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ISDX does not release line after call is terminatedHelpful Member! 

pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
26 Jul 06 6:03
Does  anyone  have  a clue  as  to  why every  call into  our  queue does  not  release  after  the agent terminates it?  Don't  know  squat  about  this  system,  we  hope  to  replace  it  soon,  but  in  the mean time  the Call Center Manager is  steaming.  I  just  started  working  here three weeks  ago,  and  have  never  worked  on ISDX.
  This  is  a GPT ISDX,  here is the version (I  think):

 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.                     
 5.2.001 0001100 UK 09 27/08/97 A  C  018                                         
 26/07/06  14:04:58  

Sure  hope  someone  can help  me,  I  dread  having to  learn this  system  just  to throw it  away!

speckledhen (TechnicalUser)
26 Jul 06 11:44
Are the incoming lines on an isdn link or are they analogue lines.
Also are you in the UK or elswhere in the world?

speckledhen (TechnicalUser)
27 Jul 06 5:19

I know if this was analogue lines in the UK a disconnect clear time has to be set in the main exchange to enable the ISDX to clear the line, this is obviously what the promlem is but as you have premicells/gsm gateway there are not normally setting that can be changed so will need a work-around within the ISDX, which by the way looks like a 2nd user one that has come from the UK according to the header.
I will check out the EPs and see what I can find.

PS to reply to this post, scroll down the page a bit and enter your reply in the box provided within this post.

pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
27 Jul 06 14:16
Wow,  didn't  have  this  box  before!  Thanks  so much  for  your  reply.  Looking  forward  to  the next  one.
pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
13 Sep 06 5:57
  I  checked  here often,  and  hadn't  heard  anything new. Now I check, and  I  see a lot  of  new  comments.  Awesome!
  Good  one  about  Siemens  tech  support!  I  feel the same way.
  Whoever  you are,  that  has  done PBX work  in  Afghanistan,  I  probably know,  or  have  heard  of  you,  there aren't too many people  crazy  enough to come  here and  do the work!  BTW,  I  am  in Kabul.
  A  revision  to  my  original  question;  I  have  run  traces  from  our main  exchange,  and  at the Plessy ISDX PABX,  the  conditions  under  which  the line  does  not release,  are  actually  a little different  than I originally described.  Essentially,  when  a customer  calls  in  to  discuss a problem,  an  agent  in  the ACD  picks  up  the call, and speaks  w/  the customer, if  the  customer  hangs  up  before  the agent  does  a hook switch,  the agent  must  wait  thirty five  seconds before  another call will ring  into  the queue.  I checked and  changed WUPT  time,  but  no  change.  I  also read  that  some  variants  of  Q931  will ignore commands  from  different variants,  still open to  help,  scratching my  head on this one,  as did the guy before me.  BTW,  the setup  I described  originally,  is incorrect,  essentially  customers call into a  standard exchange,  and  the exchange  hands off to  us,  basic  ISDN lines using.
Helpful Member!  dark5tar (TechnicalUser)
15 Sep 06 2:17
I have seen this kind of thing before (sort of). I believe that you need to adjust timer T391U in your DX. Use the LQ9p and RQ9P commands to list then change the  value to 2 or 1 seconds, i think the default is 30 (ring any bells). to find the q931 varient that you are useing use the LQ9I command. 5.2
software as you know is way old so there may be other problems  in store.
good luck and stay safe in Kabul
pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
15 Sep 06 2:26
Thanks Darkstar,
  I  hope that  works,  it has  been going on for years.
I  tried changing  the T305 time,  but doubt it  helped.  I  checked the q931 variant yesterday,  it is 8 EuroISDN.
I  will try  this as  soon as I  get  back  over that way.  Have  work to do in  another location for a few days.  If  it  works,  I  owe you big time!
pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
15 Sep 06 2:48
Hey Darkstar,
  I  looked at my  list  of  Q931 timers, I  don't  see the one  you  are referring to,  I  see T320,  and  T321  listed  as  30 second  default.  Am  I missing something?
dark5tar (TechnicalUser)
15 Sep 06 6:08

does your list not look like this then?
VARIANT:9  (different variant prehaps)
L2PC        N
EXCL        N
SEG         N
CRC4        N
N200    00003
N202    00003
T200    001.0
T201    001.0
T202    002.0
T203    010.0
CERT    00000
DLET    00004
N303    00002
N30Y    00000
N316    00002
N322    00006
T301    00180
T302    00015
T303    00004
T304    00030
T305    00030
T306    00000
T307    00000
T308    00004
T309    00006
T310    00045
T312    00000
T313    00004
T314    00000
T316    00120
T317    00000
T318    00000
T319    00000
T320    00000
T321    00000
T322    00004
T391U   00030  <<<<<<<
T30Y    00000
T3SS    00000
IRST    00005
CHNS    00000
RACS    00001
pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
15 Sep 06 6:55
well,  I  don't recall if  it  listed  that,  I will have  to  look,  we  are  set  up  for  variant  8,  who knows,  amybe  that is the problem?
dark5tar (TechnicalUser)
15 Sep 06 8:29
the variant depends on what 'flavour' the far end is set to
and whether the link is basic BRA (2b+d) or primary PRA(30b+2d T1)
the options are ...

8 is correct for a 30 channel T bearer link using q931 euro, i'm not sure why T391u is not listed on your system though
pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
17 Sep 06 7:48
Hey  Folks,  concerning  the release issue,  is  there  a  way  to  check  the switch  side  settings  in  the ACD,  maybe  switch  release,  or something?

dark5tar (TechnicalUser)
17 Sep 06 10:16
Here is a test to check if the problem has anything to do with ACD. Call the queue pilot number from an extension on the DX once answered hang up, then call the q again. If the same 35 sec wait applies the q settings are the prob ,if not it's the q931 settings.

apart from the wupt times I cant't think of any timers that apply. The ACD setting have nothing to do with clearing the call down. use the trex and trtk commands to trace what is going on when a agent answers a call.

good luck
phones1 (TechnicalUser)
6 Oct 06 7:51
Im the one who was silly enough to go to Afghanistan, Who is you services provider? do you recieve your lines from the exchange at the ministry of communication? As last time i was there we had a similar problems when we hocked up the mobile net

Remember if it doesn't work hit it harder

phones1 (TechnicalUser)
6 Oct 06 8:01
pbx1960 just read your previous post. when we brought in the mobile service we had problems with calls not releasing correctly, this was down to the satalite link in kabul, we were compressing voice calls to much (via the multiplexer) during busy periods,(does this fault occur more in busy times of the day)there were really bad error rates & delay on the link. to get around this we asked the sat ser provider to bump up bandwidth a little to allow for some forward error correction. check with them & ask it the link still has it

Remember if it doesn't work hit it harder

pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
9 Oct 06 9:47
Hey Phones1,
  Good  to hear  from  a  Vet  of Kabul. As  you  may have seen,  things  have  really heated up  here lately,  in  many  ways,  we  are  more  concerned  with  staying  alive,  than impeccable  communications!
  I  conducted  Darkstars' test, and  indeed  the test  reveals that  it  is  on  the network side, my  switch documentation states  that  it  simply  ignores  some IEs  from  many Qsig variants,  I  also  learned  that this call center used  to have an ISDX large,  and  this problem  didn't  exist!
  I  have  managed, after  many months to convince  them to  buy an  Avaya S8700,  just finished  training on  an S8300 in Dubai,  and  am  quite impressed, hope  it  leads  to good  things.
pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
9 Oct 06 9:53
Again,  to Phones1,
  I work  for  the folks  with  the MOC switch,  and  they  have  actually increased  the compression ratio if you  can believe it,  we  recently  opened  a new link  through Karachi,  it really helped  our  Internet speed,  but  they  didn't dedicate  any  to Voice,  I  was  using  Skype to call home,  and  it  worked  brilliantly,  lately however,  when I call out,  the distant  end  can not  hear  me,  I suspect  they are  blocking  us,  just can't  stand  the idea  that  we are getting  quality service  and they aren't  getting paid!
phones1 (TechnicalUser)
16 Oct 06 10:39
What kind of exchange have they now in the MOC. I put that large in & the version they had was a T for TRAFFIC & the software is designed for use on high compression sat links.If your skype dont work they are blocking your port & there are some tools available to encrypt your call & then change the ports you use? it should get around it!!! F***ers that will teach them, they'll never learn. As for Avaya what were you thinking, you have strayed to the dark side my son if you want to redeem yourself have a little look at the nortel succession range but this should only be done when a DX solution is a total no goer

Remember if it doesn't work hit it harder

pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
16 Oct 06 23:51
Hey Phones1,
  I  am  not  sure  what is  at MOC  now.  Probably  a  Siemens.  Our  Skype is  working  again,  so not  sure  what  was  up.
  Actually,  I  am An  Avaya Engineer,  so I am more  comfortable  with  that brand.  That is  the reason  I keep coming here for help,  no  training whatsoever on ISDX,  so every day is  a challenge.
  We  may  go  with Nortel,  hard  to say.  The  thing  is,  we  received a bid on  a Nortel  solution,  it  was  almost  1/2 million British pounds,  the big cheeses were none to happy with that,  the Avaya solution  is  less than 200,000 US,  plus,  that is  what  we  have at  most  of our  other locations  so  they would  link  up  well.  Went  to training in Dubai on  the G700 and  the S8300  and  came  away  quite  impressed,  it  is  a sweet  machine.
phones1 (TechnicalUser)
17 Oct 06 5:47
You should speak to some people in the know about nortel kit, a friend of mine just bought a 3000 extn option 81(2000 dgtl extns 1000 ana) for £38000 with a truck full of phones!!!

Remember if it doesn't work hit it harder

Scott UK

phones1 (TechnicalUser)
17 Oct 06 5:48
forgot to say it was second hand but upto date S/ware

Remember if it doesn't work hit it harder

Scott UK

JAAGB (TechnicalUser)
27 Oct 06 7:49
Can you please tell me which provider us using in was 100% from the provider only... ROSHAN, AWCC,AREEBA or Digital( Goverment one).
 We are installed a Nortel 61C for UNDP in Kabul with 2 PRI lines from Digital, we had the same issues on the link then we show the traces to them then they did some changes on the Switch setting.
Please send a reply to me if u need a help.
pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
28 Oct 06 5:36
Hello JAAGB,
  I am indeed still having  this  problem.  AWCC claims  their  settings are  fine,  I  can only  take their  word  for it, I  have  seen  their  trace, all it  shows  is a  30 or so second on  the disconnect.  What  exactly  did you  show  the provider  in your  trace?
JAAGB (TechnicalUser)
6 Dec 06 5:27
Hi dear,
 So sorry for very late reply. Because i went to some other installition and forget this case. Still ur faceing the same problem?
 In ur system u can enable the Traces for incoming and out going calls in D-Channel. On the trace you can see the logs and messages. if u will read that u will know excatly.
 I done the same in UNDP problem. If u want any help u can call me on my mobile roshan 0799995598
phones1 (TechnicalUser)
6 Dec 06 7:20
i'm not aware of being able to do DCH messaging on the DX, on the meridian its totally different as it gives you much more info

Remember if it doesn't work hit it harder

Scott UK

pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
6 Dec 06 11:09
Hello Jaag,
  Yes  we are  having  the same problem,  however,  they are  keeping  me  jumping  around,  so  I  haven't had time  to get back,  and  now  I  will be  out  until January.  The  big  plan is  to  get a new switch,  this  one needs  major upgrades,  and they would  cost as  much  as  a better solution.  I  think  you  have  a Hipath if I am not mistaken,  ours  is an ancient GPT Micro,  It is  so  unstable  I  am  afriad  to even  breath on it.
biglebowski (TechnicalUser)
6 Dec 06 12:39

D ch tracing is very detailed on the dx you can use

TRQM to trace the Q931 messages
TRMB to trace the DPNSS/DASS2 messages.

When I was born I was so suprised I didn't talk for 18 months

pbx1960 (MIS) (OP)
7 Dec 06 23:57
I  performed  the  traces  you  guys  mentioned many months  ago, it  was  detailed,  but all it  told  me  was that indeed the disconnect  was  thirty five  seconds  after  the caller hung  up,  which  by  the way,  I  found was  the true scenario, if the agent  disconnects  before  the caller, no  problem,  if  the caller  disconnects  first, problem.  
Also  I  ran  the test you guys  suggested,  calling  from and agent phone to an agent phone,  and  there was  no issue, I am sure  it  is  in the Qsig variant, however, I  can't  convince  the MSC  people  to  change it.  No  worries  though, we  just  received  approval to  purchase an Avaya 8710  with  a boatload  of  goodies.  Sorry  about  "straying to the darkside"  however,  I  used  to work for Nortel,  and worked for  Avaya as   a  tier  three engineer  for  eight years,  and I  find  the support and  documentation much  better,  expecially considering  my  switch is obsolete,  no longer produced  or  supported.  I also  don't  care  for  the programming interface.  In  all honesty,  I  can't  wait  to  see  this  thing hit the graveyard  with the rest of  our antiques.
  BTW phones1 and JAAG,  we  receive  our  lines  from AWCC,  no PSTN involved,  it goes  over  a microwave link  in  the call center  to  the MSC,  they do all the switching control.
  I  do  a lot of  work around here for  many offices,  I  went  to  the UNDP  when I  first  got here,  as  marketing wanted  me to sell them some E1s,  I  am not  a sales  person,  but my company is  short on talent,  and does not  understand the protocol of  an organizational chart,  so I  spent  my first  few  months  bouncing around  doing stuff that  had  nothing  to  do with PBXes,  drafting proposals,  sells,  ad nauseum.  Only recently  have  I  gotten a  chance to get my feet  wet,  we  have  so many issues, wiring nightmares  being foremost,  I  also  get  called in to  the US Embassy, and Ministry of  Foreign Affairs,  I  have  to wear  a dozen hats,  and am  the only support  person for  PBX in my company,  they are  really wearing me out. JAAG, I  will try to give  you a call sometime  when  my head  stops  spinning.
JAAGB (TechnicalUser)
9 Dec 06 11:33
no problem  u can call me at any time, i wont ne avaliable on X-mas time in kabul.
phones1 (TechnicalUser)
12 Dec 06 15:51
I a supposed to be sent back there in the new year, i will post my contact details if you want a hand/ second oppinion

Remember if it doesn't work hit it harder

Scott UK

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