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VoiceLogic VP PBX

HOW DO I? on my Voice Pro VP206 VP408 VP412? by mitchbnj
Posted: 26 May 02 (Edited 17 Jul 02)

Voice Pro 206/408/412 PBX  FAQ
Mitch B. ? 5/25/2002  mitchbnj@excite.com
Updated 7/17/2002
** Moved credits to end for reading brevity **
** Added link to PDF for quick start guide and detailed user
   guide (dont have user guide pdf)

Note:  a) I own a vp206.  However, the VP Instruction Programming Manual also refers to the  other 3 models.
b) Any references to model # or programming will be based on my VP206, but they should work exactly the same on the other models.

PS: I would like to get a full listing of any vendors with parts if possible...

FAQ  General Questions:

1) Is Voice Logic still in business.   NO.
   They are out of business, and your VPXXX is an orphan!

2) UPS:  An Uninterruptable Power Supply IS  
   The VP DOES have a battery back up, but TENDS TO LOSE
   it's PROGRAMMING after the battery goes out!
    2A) How long does the backup battery last?  
           Users have said anywhere from 1.5 to 5 hrs

    2B) What type of battery is it - their own proprietary
        type? (NO)
       2B1) Internal Battery is a lead acid (gell cell)
           yp1.2-6 6v 1.2 AH made by  super sona
           (SEE END for link to vendors)
    2C) The manual does say very clearly that a UPS is
       highly recommended.  This is telling you that the
       electronics are sensitive to not only power
       outages, but power spikes and brown outs (low
       voltage fluctuations).

3) I need a manual... (???)
     Sorry I don't have the PDF manual to point to.  If someone (HINT johnrp99?!!)  has the PDF manual, I will be happy to point to it.  In the meantime here is the quick start guide (Links worked as of 7/17/2002):

Here is the Quick start guide in pdf format:

Here is the best replacement for the manual that I've found so far: http://www.stok.com/vpdoc.html


1)   My VPXXX is Losing calls.
2)   My VPXXX ISN?T answering ANY calls.
3)   My VPXXX is answering ONE line  but not ringing?
4)   Exactly when does it "drop calls"?  Only during power
        failure, etc?  Any and all comments are much

5) My VPXXX  losing/drops calls.  
This is a tough one!.   (and unfortunately too common!)

Some basic (general) troubleshooting questions:
    5A) What version of firmware (hardware) version
        are you running, 2.02? (programming option 91)
    5B) What version of Software are you running?
        (programming option 92)
    5C) When does the system drop calls, randomly
        without good reason?
    5D) What do you mean, DROPS calls?
6) What is the latest SW/HW version?
(Example: I have HW Ver. 3.00, SW 1.036 (?) ? Is this the latest?  How do you upgrade?)

   A user on this forurm has offered to "blow"/program a full set of eeproms for us regular users for a very low price.  I took advantage, and went from version 1.036 to 2.021 successfully.
Question: How do you upgrade? Answer: VERY VERY carefully.
  a.  You need a $10.00 eeprom chip puller from radio shack
  b.  You need to carefully unscrew unit, then disconnect
      internal battery.
<You did write all your settings DOWN on paper before
     starting, right?>
  c.  carefully remove unit, replace chips, reprogram unit.
  d.  Do step c very, very carefully, and look for more
      detailed instructions with your upgrade!

7)    I keep losing the programming on my VPXXX.  Well.  
      See # 5 above.  A UPS is helpful.  See # 2 above.  


7a) One user said, "The backup battery came loose in
    shipment and needed to be plugged into the main board.
    I simply removed the cover and connected the battery
    to the obvious point.

8) What is that RS-232 port for?
    A) The manual claims the RS-232 connector is  
           for "software development".
    B) Has Anyone programmed this unit with the RS232
           port?  Anyone out there hacked any code for
           this?  Has anyone done it with a GUI?


9) Software upgrade.  Huh?  I thought the company was out
     of business...  (SEE # 6 above)

9a) If you ARE having a problem with an occasional
    "chirp" on the line, that can generally be resolved
    by upgrading from software version 2.02 to 2.021

9b) My next question is where can I get the newer eproms
    with the lastest firmware?  (SEE # 6 above)
9c) If you are running a software version less than 2.02
    (2.02 has it's own problems) you are lacking many
    improvements to the software.  
    The most valuable added program is #44, which is
       called "dialed digit assignment".  
       This allows you to do things like, "press 1 for
       Judy, 2 for Tom, 3 for Sarah".  
       You can then program 1, 2, and 3 as to which
       specific phones to ring and which mailbox
       to default to if no one answers.  This is
       especially nice for a business that is
       attempting to have all incoming calls answered
       by a person before going to voice mail.  

      If all are busy, it will go to the specifically
      assigned voice mail box.
9d) Version 2021 resolves many of the problems of V202.  

    Specifically, it will get rid of an annoying chirp
    that will occur at times, and to a very large degree
    will eliminate lost calls and loss of a line
    ndefinately (which can happen as a result of bouncing
    the hook switch).

9e) (See # 6 above again) Firmware can be upgraded by replacing the (2) existing eeproms with updated eproms.  
To the best of my knowledge 2.021 is the most recent version available.

9f) As far as upgrade chips to 2.021 for the VP206 only,
I think I can get them, but not sure of the price or if
enough people would want them.  I will re-read this forum
Tonight and send those who may be interested an e-mail.  
I  am NOT in the chip business and don't want to be, but
can probably get some if enough are interested for a group
purchase.  (Was done in June,2002, maybe this person will do again if he has enough interest!)

10) Help.  I can?t access my mailbox(es)  or b) the system.

10a) System Password.  
The out of the box (default) master password (needed for programming) is 1234.  
    10a1)  pick up a phone connected to system, wait for system (special) dial tone, then press #.  
    10a2)  System responds with date and time.  
    10a2-a) WHAT DATE/time does system respond with?  
            If it's January 1, you've lost all your
            settings and need to start OVER FROM SCRATCH.
   *** This time, while you're programming system, use a
   piece of paper (LOW TECH!) and write down EVERY setting
   as you program it again!

    10a3) Enter 1234#.  (default password!) Doesn?t work?
          You may have already set the FOUR DIGIT (only 4
          digits -- never more for master password!
          ...Think hard.. birthday? Bank pin code?
          (feel free to send me the #, with a card
          as a gift for compiling this FAQ)

II. You may have to simply unplug the unit for 3-4 hours until battery discharges totally (and you?ll lose all messages)
III. IF (and this is funny, because it?s a chicken and egg situation) you can get into the programming mode, code 99 will erase ALL system memory, just like unplugging it I?d guess.
    B) Mailbox Password.  Oh. This one?s a piece of cake... WELL, maybe not, but let?s call it a cheese-cake, because I need to go over some brief information FIRST.
11)  Mailboxes, stations, CO lines, and HUH?  
      a) A station is the phone # you are connecting (10-1X) (x=15,17,12)
      b) A CO line ?  Central Office. (# lines coming into your house.
      c) The system is capable of having UP to 85 different voice mailboxes!  They may be either regular voice mail, or announce only mailboxes.
d) Mailboxes are in the 300 (3XX) range.
      e) The initial stations <10-15:VP206>;<10-17:VP408>;<10-21:VP412> have mailboxes that range from  <310-315:VP206>;
      f) ALL (including other mailboxes you set up will have a 3digit # starting with a 3 (300-378 for example)
OK.  BACK to # 10 Mailboxes and passwords.        

C) Haven?t set a password, yet can?t get into a mailbox?  The default password is 1+the mailbox # (station 10 voicemail is 310, and DEFAULT password is 1310)
D) YES.  YOU CAN have a blank password on a mailbox (it will be a # sign!.  I can personally vouch for this one.
E) REALLY forgot the password?  Or your employee left without telling you HIS password?  Go into programming mode and look at code 26 which will reset the password back to the default.

Sample Mailbox/password question-Answer:
?having problems accessing my voice mail boxes. It says that the default password should be 1 + voice mail box number. Hence, extension 10 should be accessed by entering 110(#) It doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know why??
As Noted above, ALL voice mail is in the 300 range.  310-315 are the stations for a VP206, and so 1310 is the default password.  To the person who suggested entering 300?The STATION # is 10, so the Vmailbox is 310 and default password is 1310!

12) Programming the VPXXX.
a) There are two different dial tones that you get when you pick up a phone connected to the VPXXX.  The internal dial tone, and external dial tone, which you get when a line is available.
b) When programming the VoicePro system you have to To get into system programming a line must be available for yin order to get

13) Message notification:
a) Go to your mailbox #.
b) At mailbox prompt, option 9 brings  you to ?Program Voice Mailbox menu
c) Option 3 is Message Alert.
d) At prompt, dial pager #, then *,then code you want pager to receive, then # sign.  * also serves as a 2 second pause (absolutely needed for skytel!)
e) To Disable message alert. Select option 3, don?t dial ANYTHING?wait 5 seconds, and system will confirm that message alert is cancelled.
f) It will call about every 15 minutes when a message is left.
g) On occasionally when it calls you, it may be necessary to press the * key and then it will talk you through receiving your messages.

14) Message waiting light
Program # 29 is a binary mode.  EITHER ?stutter tone? (Message waiting light is disabled) OR (msg waiting light on).  
A) In other words.  If you have regular phones, disabling # 29 gives you a short system ?stutter-tone? before you get regular dial-tone.

15) Undocumented program #93 Very Interesting. Gives coded configuration information, including how many hours of message storage is installed on the box, and also lets you know if the system is in diagnostic mode (whatever that is) or not MORE DETAILS ANYONE?

FAX machine Stuff
16) Fax Machine Questions:
Fax detection:   I found out that the unit does not actually check for the fax signal until AFTER the message.  So if you have a long introductory message the sending fax times out.  I had to greatly shorten the message and skip the bit on what we did, yada yada, and now it works fine.  The documentation clearly states that it listens for a fax the first 2-5 seconds but that is not the case.

INSIDE the box (or: I want to break my non-existent warranty!)

17) Unit contains two SIMMS  They are not standard and can be obtained from Voice Logic Dealers.
a) Regular RAM will NOT work.  RAM can be purchased (see end of this FAQ) for about $85.00 a card.  
b) The VP206 has 2 ONE SIMMS, each holding one hour of information

18) . The manual has a different password than the sheet that deals with the 2.021 sw update. (PW different for 2.021 sw revision?)  Needs followup:  New revision PW is 4321? Older password is 1234

19) Music on Hold
a) . How can I increase the volume of the music on hold?
b) I'm running sound in on a 3.5mm mono jack from the back of my computer's speaker jack.
c) I've also tried from the headphone and aux jacks of a portable cd player. None of the methods seems very loud. Do I need to add some amplification and if so, how much?

Suspect that you are trying to program the system WITHOUT a telco line installed.  If that is the case, you are frequently forced into "station programming mode" instead of system programming.  

    WHAT is the difference??

Vendors of VoicePro parts:
Links to merchants selling stuff (I have no association with ANY of  these vendors, and their stock /and or link may or may not work in the future:  Vendors are not in any particular order, and I only included vendors that carry parts, in addition to the units themselves

1) telephonesystems.info
3)American Business Communications http://www.amerbiz.com/ 616-235-0973
1) Carries internal battery for VPXXX:   Internal Battery is a
lead acid (gell cell) yp1.2-6 6v 1.2 AH made by  super sona

CREDITS:  Thanks to all from Tek-tips.com who put stuff in
tek-tips.com that I got this from, including
but not limited to:

moretickets; DVR123 ; Tcskevin; Superteck; Okigire; Withouthope; panther2000;
sirjames_print-n-apply.com; HillBillyTech; BrianWorf)  AND especially Johnrp99 who has a great deal of the knowledge we have here.

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