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rwise2112 (MIS) (OP)
7 Jul 02 12:02
I've trying to solve this problem for another user.

STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x00000001, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x00000001)

The system is a Celeron 1300 with 128MB of RAM & 40 GB HDD.  The problem happens infrequently, but always online when opening certain websites.  The OS has been completely reinstalled, but the problem continues.  Windows Updates have been done, but did not help.

Most indications are that it is a driver problem, but how can I narrow down or identify the problem driver with no file or driver name info in the error?

Any help would be appreciated.
tlcscousin (TechnicalUser)
7 Jul 02 13:07
Are you going on the Internet through a NIC card? If so look at updating the drivers for it.
Helpful Member!(2)  rwise2112 (MIS) (OP)
8 Jul 02 9:38
Yes it is a NIC, so I'll try that.
Helpful Member!  christheprogrammer (Programmer)
8 Jul 02 11:48
I have had this exact problem in two different cases.

Computer #1. I flashed the BIOS and it fixed the problem.
Computer #2. I removed one of the RAM sticks and it fixed the problem - turns out the RAM was bad...

Should be enough to get you started

Chris says: "It's time for a beer."

aniliyengar (Programmer)
8 Jul 02 21:54
Please take out all the expansion cards and restart the sys and check if u get the error.if it doesnt come up...start putting the expansion card one by one and after putting one card restart the sys and check if u get the error.
if u get the error on any of the card.then check the card on another slot ...if it still has the problem then there could be a problem with that expansion card.
rwise2112 (MIS) (OP)
9 Jul 02 18:23
That's interesting gambler.

It happens consistantly on the machine I am dealing with when the user starts a new game on, but otherwise he can join existing games with no problem.

He has also had it on some Chat websites.
Helpful Member!  access64 (TechnicalUser)
10 Jul 02 7:35
Here is what microsoft says about it.

The Stop 0xD1 message indicates that the system attempted to access pageable memory using a kernel process IRQL that was too high. Drivers that have used improper addresses typically cause this error.

Interpreting the Message
This Stop message has four parameters:

Memory referenced.
IRQL at time of reference.
Type of access (0x00000000 = read operation, 0x00000001 = write operation).
Address that referenced memory.
Resolving the Problem
For additional troubleshooting suggestions that apply to all Stop errors, see "Stop Message Checklist" later in this appendix.

Stop 0xD1 messages can occur after installing faulty drivers or system services. If a driver is listed by name, disable, remove, or roll back that driver to confirm that this resolves the error. If so, contact the manufacturer about a possible update. Using updated software is especially important for backup programs, multimedia applications, antivirus scanners, DVD playback, and CD mastering tools.
For more information about Stop 0xD1 messages, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base link on the Web Resources page at Search using keywords winnt, 0x000000D1, and 0xD1.  

updated and comaptiable drivers are very important when running XP. Check your hardware with the HCL  If you hardware is not on the list it does not mean it won't work it just means it hasn't been tested by Microsoft and they won't Guarantee it to be compatible. If it not on the list check the manufacturer's website fo an up to date XP driver, if they don't have one you may be out of luck. This goes for motherboards and the bios too.

aniliyengar (Programmer)
10 Jul 02 18:42
thanks for the info my friend it was really helpful.i suggessted it because when i had it i just took out the expansion cards and it was all fine.:)
lisnag (TechnicalUser)
17 Jul 02 15:18
      I've had a similar stop error message as rwise 2112 started this thread with the technical info being
Stop: 0x000000D1 (0x00000028,0x00000002,0x00000000,0xFC406663)

   acpi.sys-AddressFC406663 base at FC3FC000
       Datestamp 3b7d8550

  In my problem the situation is that I'm Trying to install
Windows XP Pro in a clean install situation on new HDD's
both SCSI and IDE. Hardware is Gigabyte GA-6BXDU with 750 Mg of DIMMS PC100( tried various sticks in various slots and even some 250 Mg of Dimms PC66 similarly after setting J6 and Dip switches to match),Two Intel Pentiumm III 450 Mhz Processors,ATI 7500 64Mg dvi dual Graphics card(tried
others such as Trident 1Mg ISA,Sparkle SIS 8Mg,ATI 128 Rage Pro 32 Mg and some more),Pioneer DVD-Rom IDE and others including SCSI, Maxtor 40Gb IDE HDD(tried others too and SCSI HDD.
  My problem arises as Setup says along the bottom of blue screen "Setup is loading Files" changes to "Setup is Starting Windows" and stalls at this instance, so it is not easy updating drivers, etc with no O.S. installed.I don't know how to interprate this tech. info so I'm stuck here.
 I've the exact same MOBO and working perfectly with exact same cards,memory etc in another computer so I'm a bit perplexed by this.
  Any help forthcoming would be greatly appreciated and very educational-Yours Thankfully Billy    
carpeliam (Programmer)
31 Jul 02 3:36
thanks all for the helpful posts so far; I've been having this issue as well. I've also received other BSOD's with different names, and I think I can see now that the issue is being caused by a driver accessing memory which it's not supposed to be. I also got a PAGE_FAULT_IN_A_NON_PAGED_AREA, but I did a check on my RAM for 12 hours with only positive results, so I believe it's a driver, not my RAM.

My question is this- now that I'm pretty sure that the problem is "a driver", how do I go about narrowing things to figure out which driver is bad?

For me, like for other people, I get this bug when playing online applet-based java games (at Yahoo! for me). I'm running XP Pro.

I heard about the "Driver Verifier Manager" tool (WINDOWS\system32\verifier.exe), but haven't found too much documentation about it; apparently it's supposed to be used for driver writers to make sure that their drivers are good. I think it can be used by consumers too, but perhaps someone might know how? (Or, perhaps, knows that it can't be used?)

Thank you all for the help.

Liam Morley
"light the deep, and bring silence to the world.
light the world, and bring depth to the silence."

garthg52 (MIS)
31 Jul 02 10:59
I've had all the above problems. I flashed and upgraded the bios and seemed to help for a short while, but then it happened again, and much more frequently.

I finally broke down and took my PC to my favorite shop for help.

The problem was that my HEAT SINK FAN was not doing the job. That was replaced and my PC has been perfect ever since.
petermeachem (Programmer)
31 Jul 02 14:53
I have just spent the entire day trying to install xp.

The pc was win98 and something nasty happened and all the profiles disappeared, so I thought xp.

I had constant problems with the setup failing to read from the cd (Setup can't copy such and such a file) , so I swapped the cd and the disc, no difference. Eventually, the files read, then whilst still in setup, I got the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error and then a stop code (07, can't remember). Win98 installed ok, then blue screened.

I swapped the memory, and it all installed perfectly.

I think the whole thing got a bit cooked as I suspect the power supply fan was intermittant

Peter Meachem
peter @

access64 (TechnicalUser)
31 Jul 02 20:19
At the run menu type sigverif this will give you a list of all the drivers on your system that are not signed by Microsoft. It is a safe bet that if the driver is signed by Microsoft, it is not the problem, try to find drivers that are certified by Microsoft.  Check out to make sure your hardware is on the list. It may not be supported by windows xp. If the hardware is not list on the hcl check the MFG.
Guest (visitor)
24 Sep 02 8:27
I heard about same problem twice & one important I noticed then was, stop error was appearing after downloading & installing windows update for windows XP. In device manager it shows bang(red X mark) beside network driver under network adapter.Under network adapter, some entries can also be seen related to WAN Miniport. We need to uninstall all the entries under network adapter, but the problem is it will not allow to do that. Even if network card is reseated, it gets loaded up again. So please help me to uninstall the entries under network adapter and install only network drivers.
Guest (visitor)
24 Sep 02 12:49
I got the "not_less_or_equal" message, removed ZoneAlarm and the problem went away.
Guest (visitor)
24 Sep 02 15:31
I have this problem as well. My BSOD seems to occur at the instant certain windows are closed. It doesn't seem to matter what program I'm closing either. One funny side-effect of this is that sometimes my browser (Netscape 7) will "reset" itself, loosing information such as home page and security settings, as well as logins\passwords I've asked it to remember. I think I have a bad set of nvidia drivers, as I updated them not long ago, and that timeframe approximately coincides with the start of my problem.
Helpful Member!  rs387 (Programmer)
19 Oct 02 5:32
I get IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and PAGE_FAULT_IN_A_NON_PAGED_AREA, it seems that it's more likely to happen when I'm using Photoshop or games (i believe that's because they're using ram extensively).

The thing is that I haven't installed any hardware for at least half a year, and any software for at least a month. This started happening after I shipped my PC on a plane and it got a little bit crushed... it still works, but sometimes even if I don't do anything, the BSODs pop up.

I checked everything - removed all cards i could, tried another video card. I thought it may be overheating but I have a temperature sensor. Still, leaving the PC open doesn't help, though it reduces temperature by 10 C.

It looks like this is a physical problem - maybe a microcrack somewhere in the motherboard or RAM. One thing is definitely true - if I don't do anything on my PC it is a lot less likely to crash.
Helpful Member!(6)  linney (TechnicalUser)
19 Oct 02 15:47
You can try this to check out your Ram.
Memtest86 is a thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers. BIOS based memory tests are only a quick check and often miss many of the failures that are detected by Memtest86.

It is a small freeware program.
robdot (TechnicalUser)
1 Oct 03 15:23
Hey lisnag (Billy),
   How did you ever solve your problem, I'm having the exact same problem right now?

rs387 (Programmer)
6 Oct 03 5:03
robdot, I can tell you how I solved the problem in the end. It turned out that the PC was indeed overheating, as I've read in some other threads. A new cooler solved the problem, and it never happened since then (almost a year).
mwl15 (Instructor)
14 Oct 03 20:26
did you ever solve this problem?  I am getting it now. Exactly as you were I believe, STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x00000001, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x00000001)

dudefrance (MIS)
5 Nov 03 10:08
Hi everybody,

I got the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error ; it comes from my RNIS PCI card; with it installed, when I shut down or re-boot, the famous blue screen appears a few second and then the system reboots itself.

My PC : Hardw : Asus A7N8X Deluxe bought 1 month ago, 2x256 DDR PC 2700 (checked- no problem), NVidia V7100 Pro (Geforce 2 MX 400) with a MS Certified driver, Olitec RNIS PCI modem-card, with the lastest driver, provided by the manufacturer (!)
Softw : Win Xp Pro SP2 updated, NAV 2003.

I need to use that modem ; What can I do ?

Thanks for any tip

Helpful Member!  zonemen (TechnicalUser)
8 Nov 03 0:20
I am having every error you can get on a

Whenever I play any game or use Internet Explorer my computer would just suddenly freeze and then a then a send error report to Microsoft window appears and the game just quits once you press Send or Don't send.

Also, I have been having these Blue Screens of Death all the time:

Stop 0x0000000A or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL






Stop 0x00000026 or CDFS_FILE_SYSTEM

Now I can only boot into windows sometimes because I just keep having these blue screens of death!

I’ve tried changing my RAM from DDR 256MB to 128MB SDR RAM, but still happened. I have also changed my video card and it still happened.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Jetway V266B
Jetway GeForce FX 5600 – 256MB video card
Windows XP
VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller (WDM) (onboard)/without verified drivers
linney (TechnicalUser)
8 Nov 03 0:42
To get further information about the error look in your Event viewer.

Look in the System or Application folder.  You can get to the Event Viewer via right click My Computer icon and select Manage.

Any errors logged in the Event Viewer can be expanded by double clicking on the error line.
Take any event error I.D. number and search for it on these sites.

Also check any "Information" line that mentions "savedump" and you should find reference to "recovered from a bug check".  This is the Stop Error that caused your problem.

You can also turn off "automatically restart after an error"  so it will just halt at the fault and display the full Stop Error and blue screen.

Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties .
On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Startup and Recovery .
Click to clear the Automatically restart check box under System failure , and then click OK . The error message on a blue screen should remain on the screen so you can record the error information.

Is your Bios updated?

These errors may be caused by defective physical memory or incompatible software which caused a hardware driver or service request for data that was not in memory.
If the error occurred after installing a device driver or application, try using Safe Mode and removing the driver or program.

To check your RAM.

To check your drivers.

HOW TO: Verify Unsigned Device Drivers in Windows XP

To check conflicting software.

310353 - How to Perform a Clean Boot in Windows XP;en-us...

316434 - HOW TO: Perform Advanced Clean-Boot Troubleshooting in Windows XP;en-us...

Some general things to try.

See if System Restore will get you back to a restore point before your problem with Explorer.

Try Safe Mode (Do you have this problem in Safe Mode?). LAST KNOWN etc

Try running ChkDsk to check your drive for errors. Right click your Drive icon/ Properties/ Tools/ Error Checking.

Run the System File Checker program from the Run Box by typing.....Sfc /Scannow in it and have your XP CD handy.

If they don't work you could try repairing windows itself by running it over itself.  You will lose all your windows updates but your files will be untouched.

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP (Q315341)

lrsilvas (TechnicalUser)
24 Nov 03 2:34
i fixed the problem after several attempts. the problem was in the network card that connects my computer with the internet
thats all
just buy a cheap 12 dolars new belkin network card or similar and done , no more irql or dump memory or blue screens, is gone for ever\.
change your network card, no memories problem no mainboard no virus, just network card
thats it
zonemen (TechnicalUser)
24 Nov 03 3:07
I have fixed my problem too. It was my motherboard, I had to get it replaced and is now working!
lupini (TechnicalUser)
24 Nov 03 18:52
I had intermittent stop msgs like that and it was a capacitor on the motherboard.  we figured it was hardware because I got a couple freezes booting before the windows screen appeared.  Luckly warranty covered it (tho it was a defect which they had declined to notify me about - even when I called them to ask about the problem - it was an IBM machine and I got the satisfaction of demanding of them, in my frustration, don't you people have any computers down there?!)
Drivemecrazy (TechnicalUser)
12 Feb 04 5:03
Hi everyone,
            I'm getting the blue screen of death 'IQRL_NOT_yada, yada' on my SOTEC laptop (128MB 700Mhz). The error is related to drivers, but I am unable to find any conflicts. I have tried disabling all new hardware, but to no avail.
            My question is this: How can I disable the driver verifier? All the documentation I have read points to this being the solution to my problem, but I have been unable to find any documantation on how to accomplish this.
            Please help me before I teach my laptop to fly.
            Thanx in advance.
linney (TechnicalUser)
12 Feb 04 22:00
To set file signature verification options
Open System in Control Panel.
On the Hardware tab, click Driver Signing.
Under File signature verification, click one of the following:

Ignore to allow all device drivers to be installed on this computer, regardless of whether they have a digital signature.
Warn to display a warning message whenever an installation program attempts to install a device driver without a digital signature. This is the default behavior for Windows.
Block to prevent an installation program from installing device drivers without a digital signature.

If you are a logged on as an administrator or as a member of the Administrators group, under Administrator option, click Apply setting as system default to apply the selected setting as the default for all users who log on to this computer.

Digital signature POPUP
Drivemecrazy (TechnicalUser)
12 Feb 04 23:28
Thank you so much Linney,
                         I'll give it a go. I don't have any exotic hardware installed, so this has to be the seat of my problem.
                 Thanks again.
Drivemecrazy (TechnicalUser)
14 Feb 04 3:06
Hello again,
            The proccess of ellimination/illumination continues. Changing the settings on the Verifier had no effect but, I did recieve a NEW error message in blue screen - 'Illegal DMA driver in subsystem'. "MMMM?", I said to myself, among other things.
           Could anybody enlighten me as to the true meaning of this error message and what course of action I should take please?

           Gravity kills laptops!!!
Helpful Member!(3)  thefiend (TechnicalUser)
1 Mar 04 1:52
I have been going thru constant crashing with IRQL not less than or equal - WinxpPro, SP1 and think I might possibly have it fixed (don't ask me how these fit together - I am no expert - but system is FINALLY running.....Without going thru everything I did ad nauseum, these are the things I did today that WORKED!:

1. Enable APIC mode in your bios - DISABLE BIOS VIDEO
2. Download updated video drivers from Windows Update (I finally determined I was having a video problem) -- If they are rundll.exe inclined, disable them in msconfig.exe on startup..
3. I edited (search for it, right click on it, and in properties go to memory.....Mine was 0'd out after downloading drivers?? So, I changed the initial value to auto,  initial environment to 512 (my one memory stick left - removed all others), changed expanded memory to the max value, extended memory to auto - uses HMA, and ms-dos protected memory to auto.  My machine is speeding right now -- of course, it will probably blow up -- but, it is NOT crashing, and is behaving better than it has in months. If anyone knows if my changes are dangerous, pls let me know, other than that, this ended an EXTREME long time of frustration for me. Hope this helps -- TLC
ronbop (Programmer)
5 Mar 04 2:21
I resolved this problem by downloading updated chipset drivers from intel.  They have a utility for identifying your chipset and then for updating the driver.  Go to the downloads section.

Helpful Member!  keith52 (TechnicalUser)
9 Apr 04 20:01
Well i have been getting similar errors to what is in the posts. My problems started after i started using ADSL for internet connection.Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_or_equal STOP!
0x000000d1   0x00000008   0x00000002  0x00000000
NDIS.sys-Address F83DF8D0  base at F83CA0000
Datestamp 40517ec9
this happens only when i am on the internet and we have 2 computers networked together. The error may happen 1 to 2 times ad and then not for 2 or 3 days. It sure is most annoying. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
keith52 south australia.
thefiend (TechnicalUser)
9 Apr 04 20:58
Re: Driver not less than or equal -- I think I finally figured it out -- When I had this CONSTANT problem, I finally got frustrated, built another computer on which I have MANY more programs installed and had to buy a copy of Windows XP Pro -- this time I bought RETAIL....I am wondering if everyone with problems here has an OEM version (my old one was) -- being that those are customized for particular hardware, I have concluded that it must have been the problem - had problems with it since I installed it. On the new one with Retail -- not one problem.....Makes sense I think?? Pls let me know (anyone) if this helps -- Have an error free week :)
keith52 (TechnicalUser)
9 Apr 04 22:11
back to add to my origional post. I may add that when i am printing sometimes i have the problem with xp crashing. i have recently installed SP2 hoping that the problems may have been solved but it has not.
I am wondering if this is a usb problem?
I have the latest drivers for my Globespan 070 dynalink modem but i may add they are from mid 2000. As this is a usb Modem i also have usb cannon printer usb webcam/digital camera usb joystick all connected permenantly but the printer does turn its usb off after a few hours of non use and i have to pull the power plug out and back in to activate it. It seems to me that it maybe usb drivers or usb drivers conflicting with another program. When i check in System tool there are no conflicts or problem devices showing up.
Cheers keith52. hope someone may have a helpful idea.
Juanker (TechnicalUser)
10 Apr 04 7:43
I had the exact same problem about 2 years ago, with 2 systems, altho they where cheap boards, so I didn't think much of it. Both where socket A's, was buiding 2 systems for a customer, tried win98se,ME, 2000, xp home and Pro. I even tried to install Linux. Anyway, I couldn't have been bothered looking for problems, so I put both the systems away, and forgot about them (been busy) until about a year ago. SO just out of intrest I put one together, the exact same systems, nothing changed, same RAM, Hard drive, floppy, cables, everything. Anyone hazard a guess as to what happened ?................ yes, nothing. Everything went just swimmingly, both systems, and infact are still running. Seems like the fairies where in.
I know this isn't gonna help anyone much, but still thats the way it happened, so I done nothing, and it worked ???
I have had other systems do the same things, and mostly they all have a different fix, almost all the fix's suggested have worked for me on 1 system or another, first thing I usually check is the graphics card, change it and see what happens, Ram, also, leaky capacitors are always a good bet,and CNR modems. I usually find that its hardware related as opposed to software, altho don't rule software out. Mostly I find if its software, firewalls and antivirus programs are usually at fault.
Hope this helps someone a little.
DontKnowWhatHandleIs (TechnicalUser)
11 Apr 04 16:19
I have the same problem cept its when im plain battlefield 1942.
DontKnowWhatHandleIs (TechnicalUser)
11 Apr 04 16:25
ive tried everythin cept messin with bios cause it looked important and i dont no jack about no IRQL. HELP!!!
DontKnowWhatHandleIs (TechnicalUser)
11 Apr 04 16:28
plz help!!! i want to play battlefield!!!
linney (TechnicalUser)
11 Apr 04 17:19

829120 - You Receive a "Stop 0xD1" Error Message When You Try to Establish a TCP/IP Session;en-us;829120&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

818326 - STOP 0x0000001D or STOP 0x000000A Stop Error Occurs in Ndis.sys;en-us;818326&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

822603 - Availability of the Windows XP SP1 USB 1.1 and 2.0 Update;en-us;822603&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

Remember SP2 is still only Beta (or Release Candidate) and not for general release.

Any further information in your Event Viewer?


Battlefield 1942  

"Battlefield 1942 and all expansion packs work great. Make sure your computer is up to system specs to play these games or it will fail to run properly. Also make sure you have installed all patches available (1.31 and 1.4 at this time. Aug 03)"

DontKnowWhatHandleIs (TechnicalUser)
11 Apr 04 18:17
i have patches its just i dont know how to change my IRQL stuff
DontKnowWhatHandleIs (TechnicalUser)
11 Apr 04 18:19
my comp is brand new
thefiend (TechnicalUser)
11 Apr 04 20:18
re: question about changing IRQLs -- you have to change the actual PCI devices inside the PC in order to change your IRQLs --
thefiend (TechnicalUser)
12 Apr 04 18:00
ok -- I wrote above that my new machine (packed with all the new goodies) is working perfectly - and it has been for a month -- I have the following programs installed: MS Office, Cakewalk, Reason, Nero, !Live, Power DVD, Photoshop, Winamp, etc. etc....I just installed NAV 2004 and VOILA! the BSOD is back -- Having run this computer without Norton on here for a month without 1 problem, it is safe to say that the blue screens are 100% ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CAUSED BY NORTON -- If anyone knows how to get around this, please advise -- It happened on the other computer with NSW, any and all Norton programs are obviously causing the problem. Thanks to anyone with a solution......This is XP Pro retail version. :) Will await a genius solution!
DontKnowWhatHandleIs (TechnicalUser)
12 Apr 04 23:14
Please I am a mere mortal that dosent understand computer terms
DontKnowWhatHandleIs (TechnicalUser)
12 Apr 04 23:20
i have removed norton from my comp should i have done that???
thefiend (TechnicalUser)
13 Apr 04 0:34
Hi DontKnowWhatHandleIs - Well, it will leave you susceptible to viruses obviously -- but, see if the Blue Screen goes away -- also, Norton never seems to remove itself all the way -- I personally have an inquiry open with Microsoft about this (yes, I actually found a really helpful techie) -- so, as soon as I know I will pass it on -- Good luck to both of us :)
linney (TechnicalUser)
13 Apr 04 0:57
While you test without Norton, don't surf without Firewall protection, even if it is only the inbuilt XP firewall.  Also try the free AVG virus software as a temporary measure (maybe even permanent).
thefiend (TechnicalUser)
13 Apr 04 1:16
Linney - you are awesome - this is the 2nd time you helped me out today - thanks a heap :)
DontKnowWhatHandleIs (TechnicalUser)
13 Apr 04 18:13
thank u both very much i shalt test it now
p.s. if it works i shal give u both a hug
bcastner (IS/IT--Management)
13 Apr 04 18:15
Helpful Member!  yalamo (TechnicalUser)
14 Apr 04 13:45
I started a thread - Thread779-805498, where I asked a question about my XP Home randomly crashing.  I would get the BSOD with "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" error with stop codes usually 0xd1, but sometimes 0x0a, 0xfe, etc, with the notation usbhub.sys - Address.... under it.

Eventually, I found the problem occurred only when the connection to my ISP was turned off but my USB cable modem was on and plugged in, so that I was still connected to the cable company.  I now work with my ISP connected all the time (and trust my firewall). The problem reappeared only once, after for some reason my ISP got disconnected and I didn't notice it (I was preparing a Word document at the time.)

It seems to me that this error covers a lot of things, and is a completely useless diagnostic tool provided by Microsoft.
StupidComputer (TechnicalUser)
15 Apr 04 15:08
I'm having a similar problem... I've been getting an error when I boot up some higher end games: America's Army, Battlefield Vietnam, etc. It gives me that blue screen msg DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I have been told that this could be alot of things but I'm thinking its my graphics card (NVIDIA Geforce3).

What is odd is that it has gotten progressivly worse. At first it was just for America's Army. Then Battlefield. Then Counter Strike. Then pretty much any program. It has gotten worse for about 2-3 weeks and now it's at the point where I can play no games. I'm suffering withdrawl! I'll try to do what has allready been posted here, but help for my specific situation would be most appreciated.

BTW, when I go to the BIOS settings by pressing F2 while the computer is starting up, I don't see any 'caching' or 'shadowing' that the error suggests that I disable to fix this problem. I also just downloaded the drivers for my video card which was updated April 10. I'm stumped and my computer guy is away will May 9th :(
linney (TechnicalUser)
15 Apr 04 15:58

This thread has been chugging along for almost two years and several posters have reported possibilities that have worked for them, so you might have some luck by trying some of their solutions.

As for turning off 'caching' or 'shadowing' in your bios, and not being familiar with your bios, I can only report that I have not seen any fixes in any posts in this forum  referring to that as a confirmed fix for anything.  Often returning settings in the bios back to Default may help more than disabling this or that.

When you have updated your drivers was it from the manufacturer's site or Windows Update?  A lot of problems occur with drivers (especially video) from the Windows Update site.
SamHughes (MIS)
18 Apr 04 12:38
I had this problem and was trying to find a cure for a while. The solution for me was to change the memory, as my motherboard only supported DDR 333 With a 333FSB CPU. This could be the solution for you.

Check your MB's Manual.
DontKnowWhatHandleIs (TechnicalUser)
18 Apr 04 15:40
keith52 (TechnicalUser)
18 Apr 04 20:19
Well I have to say that my problem is fixed. When i installed the usb modem it said to install on a usbport 1.1.
I changed the modem to USB 2.0 and the printer in the USB port right beside it.
No more crashes but the funny thing now is that the great microsoft sidewinder gamepad( which does not have drivers for windowsxp)  no longer works and i have tried it in every other spare port) i have 6 ports for usb.
funny every other usb joystick and game pad (non microsoft) come with usb program installation for their products.
cheers from Keith in south australia.
Tomking (TechnicalUser)
21 Apr 04 19:27
I have the same problem so I deleted the onboard NIC,and reinsatlled the Realtek card and drivers same problem. The site that is a constant blue screen is Northgate Keyboard Repair.
linney (TechnicalUser)
22 Apr 04 1:02

Try Safe Mode with Networking option and see if you can go to that site?

Have you checked for the latest driver updates, that's always a good place to start.
wadd2 (TechnicalUser)
23 Apr 04 1:18
i've had this stop message too and it just gets prog. worse. Now its blue screen w/ "...oflessorequal..." PLUS "msconfignot working" or something. I used to get some time before the beast powered off ( no shut down) but now it won't even boot up. i just got DSL  (I happened to do what everybody here has been recommending-dissconnecting ethernet card, uninstalling DSL software (and P-to-P progs) etc.,) and It has done nothing.
It only gets worse! Any advice???
PS. When I enter safe mode It lists every driver in my system-or what seems like it-and then shuts down. Also would Sys. Restore do anything and would I be able to keep files downloaded since the problem began?
linney (TechnicalUser)
23 Apr 04 1:48

You could try using the "Last Known Good Configuration" option from Safe Mode entry screen.

If you can't enter Safe Mode or Normal Mode then System Restore is unavailable to you.

An easy to follow recovery console description when unable to start computer due to corrupt registry.

HOW TO: Install and Use the Recovery Console for Windows XP (Q307654)

With all the other problems you seem to have you could try repairing windows by running it over itself.  You will lose all your windows updates but your files will be untouched.

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP (Q315341)

Exact error messages are helpful if you can remember them.

wadd2 (TechnicalUser)
23 Apr 04 18:33
i'm going to print out that link-I'll tell you if it works(or not).
also, i have a few more details as you requested. for one, the  bsod now starts w/"...shut down because of potential damage to your comp...Msconfig.??? has failed...please restart w/f8(etc.,)...". i'll give you the exact id.'s next time, if you like 0's,
linney (TechnicalUser)
24 Apr 04 2:07
I like all the "0's" you can get if they are displayed in the BSOD (not full memory dumps etc), searching for "......" is frustrating, or is that f.........g.

I wonder what it is saying about MsConfig too?
Tomking (TechnicalUser)
24 Apr 04 17:09
I went into Safe mode with network and went to the site that gives me blue screen"Northgate Keyboard Repair" I did not get blue screen,but I did get program not responding?
linney (TechnicalUser)
24 Apr 04 17:36

Loads OK here.

See how it goes (in Safe Mode) if you clean out your Temporary Internet Files?

You may have to do some detective work to eliminate what is causing your problems in Normal Mode.

As per this thread.

Menues cause CPU spikes.

Internet Explorer May Appear to Stop Responding When Requesting Many Objects;EN-US;Q818506
Tomking (TechnicalUser)
24 Apr 04 19:45
Windows temp purged. Friend has same board, memory etc. So Monday I will hire a desktop XP certified technician so I can find out what this strange excursion might be.
Tomking (TechnicalUser)
26 Apr 04 17:52
 Changed the AGP card and just loaded vga drivers,and got the same result at the mentioned site. In safe mode I do not get the BSOD,but I do get program not responding when I go to the site Northgate Keyboard repair. By passed the onboard LAN and placed a pci generic 100/110 card with different drivers same thing. STill looking.
Thanks for the help.
DontKnowWhatHandleIs (TechnicalUser)
26 Apr 04 18:31
my comp was fixed but now its slowly comming back. what do i do linney???
linney (TechnicalUser)
27 Apr 04 1:03

What were you able to do to fix it?  What may you have done to cause the problem to return?  Is it a problem with just 1 game (refresh my memory, this thread is getting a bit hard to follow).

If you have a point in time where you were happy, try using System Restore to return to that position.  If your lucky and it works for you, then keep a record of what you do to your computer as it is used, see if you can detect what is causing your problem.
Tomking (TechnicalUser)
27 May 04 11:47
I had the same problem,and I have fixed it. The commonality is that these web sites that give you BSOD each have  default music,and the soundblaster software was the culprit. Uninstall the software and let XP restart and install the drivers and the problem is gone. At least it was for me.
Tomking (TechnicalUser)
27 May 04 12:30
BSOD when on the internet,which happens infrequenty,can be caused by the sound card drivers as these web site that I have encountered have music problem only happens on music sites. Get new drivers,and many drivers are in the Xp database. Took me awhile to find this so I wanted to pass it along.
Dra2k (TechnicalUser)
9 Jul 04 10:53
Hello, I get the DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error also. I have read this whole thread and have just been confused. I recently bought a new system and started getting this error as soon as I installed BT Broadband (within about 30mins online) I took the computer back where I bought it and asked them to look at it, but they found nothing wrong with it saying it works perfectly. I only get this error when I am online and they didn't have the facilities to connect my computer to the net as they used a cable connection and not ASDL like BT. So I then ring BT and ask for advice and they tell me that it's nothing to do with them and that I should contact the manufactures of the PC. They also suggested that I ring Microsoft and ask for help. I ring Microsoft but then they asked me for a refference code for the version of windows I have running. I started giving them the number then put down the phone because I copied version of XP Pro. Basically I fell like I am going round in circles, BT cant help, Comptuer Manufacturers cant help and I cant ask Microsoft again. You guys on here seem to know exactly whats up and have had experience with this particular problem. The only thing is I dont understand how to do some of the things you suggest. Is there anyone who might be able to run me though things in a slightly more elementary way? Thank you

Regards Jonathan

System Info:
Intel P4 2G, 2x 256 DDR Ram, 80G Excelstor 7200rpm HD, GeForce 4 MX4000 128 MB DDR 8x, ASRock P4VT8+ Motherboard.
Win XP Pro (copied)

I recorded the tech info for 2 different file types below, might be of some assistance.

Tech Info 1:
*** STOP: 0x00000001 (0x83377415, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xF817B690)

*** USBPORT.SYS - Address F817B690 Base at F8174000, DateStamp 3d6ddc31

Tech Info 2:
*** STOP: 0x00000001 (0x595F9B53, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xF88A111C)

*** usbuhci.sys - Address F88A111C Base at F889E000, DateStamp 3f04cfac

I aslo got same error message with a cmuda.sys file.

And on another occasion instead of the DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error I got MULTIPE _IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS error.

I hope this helps.
linney (TechnicalUser)
9 Jul 04 16:53

Is your version of XP genuine? Can you clarify the comment "I started giving them the number then put down the phone because I copied version of XP Pro"?  

If it is a (bad) copy then your version of files may be the problem.  Ethically speaking this site has certain policies and we may not be able to help you if your version of XP is not a genuine version.  Any attempt to do so might result in this whole thread being removed by the site management.

If your machine is still under Warranty, you might suggest that the people you bought it from attend at your location to see the problem, as they don't have the correct Internet connection.
ToonNut (TechnicalUser)
7 Aug 04 5:43
Hello all,

Well, this little problem seems to have been running for some time now, pleased I'm not the only one who's been having bother with this!!

I keep getting the dreaded blue screen with random fault log's;





Etc, etc, etc.

Well, when I say random perhaps I should explain a little more. I can get my PC [O/S Windows 2000 btw] to fail quite easily either by running either disk clean up, anything using flash player or by running Spybot, it also does it sometimes – not always – when running WMP. The trouble I’m having is that it’s never the same fault log to each application. I could be running a flash player game and get  DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, reboot and get the same message while trying to run a disk clean up. Several minutes later while maybe running the same flash player I then might get PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA or perhaps UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP. Nothing appears to have any continuity to it and it’s very random, well, to me anyway?!

Now, I’ve read through all the post’s and tried several things you chaps have suggested but the main things I seem to see that keep cropping up in the thread are things that I have, ie Zone alarm Pro, Normans AV, Nvidia, Geforce graphics to name a few.

I’ve done the usual stuff, downloaded all new drivers, up-dates and any thing else Windows recommends, all to no avail.

One thing I’m fairly certain is that it’s not an overheating/fan fault as my PC can be turned on for 10 hours, browsing the web, doing documents etc, etc, and won’t flicker until I run anything stated above. Even if I run these things in safe mode fist thing when the PC is still cold it will still bail out and it’s nowhere near to getting even warm, never mind hot.

Another thing I have noticed [ not sure if it’s irrelevant and sorry to waffle on ] but my Zone alarm Pro say’s I do not have any anti virus software running? It say’s it does not recognise any and can not detect any, yet it’s there, running away happily in the corner?!!
Just wondering if it was a possible conflict of interest between ZA and Normans?

Cheers for putting up with this post!!

ToonNut (TechnicalUser)
7 Aug 04 5:47
Sorry, just noticed that this is a Windows XP Pro Forum!

linney (TechnicalUser)
7 Aug 04 17:03
Does ZoneAlarm now include an Anti Virus scanner too?  Running two virus scanners (at the same time) is a bad policy.

Is Spybot the latest version, and not a beta version either?

With all those errors I would also look at checking your RAM.
REDROUTE1 (TechnicalUser)
7 Aug 04 18:45
sometimes if i had a hex code to go with the stop error i can exactly pin point the exact error.but with the driver error i would suspect a faulty piece of hardware and thus all the other blue screens would branch off that single suggestion is to remove all your cards from the mother board (one at a time) and try to simulate the issue.if the problem comes up again then you know you need to keep pullin out the cards then eventually get up to memory and then you will eventually find the weary certain blue screen codes also refer to the IDE controller on the mother board so if that is bad then the board is bad.
ToonNut (TechnicalUser)
8 Aug 04 6:32
REDROUTE1, I think you may be right, I possibly have a hardware fault as I now have something completely different [ leading to same blue screen ] . My PC will no longer play music through disc detector 2 but it will play it through Creative Play Centre or WMP? When I go to Control Panel and Audio HQ it say's the driver is not installed, but I've tried installing it several times yet it still won't recognise it? I think I’ll go for the removal of the cards as suggested, see what happens. By the way, here’s an example of a fault log, for what good it may be?
DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL 0x000000D1 (0x6402809F,0x00000002,0x00000001,0xBFE244D3) Address BFE244D3 Base At BFD04000, Datestamp 3F820145_NV4_MINI.SYS.

Linney, are you suggesting I dump either the AV prog or Zone alarm? If so, which one shall I keep? Spybot is the latest version by the way.

ToonNut (TechnicalUser)
8 Aug 04 16:35
Before I do anything, can someone please have a quick check to see what their Driver Verifier Manager has under the “driver status” tab and “settings” tab for me please?

I’ve just checked mine and there’s nothing at all under the “status” tab, just a blank box? There’s also 111 different drivers under the “settings” tab but there all “disabled”, surely it can’t just be a case of enabling all these drivers, can it?

What harm can I do to my O/S by enabling these drivers?


Thanks Again

linney (TechnicalUser)
8 Aug 04 23:57
"can someone please have a quick check to see what their Driver Verifier Manager has under the “driver status” tab and “settings” tab for me please?"

There are too many options and settings in the Driver Verifier Manager to be able to really help or compare results that easily.

How to Use Driver Verifier to Troubleshoot Device Drivers in Windows 2000;en-us;244617&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

A Partial List of Driver Error Codes That the Driver Verifier Tool Uses to Report Problems;en-us;315252&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

This tool might make more sense.

HOW TO: Verify Unsigned Device Drivers in Windows XP

As for ZoneAlarm and Normans AV, neither of which I am too familiar with , I just meant for you to make sure they are not both running virus scanners at the same time.  I had heard that the new ZoneAlarm was moving into scanning for virus infection, I have also seen that there has been a lot
of teething problems with the new ZoneAlarm.

Try the ZoneAlarm forum for more information.
REDROUTE1 (TechnicalUser)
10 Aug 04 14:12
toon nut,
if you are having problems with sound or something i would go to start>run>services.msc
and check the list and make sure that all services are not disabled if so you should locate someone that would be able to give a clean copy of the services to activate.i have ran across a problem like this before and was the services that was at fault.another thing u from TN also...
ToonNut (TechnicalUser)
10 Aug 04 18:21
Hmm, now I'm really confused, aspirin anyone?  

Right, I’ve had a look, there’s 77 “things” in there?

All but two are disabled, the rest are either running at the moment or are manual, which I assume would become active when called for?

The two disabled are;

1.    “Messenger - Sends and receives messages transmitted by administrators or by the Alerter service.” Which has two dependencies, Remote procedure call [RPC] and Workstation.
2.    “Routing and Remote Access - Offers routing services to businesses in local area and wide area network environments.” Which has two dependencies, Net Bios group and Remote procedure call [RPC]

Is there any way I can make a copy of this list in full and would it be of any help to anyone?


REDROUTE1 (TechnicalUser)
10 Aug 04 18:24
that is normal as long as those are the ones disabled.  if u dont have any sound then it must be a driver issue.if u have a sound card and u also have integrated sound remove the sound card card and then install the drivers for the onboard sound.if you dont and u only have onboard sound then mother board is toast or you can try to buy a card to get past it.
ToonNut (TechnicalUser)
10 Aug 04 18:30
Bloody hell, that was quick!!

Don't you stop for a tea break?!!!  

I'll give that a try tomorrow, let you know how I get on.

Cheers again

REDROUTE1 (TechnicalUser)
10 Aug 04 18:41
ok give me a shout tommorow when you get er done.
linney (TechnicalUser)
11 Aug 04 1:01
The links between Sound Drivers and trouble with SpyBot S+D and Disk Cleanup is a bit of a mystery but I suppose anything is possible.

Did you ever check your RAM with the memory testing programs, let them run for a couple of hours and see if you get any errors?

Let's hope it's not a new motherboard anyway.
REDROUTE1 (TechnicalUser)
11 Aug 04 13:00
toon nut
well the 0xd1 is mainly a driver issue.but the problem is somewhere within the software if one program executes the music program but the other doesnt then i would like towards reinstalling the program not the driver.if the driver was at fault then their would not be any kind of sound coming from your system.let's keep it simple then we'll work toward the unexplainable.
ToonNut (TechnicalUser)
11 Aug 04 17:50
Alright chaps,

Right, I know this goes against the whole grain of things and doesn't bode well with all you lot in the know, but...........................I've decided to call it a day and.............. get someone in to fix it!!

Yep, I know, I know - I'M DOING WHAT!!!!????

But seriously folks, it's driving me up the bloody wall .To be honest I don't know what I'm doing and apart from everything else it's just taking up literally weeks of my time [and yours which I'm thankful for by the way] that I just don't have.

Thanks for all the advice/tips/recommendations etc, etc, you’s have been spot on.


TN [log's off and go's to find yellow pages and friendly bank manager]
REDROUTE1 (TechnicalUser)
11 Aug 04 17:56
toon nut,

well that is your personal opinion but they are probably going to charge to reinstall the OS and then after they do the OS and they'll probably wont get the error message and charge you about 200 just to reinstall 2000 when you could have done that yourself for free.
eXprogrammer (Programmer)
21 Aug 04 18:32
In trying a new, clean XP PRO install, the problem was for me (after researching this thread) that my memory stick was in the wrong slot (3 slots available), I discoverd this solution after hours, hours, hours.......of other failed attempts mobo-MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR. .....good luck
Kiwica (IS/IT--Management)
26 Aug 04 16:26
FWIW.. Ive just installed XP SP2 and my wifes laptop is showing the same error and then constantly reboots, safemode doesnt work, nor does last good configuration

"Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?"

linney (TechnicalUser)
26 Aug 04 16:39
After Installing SP2, Uh-Oh Reboot,Reboot,Reboot

These articles will show you how to use the Recovery Console to remove SP2.

This seems to be one update where you really should take the advice offered about backing up your system before installing the Service Pack.

875350 - How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 2 from your computer;en-us;875350&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

875355 - How to use the Automatic Recovery feature to recover your computer if the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Setup program is not completed successfully;en-us;875355&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

329015 - How to Manually Remove Windows XP Service Pack 1;en-us;329015&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

878454 - How to help protect your computer if you decide to remove Windows XP Service Pack 2;en-us;878454&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

Rayz60 (TechnicalUser)
31 Aug 04 20:27
My computer restarts whenever i play a 3D game.Please assist

AMD Athlon 1300
NVIDIA Geforce Mx 4000
256 mb
37.2 gb hdd
linney (TechnicalUser)
1 Sep 04 1:03
Most games crash when they're missing the latest XP patches or drivers obtainable from the manufacturers site.

I assume your error is an IRQ one?  If not to get further information about any error look in your Event viewer.

Look in the System or Application folder.  You can get to the Event Viewer via right click My Computer icon and select Manage.

Any errors logged in the Event Viewer can be expanded by double clicking on the error line.
Take any event error I.D. number and search for it on these sites.

Also check any "Information" line that mentions "savedump" and you should find reference to "recovered from a bug check".  This is the Stop Error that caused your problem.

You can also turn off "automatically restart after an error"  so it will just halt at the fault and display the full Stop Error and blue screen.

Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties .
On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Startup and Recovery .
Click to clear the Automatically restart check box under System failure , and then click OK . The error message on a blue screen should remain on the screen so you can record the error information.

Run the DxDiag command from the Start Run box for further clues.  Make sure DirectX and Windows are up to date too.

DirectX: Description of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool;...

263039 - Games: How to Troubleshoot Display Issues;...

Support Center Games;...

Support Center DirectX (Home User);...

Try the games troubleshooter at this site.

To check your drivers.

HOW TO: Verify Unsigned Device Drivers in Windows XP

To check conflicting software.

310353 - How to Perform a Clean Boot in Windows XP;...

316434 - HOW TO: Perform Advanced Clean-Boot Troubleshooting in Windows XP;...

Some general things to try.

See if System Restore will get you back to a restore point before your problem with your games.

Try Safe Mode (Do you have this problem in Safe Mode?).

Try running ChkDsk to check your drive for errors. Right click your Drive icon/ Properties/ Tools/ Error Checking.

Run the System File Checker program from the Run Box by typing.....Sfc /Scannow in it and have your XP CD handy.

If they don't work you could try repairing windows itself by running it over itself.  You will lose all your windows updates but your files will be untouched.  That would not be a problem if you took the opportunity to install SP2 at the same time.

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP (Q315341)


trebellk (IS/IT--Management)
6 Sep 04 13:23
I have been having the same problem with my system, including all of the blue screen errors described above at various time (Windows XP , SP1 or 2).

New RAM didn't work (still got Lrand errors on memory diag and all the same crashes).  In this case a new mother board has fixed it.

MrLimo (TechnicalUser)
7 Sep 04 23:33
Had this problem as well - actually a couple of different error message BSD's - turned out it was my AMD processor - may have overheated.  Moral to this story appears to be that these error messages can come from any number of sources...
Holmen69 (TechnicalUser)
15 Oct 04 9:57
I get the same type of bluescreens all the time, but only after I've installed the drivers. I have formatted C: many times, and before I install the additional drivers in Device Manager, the PC works perfectly allright.
However, after installing these drivers, I get the message:

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL then something about usbuhci.sys

and sometimes also:


Now, I've read all threads in this forum, and tried everything in my power to find out what might be causing this error. I have flashed the BIOS and installed the newest up-to-date version, I have updated all drivers, I have even bought a new motherboard and new memory.
When nothing of this seems to resolve the problem, and I have tested everything but the CPU, i believe this is software related (not hardware), or rather driver-related.

Now here comes the weird part: When I use a network cable and my ethernet card to connect to the internet, everything is working if I unplug the Wireless USB LAN Adapter. I don't have anymore USB hardware attached to the computer, so I do not know whether it's the USB adapter or the USB ports on my motherboard causing this.

Could anyone please come up with a solution? I have tried all my friends, the retailer, the manufacturer and no one knows how to fix this, but I have a feeling it's the USB drivers or the USB Adapter drivers.
Hyperangelic (TechnicalUser)
11 Nov 04 5:35

SP2 specifically makes a lot of changes to USB drivers and the way they work - as you can see from the fixes on SP2 here - Most companies are releasing SP2 updates for their device drivers however...

Weirder and weirder is that the BAD_POOL_CALLER error and some other errors can be stopped by unticking Asian Languages in Control Panel / Regional & Language Options / Languages.  It's fixed some of our problems - as long as you don't actually need Asian Languages!
bcastner (IS/IT--Management)
11 Nov 04 5:43

What USB wireless adapter are you using.  And what revision level of the driver set are you trying to use?
bcastner (IS/IT--Management)
11 Nov 04 5:47

Have you tried:
linney (TechnicalUser)
11 Nov 04 15:29

Have you tried disconnecting every USB device and then re-installing Windows, and not attaching any USB device until Windows and the Drivers are loaded?
Diggsu (TechnicalUser)
30 Nov 04 0:15
I have had a similar problem with my system.When trying to re-install win xp pro,I got the error "driver irql not less or equal to 0x000000D1(0x00000000,0x00000006,0x00000000,0x00000000)
I did not have this problem prior to trying to re-install windows,due to a problem with not being able to access windows explorer.I tried several things,including removing pci devices,memory sticks,changing bios settings,etc.Nothing has worked.I have noticed that during this installation process, several drivers for hardware ask if I want to install them due to incompatability issues with win xp.I have tried both ways,installing them,and not,with the same reult.I have also noticed the monitor flickering on and off several times prior to the blue screen.

I am running an AsusA7N8X-E MB w/ 1gb kingston 3200 ddr,NVIDIA GEFORCE 6800 OC 128MB RAM, 1.8GH AMD ATHLON2500+, ONBOARD SOUND.I had a virus at one point,but disposed of it.However,after doing a complete system scan and finding nothing,I began having problems not being able to access ie explorer or windows explorer in any way,to which I decided to try a re-install.This is when the trouble began.I have found nothing thus far on this problem with the error message I have received.Any help is greatly appreciated.
zuko77 (TechnicalUser)
13 Jun 05 6:51
Hi, im having sort of the same problem, when im playing san andreas the computer just shuts down and gives me the blue screen, "drier_irql_not_less_or_equal" ive tried to install other drivers, dont work ive tried to take out one of my memorys still dont work, its weird cause its only happens when playing, the computer runs great otherwise. anyone know what thos could be?
Gloryhound (TechnicalUser)
15 Jun 05 11:04
Now I admit right up front I haven't read all the posts in this thread..   that would be a bit time 103 posts  lol..  Anyway back to your problem Zuko77.  In my experience that error is not the exclusive providence of hardware.  If it only happens in that game, then I would have to say you need to reinstall the game from CD.  If it's <ahem>  not on CD then delete it and go get one off the shelf..  preferable one that hasn't had the code scrambled by a 12 year old cracker.
aznmavboi (TechnicalUser)
17 Nov 05 4:24
So here's my problem. I get the BSOD with the following:
DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL followed by the stop:
0x000000D1 (0xDC4C0108, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xF70E18B1) followed by w22n51.sys - Address F70E18B1 at F70BC000, Datestamp 3ff54d71

So I've isolated the problem, based on Microsoft's self help and playing with the drivers to my computer's wireless drivers. Problem is that my computer tries to do a start up error check, but never makes it through because the computer will BSOD and reboot. Without being able to actually enter the GUI, I can't disable and install new drivers. Any ideas of how to get around this? BTW, safe mode keeps getting snagged on a file called gap30kx.sys. I know I'd be able to do everything from safe mode, but is there a reason why it gets snagged on that file?
linney (TechnicalUser)
17 Nov 05 14:54
Have you considered loading the Recovery Console and using the "Disable" command to remove the faulty driver?

You could also try the ChkDsk /r   command.

How to install and use the Recovery Console in Windows XP;en-us;307654&FR=1&amp;PA=1&amp;SD=HSCH

As for "gap30kx.sys", there are no hits on Google concerning that driver or file, and I could not find it on several checked Windows systems.

HOW TO: Verify Unsigned Device Drivers in Windows XP

If they don't work you could try repairing windows by running it over itself.  You will lose all your windows updates but your files will be untouched.

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP (Q315341)

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