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beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
4 Aug 10 16:37

I have a client that would like to ring 4 phones simultaneously. I believe the call will be coming from the auto attendant. I am just looking for some pointers as to how to program this. From the documentation I am seeing, this is a "Calling Group # 502" feature to ring multiple phones, and the first to answer gets the call.

I am seeing that to enter program mode I dial: Feature 00 - can someone please give me the steps? say I would like extensions 11, 12, 13, and 14 to ring in the same group...

Any help is appreciated...
beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
4 Aug 10 18:00
One more addition to this request - I am told that this calling group needs to end up in ext. 10 voice mail box if no one answers...

TouchToneTommy, if you're out there, you may be able to help??? from a previous post of yours I found:

 (Vendor) 27 Jan 09 15:01  
VS Mail limits your options.If you set the Transfer Return Extension (#306) for each voice mail port to go to themselves instead of Ext. 10, a transfer to a calling group will ring, then return to the VS Mail, which won't know what to do with the call, and announce "Transferring to Receptionist", send the call to Ext. 10, which will then ring and if still unanswered, cover to Mailbox 10.You could also loop an extension to a CO port, add the extension to the calling group, add the "CO" to a phone and have that phone cover the "line"

Now, if ext. 10 is the primary and already has voice mail set up - shouldn't the call group terminate to ext. 10 voice mail after the 6 rings? If not, and I do the #306 for both voice mail ports, will that hose up any other vm functionality for other users - or just affect the calling group???

Thanks again!
beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
4 Aug 10 18:07
and one more questions regarding post:

Call cover is NOT remote call forward or voice mail cover.Call cover causes the call to ring at an extension for X-number of rings, then ring at the covering extension (with the display indicating the coverage), and then covering back to the original mailbox.You must turn it on and off. Putting it on a button with lights is the best way, so you have a light to remind you that the feature is enabled. If you only cover to the same extension every time, it will be a "push-on/push-off" button. If you cover to different extensions, you will touch the button and dial the extension that will be covering. Touch the button again, and dial your OWN extension number to turn it off.Control the number of rings before it goes to the covering extension in #320-XX-N. (Sorry, I typed in the wrong code above)Program the button as Feature-20-(Your extension number)-(Covering Extension)

could I do a "call cover" from ext. 10 to a call group, which would ring and then cover back to ext. 10 voice mail???

Thanks again,

TouchToneTommy (Vendor)
4 Aug 10 20:33
All right, you're asking a heck of a lot of stuff all at once!

To start off: Calling groups. You have 4 of them, number 1 through 4, and the extension numbers of the groups are 71 through 74.

To add extensions to one of the groups, it's #502-(group number from 1 to 4)-(Extension Number)-(1 to assign or 2 to unassign). So for instance, to assign Ext. 10 to Calling Group 2 (Ext. 72), it's Feature 00, Left Intercom twice, #502-2-10-1

Then Intercom 71 through 74 will ring the phones simultaneously, and whoever picks up first gets the call.

If you have an auto attendant answer the incoming call, the caller can dial the calling group extension number, or you can use a Selector Code to have them caller press a single digit that will then transfer to the group.

Having voice mail coverage for a group is more complicated, and before we even go there, you need to let us know which voice mail system you are using, where it is placed in the carrier, and the other cards (and their order) in the carrier.

You can't forward or cover to a group, so that's out all together.
beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
4 Aug 10 22:35
Thanks for getting back to me man!

ok, I think i'm following you on adding an ext. to groups 71-74. I think i will use 74. Just to confirm - am I dialing these digits and assigning all extensions from ext. 10? or do I have to dial from each phone individually?

I am assuming I can do all of this from the main ext.10 - so my next question is: if I want to add all 4 extensions to group 74, do I need to back out of programming or can I just continue like:

Feature 00, Left Intercom twice, #502-4-10-1, #502-4-11-1, #502-4-12-1, #502-4-13-1, etc.

They system is in night mode now, but I believe the ext. 10 is getting the call normally already (when not in night mode), so once I add 10 and all the other ext. to the group 74, wont all calls to ext. 10 ring to the group?

Ok, the voice mail is the old one - the 2 port card, so I'm thinking the methdo I'll likely have to use is the unused ext. to open CO port, assign the unused ext. to the cover group 74, and assign ext 10 to own the unused ext??? I'm not sure if this is correct, or if i'm missing any details...

hopefully you can fill in the blanks!@

Thanks much.

TouchToneTommy (Vendor)
4 Aug 10 22:51
The group of extensions will ONLY ring when you call extension 74, or the auto attendant transfers the call to Ext. 74.

So, Ext. 10 will ring on the initial call, the Auto Attendant will answer and Ext. 10 will stop ringing, the caller will select Ext. 74, then the phones in group 4 (which includes Ext. 10) will ring simultaneously.

You don't really have any options for voice mail coverage for this group. Yes, you can take an extension port, loop it to a CO port. Remove all line assignments from the extension, and add it to calling group 4. Assign the line to Ext. 10, make it Incoming Only, and delayed ring. Make Ext. 10 the call coverage receiver of the line in #208. You can try setting the transfer return extension for 78 and 79 to themselves in #306, but I haven't tried it on Card Mail.
beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
4 Aug 10 23:08
hmmm, that is kind of discouraging about the voice mail... what about if I just set up a cover pattern for ext 10 - could I ring 10, then cover to 11, 12, 13, and then roll to voice mail for 10? I know this work on the larger avaya pbx systems, but not sure about this one...

The only question on that would be, how do I allow them to disable or "send all calls" if one of the ext.s is out of the office - would they just hit "do not disturb" or "call forward" or send calls? woudl the cover pattern then just skip that particular extension?

beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
4 Aug 10 23:18
I am thinking that there may not be auto attendant... i'm pretty sure when a call comes in it rings ext. 10 and that's it... They are saying that in night mode, it rings all extensions - which they want to filter down to just 4 extensions that ring on incoming calls.

The voice mail thing is a requirement though, so I doubt the calling group is the answer. a cover pattern to me sounds like the best alternative. The call would ring 6 times at each extension and then end up in the voice mail box for ext. 10???

thanks again.
TouchToneTommy (Vendor)
4 Aug 10 23:29
Remember that this is just a Partner system - don't go overboard with send calls and coverage patterns. It is what it is.

What do you really want to happen on an incoming call?

Do you want the phones to ring first? Do you want an Auto Attendant to answer? As a backup? Do you want a mailbox to answer instead of an attendant? Do you just want to make a bunch of phones ring on the initial incoming call, and if no one answers, have a mailbox answer instead? Do you want to toggle which phones ring on incoming calls?

Give us a little more information on your "Call Flow", and I'm sure we can come up with a suggestion.
beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
4 Aug 10 23:34
it is definitely this:

ring a bunch of phones when a call comes in, if no one answers - go to voice mail box for ext. 10.

can this be done?
TouchToneTommy (Vendor)
5 Aug 10 0:15
Shoot, that's the easiest thing ever!

Program the phones for Immediate Ring

Feature 00
Left Intercom Twice
Right Intercom Once
Dial an extension number
The lines light up - press each line button until the light is solid green, indicating Immediate Ring
Press Right Intercom to do another extension

Make Ext. 10 the Call Coverage receiver for the lines

Feature 00
Left Intercom Twice
#208-(Line Number)-10-1
#206-7-(Line Number)-2
Repeat for each line
Feature 00

Make sure Ext. 10 has Automatic VMS Coverage turned on


Set the number of rings before mailbox 10 answers


If you put Ext. 10 in DND, the mailbox answers immediately.

beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
5 Aug 10 3:58
I will give this a shot - need to be on site at 9am CST today.

My only worry is how badly hosed up the system is currently. I will be walking in cold and not sure how many settings they have applied to these phones currently that may/may not interfere with this new configuration...

Thanks for the help! I owe you a cold one - or three.
beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
5 Aug 10 18:34
OK, some new developments on this: I went to the site today and did some investigating; this is a Partner ACS 5 module bay, With 2 pcmcia cards for voice mail.

The auto attendant IS enabled... I was able to program the phones for immediate ring - but all the phones would ring only for a split second, then the auto attendant would pick up. dialing ext 10 or 0 from the auto attendant only went to that one extension...

Is there a way to ring the group of phones WITH the auto attendant enabled - and then still send unanswered calls to voice mail for ext. 10???

Also, I learned that there are only 12 voice mail boxes available on this system, I had to "initialize" one to assign to ext 18. got that working, but I was unable to figure out how to assign the speed dial to 777 on the users phone...  I foolishly thought that to dial an ext. you need to simply pick up the phone and dial 18 for example - not the case. You need to dial "Intercom" then 18... same thing for voice mail: "Intercom" 777

If I wanted to put this on a speed dial on a phone - how would I do that?

I guess the main problem is still the ringing of the group of phone - but after the auto attendant message.

They also asked if I could assign a speed dial to an option number on the auto attendant - for example - "hello, to reach the warehouse, press 1 (but the warehouse is off premise), to reach the office, press 2 (office is on premise), to reach customer service press 3 (which would ring ext 10, 11, 12 ,13 simultaneously, and if unanswered go to voice mail for ext. 10...

sorry if this is too long!!! I was more than a little confused today:)
Dexman (TechnicalUser)
5 Aug 10 20:05
I kinda got lost reading through everything discussed so far, but make sure that 78 & 79 are the only extensions assigned to Hunt Group #7.

If it ain't broke, I haven't fixed it yet.

TouchToneTommy (Vendor)
6 Aug 10 1:55
The auto attendant is probably set for "0 rings" in #507. There will still be a short burst of ring on the phones just before the AA answers. If they are going to have the AA answer first, set the phones to DELAYED ring so they won't make a sound unless the AA fails and can't answer.

If they want the phones to ring first, the AA to answer after a delay, then change #507 to something like 4 rings, and the phones to Immediate ring.

The two PC cards - one is a Backup/Restore card, the other is the Voice Mail.

"Messages" button on a set - Feature 00, press the button, Left Intercom 777, Feature 00. Press the button BEFORE lifting the handset, or lift the handset, press Intercom, then press the button.

You can't set a selector code to transfer to an outside number with the PC Card mail. Release 6/7/8 you could RCF an extension to the outside number, and transfer to that extension, which will send the call to the outside number.

Remember that your extensions start with the digit 1 (10, 11, 12, etc.) and maybe 2 or 3 as well. So if you want callers  be able to dial a 2-digit extension number from the auto attendant, start your single digit selector codes from about 4 and higher.

You still need to put the extensions into Calling Group 4, and set a selector code to transfer to Extension 74.

You're not going to get voice mail coverage for this group without doing the loop around that I laid out above.
beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
6 Aug 10 17:35
Thanks for getting back to me TTT !!!

I will definitely set the phones to delayed ring if they choose to keep the AA enabled. That is what is happening - they have a short chirp before the AA picks up.

That's a bummer that transfer to an ext. with RCF is not possible on this system... Hard to understand why they didn't allow that? That is why this company is slowly reading off 4 different phone numbers on the AA greeting and it take FOR EVER.

I still can't say i'm very confident with the loop solution to transfer to ext. 10 voice mail after ringing the group.  from this procedure:

take an extension port, loop it to a CO port. Remove all line assignments from the extension, and add it to calling group 4. Assign the line to Ext. 10, make it Incoming Only, and delayed ring. Make Ext. 10 the call coverage receiver of the line in #208. You can try setting the transfer return extension for 78 and 79 to themselves in #306, but I haven't tried it on Card Mail.

Is this the whole story on the procedure? any steps or #XXX codes missing?

My recommendation to them is probably going to be to remove auto attendant all together - if this loop method does not work -

How would i disable the AA on this system?

I think if I turn that off, the ring group will function normally per your previous instructions to assign the extensions to group 7. I could then assign speed dials to there phones for the off premise numbers correct? similar to adding the 777 to a phone? could I do a:

Feature 00, press the button, Left Intercom 91XXX-XXX-XXXX, Feature 00

Thanks so much for your help on this.

SYQUEST (TechnicalUser)
7 Aug 10 15:19
You might want to download the Partner documents from They are all available for free, and spend some time reading. Most of the stuff you are asking is covered in them. There is even a Planning Guide, which simplifies basic info gathering for programming & configuration.

Happy reading!

beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
7 Aug 10 22:32
I have downloaded the Partner "Advanced Communications System" "Quick Reference Guide"... This was about 250 pages that I printed out... That document was a waste of time, ink, and paper as far as i'm concerned.

I think Touch Tone Tommy could write a much better manual.
Dexman (TechnicalUser)
8 Aug 10 7:27
No real need to print out the entire manual. Save a copy to your computer and print out the page(s) you need.

If it ain't broke, I haven't fixed it yet.

beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
8 Aug 10 11:33
Ok - thanks for the tip...

Tommy - Where are you!?!?!
memphisribs (Vendor)
8 Aug 10 13:58
You wrote: "That's a bummer that transfer to an ext. with RCF is not possible on this system... Hard to understand why they didn't allow that? That is why this company is slowly reading off 4 different phone numbers on the AA greeting and it take FOR EVER."
I don't know where you got that.
If an extension is remote call forwarded then anyone calling that ext. either directly or via an AA transfer will forward to choosen number. But this will use 2 lines, one for the incoming call and one for the outgoing call. By the way this works best if the switch has a T-1 line.
You can set up fathom extensions (no phone required just a port) for this, if you need it to always forward off-site.
Good luck

45 years in the business and counting.

SYQUEST (TechnicalUser)
8 Aug 10 14:02
The Quick Reference Guide is just that, a "quick reference guide!" You want the Installation, Programming, & Use document. It covers all the stuff that is not in the QRG...

TouchToneTommy (Vendor)
8 Aug 10 23:42
I'm not sure where you are with this. Again, it would be best to simply define the call flow, then set up the system to do that, or modify the call flow to match the capabilities of the system.

If it is R6/7/8, you can certainly RCF an extension and transfer a caller to that extension, and ultimately the outside number.

You can't transfer to an outside number without RCF, unless you have Centrex lines from the phone company.

You can disable the Auto Attendant entirely with #206-7-LL-2, and instead have a mailbox cover a line with #207-LL-XX.

You can transfer to a group by putting extensions in the group, and transferring to 7X or using a selector code to go to the same extension number.

There is really no voice mail coverage for the group with the small PC card mail your customer has. Upgrade them to Partner Messaging to really make use of the feature. If you get them Centrex lines, you can also transfer from the Auto Attendant to outside numbers via selector codes without needing RCF extensions.

beamik (TechnicalUser) (OP)
9 Aug 10 10:34
Thanks again Tommy,

since both group ring AND voice mail are absolutely necessary for this client, I am going to give them 2 options:

1.) upgrade their phone system (completely or go to Partner Messaging)

2.) disable auto attendant and ring the group, then cover to mail box for ext. 10.

this may be a dumb question, but in disabling AA:


is the "LL" the line number in 2 digit format? (as in Line 01, 02, 03, 04 etc.?)


sysconsultant (Programmer)
9 Aug 10 11:43
Yes, and there are no dumb questions.

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