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BeoLink (TechnicalUser) (OP)
11 Mar 03 10:25
We have a MD110 and an integrated dect solution with Ericsson DT368 & 570. We also have some Siemens Gigaset 4010/4015 handsets that we wish to use on the same basestations.

When trying to program these in the Extensionmanager, we
ran into the problem that the IPEI number isn´t noted anywhere on or in the phone (siemens denied there is a command to show the phones IPEI). I´ve been told it is possible to get this to work, but I have no clue whatsoever how to get the IPEI numbers from the siemens phones or how to solve it in any other way!!!

Please help!

Helpful Member!  NANSI (TechnicalUser)
11 Mar 03 15:48
Siemens gigaset do have an IPEI-number, it´s very secret that´s all. I will have the information shortly on how to bring up the IPEI code from the phone. However Ericsson has an encrypted protocol for integrated DECT. This means that you can actually bring a siemens gigaset into the system but you most likely won´t get any handover between different basestations. Sorry.
Best Regards TheLander
BeoLink (TechnicalUser) (OP)
12 Mar 03 5:35
Thankyou in advance!

The handover is supposed to be supported within the 8 basestations connected  one single card, however moving from the eigth to the ninth base (on the next card)isn´t possible. I have also gotten the suggestion that I will need to turn of the crypt.
Helpful Member!  njohn343 (TechnicalUser)
14 Mar 03 10:06
We have just installed integrated DECT using DT570's. We have been trying to get the IPEI number for Uniden DECT handsets but after several communications with Uniden, have had no joy. They have not been able to tell me how to read the IPEI number from their handsets. There is no sticker. With the DT570 you just key in *#06# to see it.

As a long shot, I also tried to construct the IPEI number for the Uniden, assuming that the handset serial number forms part of the IPEI number. The Uniden will display the RFPI (Radio Fixed Part Identity) of the Uniden base station to which it is attached and from this you can get the EMC (Equipment Manufacturers Code) which is granted to the manufacturer by ETSI. I used this in combination with the serial number to construct a 13 digit IPEI number. However, no success that way either.

I have heard that Kirk handsets can be subscribed to Ericsson integrated DECT.

Also, there are class A,B,C,D and E DECT systems. Ericsson version we are using is class B, I think, and absolutely needs the IPEI number of any handset which is to be subscribed. Some (perhaps most) of the other home type sets are class A and you don't have to explicitly use the IPEI number to register a handset to a base.
NANSI (TechnicalUser)
27 Mar 03 8:47
To access the IPEI-code on a Siemens Gigaset do this:
Press 147 at the same time when you turn on the phone.
Now you enter the service mode
Press 76260
Now you should be able to shroll between different menus:
In one of the menus you should get an IPEI N-number
Remove the first digit and you have the IPEI-number.
Ex. the IPEI N = 012CF05D74 the IPEI = 12CF05D74.
Please let me know if you get it to work and if you get any handover.

Best Regards TheLander
BeoLink (TechnicalUser) (OP)
3 Apr 03 5:27
1. Hi, thanks, but, this looks like the IPUI number, as the IPEI doesnt contain anything but numerical characters.

2. When I press 76260 after entering the servicemode, nothing happens, but if I try 76200 I get into the software menu and I can read the IPUI-n number

Please advise!


NANSI (TechnicalUser)
3 Apr 03 5:36
You are corrrect about the IPUI N. The IPUI N code is a 40 bit, 10 characters HEX code. If you remove the first position of the IPUI N code you willl get the IPEI code 36 bit 9 character HEX.

Good Luck

NANSI (TechnicalUser)
3 Apr 03 8:09
That means that if you IPUI N code is 001FF03B73 your IPEI is 011515031173.

Regards NANSI
BeoLink (TechnicalUser) (OP)
9 Apr 03 4:47
Ok, one step further towards the goal....

Now on to the next problem......

When I try to initiate the new cordless extension in extensionmanager i get the following error:
"Wrong authorization type"

Any idea on what might have gone wrong?

Thanks again!

NANSI (TechnicalUser)
10 Apr 03 2:32
What is your IPUI number from the phone??

BeoLink (TechnicalUser) (OP)
10 Apr 03 8:39
Solved the authorization type problem, my normal user didn´t have the correct privileges to change these parameters, but as I solved this, I stumbled on another problem::

IPEI out of range

Hmmm, heres my IPUI-N and the converted IPEI
IPEI      0111155821011

Thanks again!

NANSI (TechnicalUser)
14 Apr 03 7:45
After some research I found out that the IPEI code consists of 2 parts.
1.  EMC 16 bits= Manufacturer number (Ericsson)
2.  PSN 20 bits= Serialnumber of the phone.

The 2 numbers together forms the IPEI wich is unique for every phone. If you view the IPEI of a DT570 (dial *#06#) you will see that the EMC=00570. This is the manutacturer number for Ericsson on this model. When you enter a IPEI from a Siemens, the MD110 will not accept the IPEI since it can tell that you are not using an Ericsson DECT. Probably it´s in the software of the MD110 to do this. I think if you skip the number 01111 wich is the EMC-number for Siemens and instead put in 00570 you will probalby be able to initiate the extension in EMG but you will probably not be able to register the phone to the system from the Siemens phone. It would be interesting if you tried this!!

Regards NANSI
njohn343 (TechnicalUser)
15 Apr 03 20:27
In binary, IPEI is 36 bits. In decimal, IPEI is 13 digits, with the last digit, digit 13, being a check sum calculated from the first 12 digits. If you are going to mangle the IPEI  (as suggested in NANSI's post) the check digit means that you can't just throw any old EMC into IPEI and expect it be accepted by MD110. The check digit must be valid. You'd only have a one in ten chance of the whole IPEI checking out OK. See below on how to calculate the check digit.

Even if you do mangle the IPEI number sufficiently to have it accepted by the MD110, my understanding is that it MUST match the real IPEI burned into the handset that you are going to subscribe to your MD DECT network - otherwise the subscription attempt will be rejected.

Identity information is in the standard named ETSI EN 300 175-6 v1.6.1. Below is a quote from this document which talks about the CHECK DIGIT and gives an example calculation.

On page 41 it says that representation of the 36 bit IPEI as a text string shall use the format:

where :

EEEEE is the decimal representation of the EMC Equipment Manufacturer's Code (the first 16 bits of IPEI seen as one unsigned integer in the natural binary code) in a five digit field with leading zero digits as required.

PPPPPPP is the decimal representation of the PSN Portable equipment Serial Number(the subsequent 20 bits of IPEI seen as one unsigned integer in the natural binary code) in a seven digit field with leading zero digits as required.

C is the check digit. The check character is calculated as the sum of each digit in the string multiplied by its position in the string  modulo 11. The check digit lies between 0 and 10 and is represented either as the decimal digit or as a * if equal to 10.

EXAMPLE : An IPEI bit string:
0000 0000 0000 1100 0000 0000 0000 1000 1001;
is represented as 000120000137 9;
0 + 0 + 0 + 4 + 10 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 10 + 33 + 84 = 141;
141 modulo 11 = 9.
njohn343 (TechnicalUser)
15 Apr 03 21:53
I think BeoLink's conversion of the hex IPEI to decimal IPEI may not follow the ETSI rules, as detailed in an earlier post on this thread.

IPUI = 0 01BF 582AB hex (as given by BeoLink)
IPEI =   01BF 582AB hex

Now, separating this into 16 bit EMC and 20 bit PSN fields, we get for the EMC :

01BF hex = 0000 0001 1011 1111 binary
         = 447 decimal
         = 00447 with leading zeroes, as required by ETSI rule, to make 5 digit decimal EMC.

and for the PSN :
582AB hex = 0101 0100 0010 1010 1011 binary
          = 361131 decimal
          = 0361131 with leading zero, as required by ETSI rule, to make 7 digit decimal PSN.

Combining gives 004470361131 which is the first 12 digits of the IPEI.
Checksum :
0 + 0 + 12 + 16 + 35 + 0 + 21 + 48 + 9 + 10 + 33 + 12 = 196
196 modulo 11 = 9           (196 divide 11 = 17 remainder 9)
Check digit   = 9

Now have IPEI = 004470361131 9 (13 decimal digits)
njohn343 (TechnicalUser)
16 Apr 03 8:06
One more thing :

I just did the following command in our BC10, using BeoLink's IPUI and the derived IPEI :


and it was accepted by the system. To their credit, it appears that Ericsson are not locking out other manufacturer's DECT equipment (Siemens in this case).

If I put in an erroneous IPEI, identical to the above except for the check digit being 8 instead of 9, the MD110 comes back with 'Not accepted, IPEI not in range'
NANSI (TechnicalUser)
16 Apr 03 8:35
It would great if BeoLink could do this in his system and then register the phone and see if you get handover between basestations connected to different ELU31:s. Also nice to see if you get the "message waiting" envelope in the siemens phone if you send message waiting to the extension.
Please report back to this thread.

BeoLink (TechnicalUser) (OP)
23 Apr 03 7:08
Thankyou all for the support,
Njohn343´s ipei conversion worked fine!
Now there are "only" 2 problems left....

1* I can´t seem to find a combination for transferring calls (R button on the DT368)

2* Handover between different basestations even the ones connected to the same board doesn´t work. (someone
told me awhile ago to turn of the crypt, don´t know how to,
but I´m prepared to try).

zfp2516 (IS/IT--Management)
23 May 03 8:00
Hi Beolink,

i have the same problem like you. Did you get any answer for your last two questions?
hvwees (IS/IT--Management)
15 Jun 03 21:11

Maybe I can solve your first question.

We use a siemens Gigaset 4010 overhere with it's own base, attached to a MD110 with DECT .
The R function (flash on the pots line) is:
Press and hold down the small button at the right bottom, the button with the silly "LCR" logo on it. (a sort of world globe?)

I hope this works on the MD110 (let me know)


zfp2516 (IS/IT--Management)
23 Jun 03 3:18
Hi Rik,

thanks for your Feedback. Really it works with the littel Button.


toksmurfen (IS/IT--Management)
1 Jul 03 2:35
First off, thanks for this information it really helped me out!
But when I try to register more than 1 Siemens phone in our MD110, I can't don it.
I have to switch to another base before I can register the second phone, is there a workaround for this?
We have about 60 DT368 and DT570, but we would like to phase them out with Siemens because of the high cost of repairs for the DT phones.

toksmurfen (IS/IT--Management)
1 Jul 03 2:47
I've just noticed something else, missed calls aren't working.
Caller ID is working but the numbers that I've missed don't get saved in the missed calls.
Is there something in the MD or in the phone that I can change so that it will work?
SLU (TechnicalUser)
1 Aug 03 4:10
I have done some tests with Siemens Gigaset 4010 micro in both integrated DECT and in DCT1800 GAP.

The gigaset 4010 micro only has the GAP protocol so you will only have problems if you connect it to MD110.

But in DCT1800 GAP it will work with some limitations.

1. The clock is reseted if you turn of the phone, because the time is stored in siemens basestation.

2. Missed calls doesn't work because the list is stored in the basestation and not in the phone.

3. If you have programmed the phonebook with an internal extensionnumber ( e.g. nr=8130 name=Stefan) and you receive an external phoncall ( 184408130 )where the four last digit match, the Caller id will show "Stefan" calls.

4. You don't get message waiting indication on the phone.
(no indication in the display).

If you are going to use Siemens gigaset phones in DCT1800 GAP you need to disable the crypt. You disable it with Cordless system manager in menu System/Configuration click on advanced button then in system tab you have a checkbox with encryptation enabled. You need to change accesslevel to distributor.
If you don't disable the crypt you will have a dropt call 10 seconds after a handover between 2 basestations.
Carollo (TechnicalUser)
28 Jan 05 11:34

I have a problem with Siemens Gigaset SL1 working under MD110 BC 12 Integrated DECT system. The portable works fine within BS connected to same ELU32 board but it does not work under BS connected to another ELU32 board even if it is in the same LIM.

Can anyone help me configure either Gigaset or MD110 to enable this hand over ?

Thanks in advance.

dermetz (IS/IT--Management)
28 Jun 05 8:32
Dear All,

I have a DCT-1800 GAP cordless solution with analog interface and currently I am thinking in migrating to a digital solution. Also we are using a Siemens Hicom 300 PBX. Do I have to purchase MD110 and also SLMD cards for the PBX

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