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LilBob (TechnicalUser) (OP)
16 Oct 08 15:03
I have a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop running XP Home SP3 that a client gave me to check out. PC would not boot. I quickly determined the power supply was gone. I had an old 200 watt power supply that worked & installed it to see if there were any additional problems. Not surprisingly, there was 1 problem. The mouse wouldn't work. I tried 2 track balls & 2 optical to no avail (tried all USB ports). I called my client & was told that her mouse stopped working too before it stopped booting up. She also mentioned when asked for more info that she booted in something other than normal mode but she wasn't sure what. BIOS setup displays mouse on & optical mouse shows power going to it. Booting in Safe mode is same. Also tried booting in 'last good configuration' & got same results, no mouse movement.
I tried adding 1 more stick of RAM (also 256MB). Booting up with Norton's recovery disc enabled mouse. I scanned for viruses 1st (nothing found). I ran chkdsk and set it to auto fix file system errors & find & correct bad sectors. After chkdsk was complete, I got the following message:

'Failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50'.

Event log showed previous keyboard errors & recognized the additional RAM. Mouse works (cursor moves) but after I exit from Norton & reboot, mouse stops reacting. Tried running WD's Data Lifeguard Tools also. Mouse would react but it looked like I was a drunk suffering from DT's the way it moved.  I hate to do a repair install if not necessary as that means reloading all SP updates; easy but time consuming.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, LilBob
Helpful Member!  linney (TechnicalUser)
16 Oct 08 15:53
Have you tried removing all Mice from the Device Manager, try it from Safe Mode, and show hidden devices too?  Reboot and let Windows rediscover the Mouse.

"I've read that "status 50" may refer to a hard drive failure, defective RAM, or defective processor, though I don't really see any of those as being the case since I'm still able to use the computer without much trouble (just the aforementioned symptoms)".;SiteID=17
JockMullin (MIS)
16 Oct 08 16:06
Hi LilBob

Have you tried restoring from a system checkpoint before the sad event? Beats reinstalling.

Otherwise I would try replacing the mouse drivers with a set from a working XP Pro system. First you need to know their names.

In device manager (start/run/devmgmt.msc), hit TAB key then arrow down to highlight "mouse and other pointing devices" hit + key to expand it, arrow down to the mouse and hit enter to open properties. CTRL-Tab key to the Drivers tab and hit D for the driver details to see what drivers are in use. Most likely they are in c:\windows\system32\drivers called mouclass.sys amd mouhid.sys.

Put them on a CD on the good system, then in safe mode / command prompt on the dodgy one rename the existing drivers and copy in the new ones. Reboot.

Other than that, are other USB devices working OK?

BadBigBen (MIS)
16 Oct 08 16:56


I hate to do a repair install if not necessary as that means reloading all SP updates; easy but time consuming.
By the time you typed this message, read all the responses, tried them out, etc. is actually more time consuming than doing that REPAIR INSTALL and all the updates...
JMHO (just my humble opinion)...


"If it works don't fix it! If it doesn't use a sledgehammer..."

G0AOZ (TechnicalUser)
17 Oct 08 7:11
You've mentioned "USB".  Does this machine have the older PS/2 mouse socket?  Do other USB devices work when plugged in?

LilBob (TechnicalUser) (OP)
17 Oct 08 23:19
Thanks for your replies!

liney, I can't boot in safe mode, after I get to the log in screen, mouse freezes. Ergo Jock, I've been unable to get into Device Manager. And yes Ben, I've probably spent more time trying to resolve this issue than it would have taken to do a repair install & do all SP updates. It just really ticks me off to be beaten by a machine; & it probably won't be the last time. sad

Thanks for your help. Will let you know what happens next.

linney (TechnicalUser)
18 Oct 08 14:39
Sounds like a repair install is a valid option.

You can try using Keyboard Shortcuts as a means of navigation, if it is only the Mouse that has frozen and not the whole machine.

List of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Windows XP

Table of keyboard shortcuts

mouse woes????
thread779-973869: mouse woes????
Ante0 (Programmer)
20 Oct 08 10:24
The 200 watt power supply... Does it give enough juice to the USB slots?
You could try a USB -> PS/2 converter, to see if it recognize the mouse that way.

Actually, I had a similar problem with my XP before.
Whenever I plugged in a mouse in a usb slot Windows would recognize the mouse for about 5 seconds (The time it took to find the drivers) then it froze.
I'm sure it wasn't the mouse since it worked just fine in both Linux and Vista. So it might just be some driver that's messed up. (The mice were Razer Copperhead, Diamondback and a regular optical mouse.).

Anyhow, I would first try to get a higher watt powersupply, to make sure it gets enough juice for the USB slots.
LilBob (TechnicalUser) (OP)
22 Oct 08 12:35
Sorry for the delay in replying but spent a nice, long weekend at my daughters. she had to tix for the 6th game of the ALCS. We pushed the envelope by wearing our Bosox gear (we're both transplanted MA residents living here in FL). But I digress. Yes Roger, it has a PS/2 socket & mouse wouldn't work connected to that. Replaced the power supply with a 460 W with no change in mouse. I'll pull the HD out & slave it off one of my PC's to back up important data the client wants saved before doing a repair install,just to be safe. Will let all know results.

Thanks again for your help all!

LilBob (TechnicalUser) (OP)
23 Oct 08 17:02
This is really upsetting me. mad I slaved clients PC to mine & copied all files she wanted saved. Shut PC down & set clients HD as master (disconnected my HD completely). Rebooted PC & started repair install. I was only able to go so far as mouse again refused to work. About 1/2 way through after restart, I got : 'Some files on XP Home Edition SP 1 CD are needed. Insert yada, yada, yada & click OK'. It was looking for some file in i386. XP Home Edition w/SP 1 already in drive. Tried SP 1 & 2 CD's to no avail. Also tried all 8 USB ports using 3 different mice & 2 using the PS/2 socket; still no movement. Unless somebody has any ideas, I may be forced to try formatting her HD & do a fresh install. Suggestions anyone?

Thanks once more for all your help.

linney (TechnicalUser)
24 Oct 08 0:35
I would have expected the XP CD you use would result in that version of XP, with that Service Pack version being installed.  Have you tried slipstreaming SP3 with the current CD, creating a new CD and repairing with that?

Slipstream Service Packs
thread779-900263: Slipstream Service Packs

The only common denominator where all the mice gather might be the motherboard, I hope your not heading down that path?  I hope it is only drivers though.

Any less mouse clicks trying this?

Reinstall Windows Xp in Unattended Mode

Table of keyboard shortcuts

To check out the hardware try some of the suggestions in this thread, especially BartPE.

Cannot logon to winxp...losing lots of valuable documents
thread779-975236: Cannot logon to winxp...losing lots of valuable documents

BadBigBen (MIS)
24 Oct 08 3:51
Time to run a diagnostic program or two on that machine...

Memtest for starters, and BartPE that Linney mentioned...

also take a close look at the mainboard for damaged capacitors, e.g.

busted capacitors like in the wiki-article, can be the cause for USB devices not working, or installation of the OS...



"If it works don't fix it! If it doesn't use a sledgehammer..."

G0AOZ (TechnicalUser)
24 Oct 08 15:45
Probably not applicable to your machine, but in this situation I've booted up with a DOS floppy, run a simple DOS mouse utility (something like AMOUSE.COM), then started up my old CHECKIT programme.  That seems to prove one way or the other if the mouse is working...

As Ben suggests, it's looking like a mobo issue.

LilBob (TechnicalUser) (OP)
24 Oct 08 22:49
Thanks again for the help. I may not have given the right details but it's not capacitators, RAM memory or mobo problem. Installed the client's HD as a slave in my own tower. All worked fine there until I shut down, disconnected my HD & set client's as master. Mouse no go there as well. While it was slaved off my HD, ran updated AV & AS apps which found a few trojans & viruses as well as quite a few malware items. After deleting all these, I felt fairly confident resolving the problem. Unfortunately, after rebooting & trying a repair install once more, mouse went on vaca again. Will try slipstreaming SP 3 & unattended mode tomorrow linney & let you know how that works Right now, I'm leaning to a clean install. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

linney (TechnicalUser)
25 Oct 08 0:49
If I understand you, the mouse operation has failed on two different machines from the same install of XP and using the same suspect hard drive in both machines.  That if it is correct would make me suspicious of corrupt mouse drivers on the XP install.

Did you every try removing them from Device Manager, perhaps via Safe Mode.  You can use Keyboard shortcuts to navigate to Device Manager.  If you succeed in getting there in your mouseless environment, use the arrow keys to drop down the list, the right arrow key and Enter to expand things and Tab key to navigate Tabs.  That is only a very rough guide, you'll have to experiment a bit but it can be done, that's if you want to try uninstalling everything mousey and let Windows rediscover the correct mouse and drivers.
LilBob (TechnicalUser) (OP)
31 Oct 08 14:52
Hi linney,
Sorry for the delay in replying but had a bad fall & fractured my kneecap. sad Haven't been able to do much between pain & meds but on the road to recovery. To answer your ?, yes, mouse failed in 2 different towers with same HD. I tried slipstreaming SP 3 to no avail. I'm uable to get to Device Manager, even with keyboard shortcuts to remove mouse. I have 1 more option to try before formatting HD & doing a clean install. For a change, client had all her app disks. Will let you know how things go.

Thanks once more for all your help.

linney (TechnicalUser)
31 Oct 08 15:16
Can you get to Device Manager by Using Windows Key + R and typing devmgmt.msc  in the Run Box and pressing Enter?  There are several other ways to navigate to Device Manager, perhaps I am misunderstanding your comments in relation to getting to Device Manager?
LilBob (TechnicalUser) (OP)
2 Nov 08 14:04
Hi linney,
I cant get to Device Manager as Window Setup is in a continuous loop. When I boot the PC, I get the following message, "Setup is being restarted.....". Then I get the Windows XP startup screen followed by "Setup is being restarted....." screen, etc.
I tried disabling automatic restart on system failure to read the error message that pops up in between but that option didn't work either. All I can catch before it starts to reboot is, 'Security Account Manager initialization failed because...'. Event Viewer only displays a keyboard error. Cannot boot into Safe Mode (any of the 3 options). Booted to Utility Partition & ran extended diagnostic. Mouse & all else, other than a glitch in A: drive, worked fine.
It's really looking more & more like a reformat and clean install, unless you have any other suggestions.

Thanks again for your help.

tlcscousin (TechnicalUser)
2 Nov 08 16:03
bart PE cd and then move the registry files (windows\system32\config)to a temp directory and copy the ones from the (System Volume Information\ _restore)In the folder is snapshot folders pick a date before the issue started and move them into a different temp folder rename them and then move them to the proper spot.
LilBob (TechnicalUser) (OP)
2 Nov 08 22:39
One last idea before attempting anything else. Wondering if I converted the partition from FAT32 to NTFS would help to resolve the problem? Any thoughts?

linney (TechnicalUser)
2 Nov 08 23:03
Some other things to try if you like, and if they are possible, before you do the recommended Format and clean install.

Use the Recovery Console to replace the Boot.ini file with Boot.bak or get a Boot.ini file that doesn't have XP Setup as the Default Operating System.  This will the stop the Boot-Setup loop.  (These are System and Hidden files).

HOW TO: Edit the Boot.ini File in Windows XP (Q289022)

See instructions at the end of this article.

316417 - "Setup Cannot Upgrade Some Settings" Error Message When You Reinstall Windows XP;en-us;316417&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

xp setup
thread779-576242: xp setup

How do you stop an unwanted repair of XP?
thread779-746800: How do you stop an unwanted repair of XP?
LilBob (TechnicalUser) (OP)
14 Nov 08 23:37
Hi linney,
My apologies for not replying sooner but had to have my knee operated on. Prior to that, after exhausting all other avenues, as well as myself, I finally reformatted the HD & did a clean install. All was working fine and the client was happy.
As usual, you've been a fountain of information & I learned much from you. Keep up the good work! OH! In case you were wondering, the op was successful & I may be up & walking, without a cast, by or shortly after Thanksgiving. 2thumbsup

Thanks again, LilBob
linney (TechnicalUser)
15 Nov 08 13:59
All the best with your health, and thanks for the kind comments and feedback.

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