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bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem


I had a BC11 system with NIU for connecting to external voice mail.
Right nwow, whenever VM send me a series of instructions to turn on the message light( MAX 200 BYTE).The NIU will just hang.
May i know,why the default XON/XOFF handshake is not ' ON ' only on BC11 system.

I do not has any problem if i used
1. NIU with BC10 &
2. ICU card.

Any info to solve this issue is welcome.

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

because HARDWARE handshaking(RTS/CTS) is more performant (only port 1 of the NIU) than software handshaking. if you MUST use software handshaking(XON/XOFF) make sure that both sides support it. if you still have icu card, I would put the link on the ICU, it's more stable anyway...

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

Hi tigerlow66

I agree in what whosrdaddy says!
Save and use ICU boards for all V24/RS232 applications to obtain the most stable systems for external voice mail or intercept.
NIU/NIU2 boards are to be used for LAN application.

Best regards from the doktor.

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

The Xon/Xoff is turned on by default on the port 2&3 and is the only way to make flow control. There is a problem for this in the NIU firmware but that is fixed from R13 and uppwards (current version is R16). If you use this firmware it should be no problem.

Good luck

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

Current "official" NIF fw is R14A
Released with BC11Sp13 and BC12Sp1 .

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

The current official NIF for NIU is R15A and the latest NIF for NIU2is R4A.
Belive me, I know.


RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

anyway, don't use r4a & r15a for sms application, this is solved in r5a (niu2) and r16a (niu) and these are official releases

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

I have just been at the Servicapack area
And there is no reference to other .

So anyone ..
Please inform me where to get the at the servie support plaza . But NIU1 only R14A is posted. NIU2 R2A .

I have NIU2 R4A (but got this from Ericsson by email .
No newer NIU1 file than R14A though .
(There is no firmware in the Sp1 zip file either
 only ELF32R2B1.FW )

Believe me i don't fare with lies.

Heres BC12 SP1 ( NIU1 file download is R14A)

 Document name  
Uppgjord (även faktaansvarig om annan) - Prepared (also subject responsible if other)  
EBC/BEES/DNM Per Åström No.  
109 22-ASB 501 04-201 Uen  
Docansv/Godkänd - Doc respons/Approved  
EBC/BEES/DNM (O. Reviejo-Jaca) Kontr - Checked Datum - Date  
2003-10-06 Rev  
A2 File  

BC12 Service Package - 1

1   Revision information
2   Prerequisites
3   Included CNA files
3.1   General implementation instruction
3.1.1   General implementation instruction
4   PROM and FW
4.1   FW
4.2   Updated PROM files
5   Applications
6   HW
6.1   Required HW
6.2   New HW
6.3   HW updated for other reasons
7   SW correction Information
7.1   FR solved
8   Documents
9   References
1      Revision information
The first revision is A.

2      Prerequisites
Source system ASB 501 04 R11.

Secure to have a stable system, with two valid reload directories on the HDU containing the latest changes. System upgrade must be done during low traffic period.Use of NIU/NIU2 board with network connection is strongly recommended.

To find the correct hardware and PROM R-state use USS rdb 89.

SAM Toolbox 3.7.

3      Included CNA files
To download the CNA file, click on the link for the appropriate Application System.

Application System  Internal reference  
Standard  109 22-ASB 501 04/01-201  
United Kingdom  109 22-ASB 501 04/02-201  
Denmark  109 22-ASB 501 04/03-201  
Saudi Arabia  109 22-ASB 501 04/04-201  
Sweden  109 22-ASB 501 04/05-201  
Australia  109 22-ASB 501 04/06-201  
Norway  109 22-ASB 501 04/07-201  
Finland  109 22-ASB 501 04/09-201  
Austria  109 22-ASB 501 04/10-201  
The Netherlands  109 22-ASB 501 04/11-201  
Brazil  109 22-ASB 501 04/12-201  
Italy  109 22-ASB 501 04/15-201  
Spain  109 22-ASB 501 04/16-201  
Belgium  109 22-ASB 501 04/17-201  
Ireland  109 22-ASB 501 04/18-201  
Malaysia  109 22-ASB 501 04/19-201  
Germany  109 22-ASB 501 04/21-201  
Hong Kong µ-law  109 22-ASB 501 04/22-201  
China  109 22-ASB 501 04/23-201  
Mexico  109 22-ASB 501 04/24-201  
Singapore  109 22-ASB 501 04/25-201  
New Zealand  109 22-ASB 501 04/29-201  
North America  109 22-ASB 501 04/30-201  
Switzerland  109 22-ASB 501 04/31-201  
Indonesia  109 22-ASB 501 04/32-201  
Export  109 22-ASB 501 04/39-201  
France  109 22-ASB 501 04/40-201  
South Africa  109 22-ASB 501 04/43-201  
Hong Kong a-law  109 22-ASB 501 04/45-201  
Korea, Republic of  109 22-ASB 501 04/47-201  

3.1      General implementation instruction
3.1.1      General implementation instruction
The CNA files are used for automatic update by the SAM toolbox ESD (Ericsson Software Distributor) application (For more information see ESD manual). The following steps should be done:

Copy all .cfg files, which are placed in subdirectories .. bc12xx.SP01 esd helpfile.*, to the Distribution files (.CFG, .INI) path defined in Options Settings.

Set up the job in the ESD by choosing menu item Job list>New>Job list file and follow the Job Wizard.

ESD tool can be used if the customer's PABX is entered into the customer database which is administrated by Customer Database Administrator.

Select file bc12sp00tosp01xx.cfg for updating from BC12 to SP1. (xx stands for Application system version e.g. st for standard system).

Select Continue without firmware switching. Firmware switching shall be done after system update.

After Job Wizard is finished, choose menu item Update > Start. ESD will now update the system automatically.

FR 100269 in EAP1 swaps the meaning of bit D24 and D25 in the ADC parameter to make it consistant with BC11.
After have performed the update with ESD it is therefor necessary to do RODDE on the DEST codes that have D24-D25 set to 01 or 10.
Swap them and do RODDI again.

Note! For DEST codes that have D24-D25 = 00 or 11, you do not have to do anything.

Make a system dump.

Check the result of the system update with MD Inventory Tool. Reference .mcc is placed in subdirectories .. bc12xx.SP1 mcc. (For more information see MD Inventory Tool Manual)

For D4 firmware update you need to manually copy the firmware to the HDU filesystem. To perform the update follow the instructions for CNTLI;

If IP-extensions are used in the system, it is necessary to restart IPLP to reset the counters for number of registered IP-extensions per ELU32 board. This measure cause traffic disturbance and should be done during low traffic hours. To find out in which Lims IPLP is loaded, use command CNPIP:UNIT=IPLP;. Unregister all IP-extensions by command IPURI:DIR=ALL,FORCE=YES; and then immediately restart IPLP in all Lims by RFPUI:UNIT=IPLP, Lim=X;

4      PROM and FW
To download the FW, click on the link of the appropriate FW.

4.1      FW
For details regarding the firmware downloading see:
Operational directions for configuration of board level software, downloading 6/154 31-CNA103 256.

Table: 4-1.    New and Modified FW
 Product name  Internal reference  BC12  SP1  Short Description  
NIF  CAA158 0001  R14A  R14A     
NIF2  CAA 158 0021  R2A  R2A     
WMF  CAA 158 0003  R9A  R9A     
VCF  CAA 158 0006  R5A  R5A     
DTMF32  CAA 158 0023  R2A  R2A     
BS370  CXCNB 101 108/6  R3D  R3D     
WORF  CXCNB 101 108/3  R3B  R3B     
Core basestation  CAH/KRCNB 201/2  R2B  R2B     
CPM  CXCNB 201 57/3  R2F  R2F     
DT4x0  NA  5.10  5.10     
DT4x2  NA  2.22  2.22     
DT570  1/CXCNB 230 01  R3C  R3C     
DT590  NA  -  8.08     
TH688  CXC 109 106  R4D  R4D     
ELF31  CAA 158 0010  R8A  R8A     
VOIPF (ELF32 for IP-ext and IP-trunk)  CAA 158 0022  R1A  R2B/1     
D3 IP Boot FW  CAA 158 0015  R4A  R4A     
D3 IP config  CAA 158 0013  R6H  R6J     
D3 IP Appl  CAA 158 0012  R6H  R6J     
D4 IP Boot FW  CAA 158 0017  R1B  R1D     
D4 IP Appl  CAA 158 0018  R1F  R1G     
D4 IP config  CAA 158 0019  R1F  R1G     
D4 IP lang  CAA 158 0020  R1B  R1C     
D4 basic SW  CAA 158 0025  -  R3G     
D4 SW  CAA 158 0026  -  R3G     
DT290  NA  R1M  R1M     

4.2      Updated PROM files
Use USS output to order the appropriate PROMs.

Table: 4-2.    New and Modified PROM files
 Product name  Internal reference  Short Description  

5      Applications
To download the Application SW, click on the link of the appropriate SW.

Product name  Internal reference  R-state  Rel in  Short Description  

6      HW
6.1      Required HW
To view or download the Product Revision Information, click on the link of the appropriate Product name.

Product name  Internal reference  From R-state  To R-state  

6.2      New HW
The hardware listed here is either new or, in some cases, replaces existing hardware. The ordering tool has been updated accordingly.

Product name  Internal reference  R-state  Short Description  
DT590  DPANB 240 01/1  R1A  New DECT terminal  
DT590  DPANB 240 02/1  R1A  New DECT terminal  
DT590  DPANB 240 03/1  R1A  New DECT terminal  

6.3      HW updated for other reasons
The HW listed here is not mandatory to update. It is to be introduced where the problem described in the PRI, under reason for revision occurs.

To download the Product Revision Information, click on the link of the appropriate Product name.

Table: 6-3.    New and Modified HW
 Product name  Internal reference  BC12  SP1  Short Description  
RG5DC  ROF 137 5350/2  R3C  R3D  Manufacturing adaptaion  
D4 IP phone  DBC 425 01/01001  R1B  R1D  Manufacturing adaptation for mounting display  
Dialog 4220  DBC 220 01/01001  R2B  R2C  Manufacturing adaptaion  
Dialog 4220  DBC 220 01/02001  R2B  R2C  Manufacturing adaptaion  
Dialog 4222  DBC 222 01/01001  R2B  R2D  Manufacturing adaptation for mounting display  
Dialog 4222  DBC 222 01/02001  R2B  R2D  Manufacturing adaptation for mounting display  
Dialog 4224  DBC 224 01/01001  R2D  R2F  Manufacturing adaptation for mounting display  
Dialog 4225  DBC 225 01/01001  R2D  R2F  Manufacturing adaptation for mounting display  
Dialog 4225  DBC 225 01/02001  R2D  R2F  Manufacturing adaptation for mounting display  

7      SW correction Information

7.1      FR solved
Reported faults are corrected in each AS CNA file and listed below.

Slogan list for Service Pack 1

8      Documents
ALEX has been updated with the new documents listed below. Download the new version of ALEX from the Knowledge Base.

Document name  Document number  Revision  Short description  
Directions for use  90/1553-APD 101 02  A  DT590  
Description  51/1551-ASB 501 04/5  J1  MAAS, Nordic  
Product Revision Information  12/109 21-ASB 501 04 -1  A  SP1  

9      References
Listed documents are for internal reference only.

109 22-APD 101 02-900 Uen A2  IP telephony  
109 22-APD 101 02-901 Uen A  Cordless telephony  
109 22-APD 101 02-902 Uen A1  DW corrections  
109 22-APD 101 02-903 Uen A  HW corrections  
109 22-APD 101 02-904 Uen A  SW corrections  
109 22-APD 101 02-905 Uen A  D4  
109 22-APD 101 02-907 Uen A  Recompiled program units  

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

Hello whosrdaddy,
I have just talked to the firmware designer,
he is very suprised to know that r5a and r16a is official releases.
Have a nice day.


RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

Btw just checked BC11 sp13
There is NIU1 R15A ( no R16A )
NIU2 R4A ( no R5A )

I guess i better send an email to my E/// contacts.

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

firmwares R5A & R16A were released after a metrix report issued by us after we discovered that sms communication port gets closed in high traffic cases. so MDsup is right in saying these are not "official" releases since they're not released with a service pack, but they will be released by E/// (on the knowledge base i presume). All I'l saying is not to use R4A/R15A if you have sms application on it.

I hope this clears up this matter.

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

Okay the NIF issue is outdebated and clear.
I'm curios why BC12Sp1 has been released with older
fw than BC11Sp13 though .
There wasn't that great timeperiod between the releases.

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

because the firmware wasn't there yet I presume, this is the list for SP13 :

Table: 4-1.    New and Modified FW
 Product name  Internal reference  <SP13  SP13  Short Description  
OIPRF  CAA 158 0012  R6H  R6J  IP corrections see PRI  
OIPCF  CAA 158 0013  R6H  R6J     
OIPBF  CAA 158 0015  R4A  R4A     
D4 IP Boot FW  CAA 158 0017  N/A  R2A  Generic SW for Basic and advanced IP phones  
D4 IP Appl  CAA 158 0018  N/A  R2A  Generic SW for Basic and advanced IP phones  
D4 IP config  CAA 158 0019  N/A  R2B  Generic SW for Basic and advanced IP phones  
D4 IP lang  CAA 158 0020  N/A  R2A  Generic SW for Basic and advanced IP phones  
ELF32  CAA 158 0016  R9A  N/A  This SW is not valid any more. Replaced by VOIPF R2B/1  
VOIPF  CAA 158 0022  N/A  R2B/1  IP-extension corrections  
ELF31  CAA 158 0010  R8A  R9A  General fault corrections  
NIF  CAA 158 0001  R14A  R15A  Hanging ports  
NIF2  CAA 158 0021  N/A  R4A  Support of new CF  

VCF  CAA 158 0006  R5A  R5A     
DT4x0 Old HW  N/A  4.20  4.20     
DT4x0 new HW  N/A  5.10  5.10     
DT4x2  N/A  N/A  2.30  Number of corrections  
DT570  1/CXCNB 230 01  R3C  R3C     
DT290  N/A  R1J  R1N  Overcharging issue  
BS330,BS340  CXCNB 101 108/3  R3B  R3B     
DTMF32  CAA 158 0023  N/A  R3A  New FW to load on SPU4  
D4 Basic  CAA 158 0025  N/A  R3H  FW for DBC 220. Only for repair  
D4 Advanced  CAA 158 0026  N/A  R3K  FW for DBC 222-225. Olnly for repair  

for those wanting to know which fault reports were concerned in NIU R5A

1 Reason for revision
a NIU unable to handle break during FIDAP printout. See FR100144.
b Copy and move returned OK, even if file system was full. See FR100562.
c NIU unable to handle high GICI traffic over V24. See FR100623.
d No detection of Ethernet cable removal, if network port is defined as output. See FR100799.
e NIU telnet ports lock up. See FR99512.
2T echnical solution
a-e) The application program has been updated. Replace earlier versions of CAA 158 0001 with
CAA 158 0001 R16A by software download to board ROF 137 5396/1 R2A or higher.
3 Other products concerned
NIU - ROF 137 5396/1 R2A or higher.

1 Reason for revision
a NIU unable to handle break during FIDAP printout. See FR100144.
b Copy and move returned OK, even if file system was full. See FR100562.
c NIU unable to handle high GICI traffic over V24. See FR100623.
d No detection of Ethernet cable removal, if network port is defined as output. See FR100799.
e NIU telnet ports lock up. See FR99512.
f FIFTI command fails if file system is 120MB. See FR100050.
g Enhancements to niux commands. See FR100947.
h Reload from a slave disk is not working. See FR100946.
2T echnical solution
a-h) The application program has been updated. Replace earlier versions of CAA 158 0021 with
CAA 158 0021 R5A by software download to board ROF 137 5396/2.
3 Other products concerned
NIU2 - ROF 137 5396/2.

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

Sorru guys,

I had updated my NIU to P16C via Ericsson Service Plaza.Unfortunately, The NIU still hang after VM send in less than 200Bytes of message waiting info. to MD.Right now, even i RFBOI the NIU is still dead.It always get error as follow :
DATE     TIME      ALP  NOIF  EQU          BRDID
07DEC03  00:41:43  1    3     001-0-60-02  106  

Initially i am using port 1 , but hang .therefore i had move the VM to port 2 now,but still hang.

Is there any work around method, so that i can has an interim solution for the customer.

My MD VERSION=LZY2035175/5/BC10CNA137/R3A

NIU is P16C now.

So far from moving port 1 to 2 , it only last less than 4 hrs,it when dead again.

Thank You

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

It then do not seem like a Xon/Xoff problem. Do you know for sure that the VM system supports Xon/Xoff. Do also check for fault signals when the system hang. Also use some kind of v24 sniffer software and look at the comunication in between. Be sure that the cable lenght is no more than 15 meter.

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

Hi Fidde,

Definitely within even 10 feet.

Yes, VM support Xon/Xoff.

Thank you

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

Perhaps lowering the baudrate to 4800 or 2400
would help.

RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

Hi SYAR2003,



RE: bc11 niu buffer full & hang problem

VM support xon/xoff you say , but is it programmed
to use it .

Also concider a fake null/not Null modem/cable interface between .
Something that loops RTS/CTS and DTR/DCD/DSR in both directions so that just the TxD,RxD,GND is the really needed circuits in both ends.


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