ports like 1025 and 1026 that can interfere with the nbx...not as likely though

when the system is locked up, before doing a ctrl+R, type nbxSaveCore and rpess enter.  this will take a few minutes but it will dump the current logs into a certain directory

 nbxSaveCore will do asynchronous writes to the disk and does not tar up all the files, saving precious minutes when you need to get the system operational. This new command means less downtime for your customers and we even created two different ways to enter the command so a novice technician or customer that might be taking instructions on the phone (cell phone if they are entering this command...) will not be tripped up by the traditional bumpy case commands of a CLI.

A typical NBX100 with 64mb of memory can run a savecore in less than three minutes !!!

Savecore writes a new directory to the disk based on the time of your savecore. For example, you would see a new directory in /htfs0/Core_Jan09_03_35pm. In this directory, you will need to copy all the files for development to analyze.

Files in this directory are:

All OldNBossLog's


RE: NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen

Brilliant! Thank you.   Do you know how to enter the Nboss> mode on the v3000?  I'd like to do a memtest.

RE: NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen

I dont know off the top of my head...but I've seen memory issues in the past and kinda know what to watch for. If you are running code ver 6.0 or higher, the main page (system identity) shows in real time how much free memory you have in bytes.  After a reboot, take a look at that number....it should be pretty far up there (i think at least 1,000,000) that number should eventually balance out somewhere....If you notice that it keeps ticking back and back all the way to 0, there may be a memory issue (i fixed this last time with a simple memory upgrade).

RE: NBX V3000 suddenlny is frozen

Thanks for the advice.  I've been keeping an eye on the memory usage and indeed it loses about 512kB a day.  I've been monitoring for about a week.  That's interesting that you say you attribute this to bad memory.  In my experience I'd call this a memory leak attributed to a software problem and usually bad memory manifests in a hard crash out of nowhere.  Does the 512kB loss look like what you saw before?

Thanks again!

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