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How do I set shell events and receive their notifications? by Glenn9999
Posted: 25 Jan 12

This is a component I came up with in writing something which I thought might be useful to someone.  What it does is enable the registration of Windows shell events along with the reception of those events.  You'll have to experiment to see what you can do with it, overall.

The Unit


unit shellevents;
  // a component to set and receive shell events.  Written by Glenn9999 @ tek-tips.com
  uses shellapi, shlobj, activex, windows, classes, messages, sysutils,
       controls, forms;

// all constants are related to shell api calls added in this unit.
  SCHNE_MKDIR = $08;
  SCHNE_RMDIR = $10;
  SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED =   $08000000;
  SCHNE_DISKEVENTS =     $0002381F;
  SCHNE_INTERRUPT =      $80000000;

  // declarations related to shell api calls added to this unit.
  TSHNotifyStruct = packed record
    dw1: PItemIDList;
    dw2: PItemIDList;
  PSHNotifyStruct = ^TSHNotifyStruct;
  TSHChangeNotifyEntry = record
    pidl: PItemIdList;
    fRecursive: BOOL;

  // declarations related to the shell events component here.
  TShellEvent = (seRenameItem, seCreate, seDelete, seMkDir, seRmDir,
         seMediaInserted, seMediaRemoved, seDriveRemoved, seDriveAdd,
         seNetShare, seNetUnShare, seAttributes, seUpdateDir, seUpdateItem,
         seServerDisconnect, seUpdateImage, seDriveAddGUI, seRenameFolder,
         seFreeSpace, seExtendedEvent, seAssocChanged);
  TShellEventSet = set of TShellEvent;
  TShellNotifyEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; LEvent: TShellEvent;
                      pidl1: PItemIDList; pidl2:PItemIDList) of object;
  TShellNotifyHandler = class(TComponent)
    FWndProc: TWndMethod;
    FShellMsg: DWord;
    FOnShellNotify: TShellNotifyEvent;
    FEvents: TShellEventSet;
    FRecursive: Boolean;

    function IsTwoParmEvent(LEvent: Longint): boolean;
    function IsItemNotificationEvent(lEvent: Longint): boolean;
    function EventSetToDWord(FEvents: TShellEventSet): DWord;
    function DWordToShellEvent(FEvent: DWord): TShellEvent;
    Constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;
    Destructor Destroy; override;
    function ShellEventString(inevent: TShellEvent): String;
    function RegisterPIDL(FHWnd: HWnd; pidl: PitemIDList):THandle;
    function Deregister(MonitorHandle: THandle): boolean;
    procedure WindowProc(Var msg: TMessage);
    property Events: TShellEventSet read FEvents write FEvents;
    property Recursive: Boolean read FRecursive write FRecursive;
    property ShellMsg: DWord read FShellMsg write FShellMsg;
    property OnShellNotify: TShellNotifyEvent read FOnShellNotify write FOnShellNotify;

function SHChangeNotifyRegister(OwnerHwnd: HWnd; fSources: integer;
         fEvents: Dword; wmsg: UINT; cEntries: Integer;
         var pshcne: TSHChangeNotifyEntry): HResult; stdcall;

function SHChangeNotifyDeRegister(ulID: DWord): BOOL; stdcall;

function SHChangeNotification_Lock(hChangeNotification: THandle; dwProcessID: DWord;
         out pppidl: PSHNotifyStruct; out plEvent: Longint): THandle; stdcall;

function SHChangeNotification_Unlock(hLock: THandle): Boolean; stdcall;

procedure Register;


function SHChangeNotifyRegister; external shell32 name 'SHChangeNotifyRegister';

function SHChangeNotifyDeRegister; external shell32 name 'SHChangeNotifyDeregister';

function SHChangeNotification_Lock;
                        external shell32 name 'SHChangeNotification_Lock';

function SHChangeNotification_Unlock;
                        external shell32 name 'SHChangeNotification_Unlock';

function TShellNotifyHandler.IsTwoParmEvent(LEvent: Longint): boolean;
// takes an event type and returns whether two parms are expected or not
    flagval: Longint;
    // SCHNE_ASSOCCHANGED is listed in this function and the one below, which is it?
    flagval := (lEvent and ({SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED or }SHCNE_RENAMEFOLDER
                or SHCNE_RENAMEITEM));
    Result := (flagval > 0);

function TShellNotifyHandler.IsItemNotificationEvent(lEvent: Longint): boolean;
// takes event type and returns whether event has no parms.
    flagval: Longint;
    Result := (flagval > 0);

procedure TShellNotifyHandler.WindowProc(Var msg: TMessage);
// event processing proc for the form.
  hNotifyLock: THandle;
  lEvent: Longint;
  pgpidl: PSHNotifyStruct;
  if Msg.Msg = FShellMsg then
      hNotifyLock := SHChangeNotification_Lock(THandle(Msg.WParam),DWord(Msg.LParam),
                     pgpidl, lEvent);
      if (hNotifyLock <> 0) then
          if Assigned(FOnShellNotify) then
              if IsItemNotificationEvent(Levent) then
                 FOnShellNotify(Self, DWordToShellEvent(LEvent), nil, nil)
              if IsTwoParmEvent(Levent) then
                 FOnShellNotify(Self, DWordToShellEvent(LEvent), pgpidl^.dw1, pgpidl^.dw2)
                 FOnShellNotify(Self, DWordToShellEvent(LEvent), pgpidl^.dw1, nil);

Constructor TShellNotifyHandler.Create(AOwner: TComponent);
    FWndProc := TForm(AOwner).WindowProc;
    TForm(AOwner).WindowProc := WindowProc;
    inherited create(aowner);

Destructor TShellNotifyHandler.Destroy;

function TShellNotifyHandler.ShellEventString(inevent: TShellEvent): String;
  // takes TShellEvent type and returns string representation of the value
    case inevent of
      seRenameItem: Result := 'seRenameItem';
      seCreate: Result := 'seCreate';
      seDelete: Result := 'seDelete';
      seMkDir: Result := 'seMkDir';
      seRmDir: Result := 'seRmDir';
      seMediaInserted: Result := 'seMediaInserted';
      seMediaRemoved: Result := 'seMediaRemoved';
      seDriveRemoved: Result := 'seDriveRemoved';
      seDriveAdd: Result := 'seDriveAdd';
      seNetShare: Result := 'seNetShare';
      seNetUnshare: Result := 'seNetUnshare';
      seAttributes: Result := 'seAttributes';
      seUpdateDir: Result := 'seUpdateDir';
      seUpdateItem: Result := 'seUpdateItem';
      seServerDisconnect: Result := 'seServerDisconnect';
      seUpdateImage: Result := 'seUpdateImage';
      seDriveAddGUI: Result := 'seDriveAddGUI';
      seRenameFolder: Result := 'seRenameFolder';
      seFreeSpace: Result := 'seFreeSpace';
      seExtendedEvent: Result := 'seExtendedEvent';
      seAssocChanged: Result := 'seAssocChanged';
      Result := 'UnknownEvent';

function TShellNotifyHandler.DWordToShellEvent(FEvent: DWord): TShellEvent;
// puts a single SHChangeNotifyRegister event to TShellEvent;
    case FEvent of
      SCHNE_RENAMEITEM: Result := seRenameItem;
      SCHNE_CREATE: Result := seCreate;
      SCHNE_DELETE: Result := seDelete;
      SCHNE_MKDIR: Result := seMkDir;
      SCHNE_RMDIR: Result := seRmDir;
      SCHNE_MEDIAINSERTED: Result := seMediaInserted;
      SCHNE_MEDIAREMOVED: Result := seMediaRemoved;
      SCHNE_DRIVEREMOVED: Result := seDriveRemoved;
      SCHNE_DRIVEADD: Result := seDriveAdd;
      SCHNE_NETSHARE: Result := seNetShare;
      SCHNE_NETUNSHARE: Result := seNetUnShare;
      SCHNE_ATTRIBUTES: Result := seAttributes;
      SCHNE_UPDATEDIR: Result := seUpdateDir;
      SCHNE_UPDATEITEM: Result := seUpdateItem;
      SCHNE_SERVERDISCONNECT: Result := seServerDisconnect;
      SCHNE_UPDATEIMAGE: Result := seUpdateImage;
      SCHNE_DRIVEADDGUI: Result := seDriveAddGUI;
      SCHNE_RENAMEFOLDER: Result := seRenameFolder;
      SCHNE_FREESPACE: Result := seFreeSpace;
      SCHNE_EXTENDED_EVENT: Result := seExtendedEvent;
      SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED: Result := seAssocChanged;

function TShellNotifyHandler.EventSetToDWord(FEvents: TShellEventSet): DWord;
    // convert FEvents to something SHChangeNotifyRegister understands
    Result := 0;
    if seRenameItem in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_RENAMEITEM;
    if seCreate in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_CREATE;
    if seDelete in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_DELETE;
    if seMkDir in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_MKDIR;
    if seRmDir in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_RMDIR;
    if seMediaInserted in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_MEDIAINSERTED;
    if seMediaRemoved in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_MEDIAREMOVED;
    if seDriveRemoved in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_DRIVEREMOVED;
    if SeDriveAdd in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_DRIVEADD;
    if seNetShare in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_NETSHARE;
    if seNetUnShare in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_NETUNSHARE;
    if seAttributes in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_ATTRIBUTES;
    if seUpdateDir in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_UPDATEDIR;
    if SeUpdateItem in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_UPDATEITEM;
    if SeServerDisconnect in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_SERVERDISCONNECT;
    if SeUpdateImage in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_UPDATEIMAGE;
    if SeDriveAddGUI in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_DRIVEADDGUI;
    if SeRenameFolder in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_RENAMEFOLDER;
    if SEFreeSpace in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_FREESPACE;
    if seExtendedEvent in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SCHNE_EXTENDED_EVENT;
    if seAssocChanged in FEvents then
      Result := Result or SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED;

function TShellNotifyHandler.RegisterPIDL(FHWnd: HWnd; pidl: PitemIDList):THandle;
// this is used to register a shell event.
    stPIDL: TSHChangeNotifyEntry;
    stPIDL.pidl := pidl;
    stPIDL.fRecursive := FRecursive;

    Result := SHChangeNotifyRegister(FHWnd,
           FShellMsg, 1, stPIDL);

function TShellNotifyHandler.Deregister(MonitorHandle: THandle): boolean;
// this is used to unregister a shell event.
  Result := SHChangeNotifyDeregister(MonitorHandle);

procedure Register;
  RegisterComponents('Samples', [TShellNotifyHandler]);


A usage example on a form with the component added to it.
This is out of the project I made this component for.  CheckRecycle tests the drive path for the presence of a recycle bin folder.

This registers events necessary for the program to function.


procedure TForm1.RegisterRecycleBin;
// registers shell events for all physical directories related to Recycle Bins.
  drivestrings: array[1..128] of char;
  PDrive: PChar;

  pidl: PItemIDList;
  isf: IShellFolder;
  ipath: WideString;
  Eaten, attr: DWord;
  // windows message this event is to fire when something occurs
  ShellNotifyHandler1.ShellMsg := WM_SHELLNOTIFY;
  // remove directory, rename folder, delete file, rename file.
  ShellNotifyHandler1.Events := [seRmDir, seRenameFolder, seDelete, seRenameItem];
  ShellNotifyHandler1.Recursive := true;
  GetLogicalDriveStrings(Sizeof(DriveStrings), Pchar(@drivestrings[1]));
  PDrive := @DriveStrings;
  notifyrbincount := 1;
  while PDrive^ <> #0 do
      if GetDriveType(pDrive) in [2..4, 6] then
          ipath := WideString(checkrecycle(pdrive));
          isf.ParseDisplayName(Form1.Handle, nil, PWideChar(ipath), Eaten, pidl, attr);
           // registers the event.  Generates a DWord Event handle which needs to be unregistered at end.
          NotifyRBin[notifyrbincount] := ShellNotifyHandler1.RegisterPIDL(Form1.Handle, pidl);
      Inc(pDrive, 4);

This unregisters all the events the above procedure creates.


procedure TForm1.FormDestroy(Sender: TObject);
  i: integer;
  for i := 1 to notifyrbincount do

This is a shell event response.  For the code I did this in, only "RefreshScreen;" is required, but I put a memo box on the form to report the kinds of events that are coming into the program.


procedure TForm1.ShellNotifyHandler1ShellNotify(Sender: TObject;
  LEvent: TShellEvent; pidl1, pidl2: PItemIDList);
  psi1, psi2: array[1..MAX_PATH] of AnsiChar;
  outstr: string;
  // write the event type into words.
  outstr := 'Event received: ' + ShellNotifyHandler1.ShellEventString(LEvent);
{ the events have a number of parms (pidls) depending on the event which indicate what the event is in reference to.  Specific to the event there may be zero, one, or two parms.  If the parm is nil, that means it's not valid for the event in question }
  if (pidl1 <> nil) then
      SHGetPathFromIDListA(pidl1, @psi1);
      outstr := outstr + ' Parm 1: ' +  string(psi1);
  if (pidl2 <> nil) then
      SHGetPathFromIDListA(pidl2, @psi2);
      outstr := outstr + ' Parm 2: ' +  string(psi2);

Please let me know in the thread announcing this if there are any issues or questions.  Thanks.

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