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Caller ID not display till phone picked upHelpful Member!(6) 

cain12 (IS/IT--Management) (OP)
16 Feb 06 19:49
We have a CICS system with two CLID PSTN cards. We set the incoming call ring on all DNs.  For some reason, the caller ID is not showing on the phones, even waiting for a few rings.  But after pickup the phone, it display the caller ID.  Or feature 811 would also display caller ID. How can we make the caller ID display before pickup the phone?

It runs 6.1 firmware.  I already enabled the caller ID for the line.  Thanks for your help!
endlesswinter (IS/IT--Management)
16 Feb 06 20:22
you must set this on a set by set basis. Under terminals and sets, show set number (ex. 221) press next till telco features. press show there is a setting for call id set change to yes.  
cain12 (IS/IT--Management) (OP)
17 Feb 06 12:00
That telco feature for caller id setting is already set to yes.  The problem is the caller ID only shows after you picked up the phone, not during its ring.

Because the lines are set ring and appear on all the phones, it started to ring on the first ring. I thought the caller ID was transmmit during or after first ring. Should CICS 6.1 smart enough to display that after the DNs ringing already?

For lines that I want to ring on all DNs, not going through CP, how could I get caller ID displayed before pickup the call?  Thanks!
acewarlock (TechnicalUser)
17 Feb 06 12:01
Called ID is sent after the 2nd Ring.
cain12 (IS/IT--Management) (OP)
17 Feb 06 12:51
I believe the caller ID is sent during or after first ring. That is why most phone system requires to have two rings before it get into IVR part.  For CICS with caller ID card, it should be able to display caller ID even without the IVR from the CP.

The question is for the lines that 'ring & appear', they just start to ring at the first incoming ring. How to get them display the caller ID?
polarbear85 (TechnicalUser)
17 Feb 06 13:52
I have an MICS, so your menu structure might differ, but in the MICS:
Terminals & Sets/Telco Features/1st Display
Change it to Name for all your sets.

cain12 (IS/IT--Management) (OP)
17 Feb 06 14:49
It was Name before, I changed them to number.  Makes no difference.  Is your phone system ring on the first incoming ring?  When would you see the caller ID displayed,
after first ring, or after 2nd ring?  Regular caller ID house phone would display caller ID on its first ring. I wonder CICS could be able to do that, too.
Helpful Member!  NorstarOption (TechnicalUser)
17 Feb 06 16:23
CLID will only come automatically on the prime of the line.  So if you have multiple appearances of a line, only the prime set will clid.  The rest you have to press f811.
Helpful Member!  senk1s (Vendor)
17 Feb 06 16:36
callerid comes before the 2nd ring and CICS / older MICS are different

Under Terminals and Sets of the set (eg 221)
goto telco features
Select EACH of the ringing line and enable caller ID yo Y
Then selct what needs to be displayed first
cain12 (IS/IT--Management) (OP)
17 Feb 06 16:53
"CLID will only come automatically on the prime of the line.  So if you have multiple appearances of a line, only the prime set will clid.  The rest you have to press f811."

Yes, we do have all the DNs 'ring & appear', that might be the reason.  Since all the DNs 'ring & appear', we did not set prime set -- that is probably why no one can see the caller ID.  I don't know why if we have 5 house phone on the line, all of them can display caller ID.  But through CICS, all the sets can not display caller ID, unless feature 811 :-<
MarvO1 (Programmer)
17 Feb 06 20:15
cain12, You are starting to get a bit of bogus info here.  On CICS, if caller ID is set up properly for every set and every line on each set, it will work properly for you.  It has nothing to do with anything primed.  CICS caller ID has always worked properly from 1.0 all the way up to current 7.0 release.  Now, on the other hand, MISC had issues that are being desribed here and didn't get fixed until about 6.1.  Look at every line on every set.

MarvO said it

cain12 (IS/IT--Management) (OP)
17 Feb 06 20:40
I already checked every line and doing that over and over. I had changed from name first to number first also -- under telco feature.  
cain12 (IS/IT--Management) (OP)
17 Feb 06 21:16
I have CICS with 8 incoming PSTN lines. Two of the lines not going through CP has caller ID on them. Those two lines are 'ring and appear' on all DNs.  I enabled callerID in the line's telco feature. I enabled the terminal and sets to display caller ID, used to be name first and now, I changed to number first.

Caller ID does not show on all the DNs, until the phone is being answered, of by pressing f811.  I want to make caller ID showing on all DNs before the call is being picked up, without pressing f811.  If anyone knows, please help.  If you like discuss, that is also fine.  But I do not like nasty people trying to act like above two persons. I will report abuse for anyone trying to abuse this great firum.
covcom (TechnicalUser)
18 Feb 06 17:26
This is a little different, but it worked for me on a 3x8 w/ dr5, I can't remember exactly, but I think I disabled the auto handsfree. ???
56347 (TechnicalUser)
19 Feb 06 9:02
Try your 'call log' Cain12. I had this same problem and it turned out that I had to have the set "log" calls in order for it to show info before pick-up.
sempei68 (MIS)
27 May 06 22:12
Did you get it working?
We're experiencing same issue.
MJSD333 (Vendor)
29 May 06 11:06
Under the actual lines heading you have to change the caller ID to Y for each line also.
phoneguy427 (TechnicalUser)
29 May 06 17:23
At terminals and sets enter ext number eg :222 press show, press next till you get to telco features, press show, press show again, it should say show line. Enter line number, Press show, should say caller id, change to Y. Repeat for all lines that appear and ring on that set.
cain12 (IS/IT--Management) (OP)
30 May 06 12:46
It still does not work.  No matter show set to caller ID or caller name, it just would not show. So we end up purcahsed a separate caller ID annoucing device hook in front of the phone system, and let speaker announce the phone number, since no one can see it.

It is a shame that Nortel could not figure out how to get this work, even a $20 phone could display that correctly these days.
senk1s (Vendor)
30 May 06 17:19
its probably not nortel's fault - atleast in this case.

it could be technical mismatch - what country setting of CLID are you using? (CO settings,  CLID card settings, and Norstar version all should 'match' )

a qualified vendor might be able to fix it or try and refer to these docs for programming instructions

MICS 6.1 Installer Guide

pages 325,6 <program all CLID lines to ring on the sets>
pages 347,8,9 <program all required lines to present cli>
cain12 (IS/IT--Management) (OP)
30 May 06 17:35
We are using US setting for the CO and CLID card settings. CICS 6.1 is the firmware version.

There are four sets of phone ring and display on these CLID numbers. One of them is ATA2 connected analog phone, the other three are 7316 phones.  There are other 7316 phones and STA2 does not ring or display for those two CLID lines.

There are other six lines do not display or ring, they go to CP100.

I tried took out the ATA2 extension. It makes no difference.
Now, I just add a third party CLID speaker device to announce the caller ID.  I gave up on this simple thing which should work without even think -- the fact that phone display the caller ID after you picking up means the CLID is flowing in the phone system, just somewhere a small bug somewhere blocked it from showing before picking up.
senk1s (Vendor)
30 May 06 17:50
I didnt realize i had replied to this thread before - that reply would hold for a CICS and hte last reply for a MICS

If you let it ring for ever and if the calls go to a mailbox - does the mailbox get the callerid?
Do the lines ring on a button or on intercom?

ATA does not recoginze callerid info
sempei68 (MIS)
4 Jun 06 23:33
Thanks to all for your posts. We have clid working now.
senk1s (Vendor)
5 Jun 06 11:59
glad that i cud help ...

arent we all happy, if we know if who is calling us :)
cain12 (IS/IT--Management) (OP)
5 Jun 06 13:02

What changes did you make to get the CLID working from not working?

I have to use third party speaking CLID device in front of Nortel phone system.  It is kind of embrassment, but at least that device plug in and works without any hassle.
Helpful Member!(2)  SeanComm (IS/IT--Management)
22 Jun 06 13:07
yes, please share what you did to solve it.  I have a cics 6.1 system that does the exact same thing...I've never been able to get CLID showing on all phones...only the prime line shows it when it's ringing.

blascrw (IS/IT--Management)
7 Jul 06 13:31
Could someone share the fix?  

We were told by our vendor that this was a bug in the firmware and it would cost about 1200 to upgrade the firmware and we would have to purchase a new PRI enabler code...

On all our phones if someone uses DID we get no CID...if the use the Autoattendant and transfer we get CID...

I programmed a button for F811 and it will display when pushed...when it transfers to VM it displays the CID...

Helpful Member!(2)  Phonehed (Programmer)
11 Jul 06 12:43
PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE, If you're not a technician and you don't REALLY KNOW the answer, please don't waste everyones precious time by trying to guess it. The last thing we all want to see in here is a wealth of misinformation!

On all CICS & MICS (up to and including 6.1) Caller ID works automatically between the first and second rings on the PRIME SET ONLY! All others must use F811 to see the CID info before answering.

It's always been that way and if someone out there has found a way around this particular shortcoming, by all means please share it with everyone.

I still haven't had a chance to play with this feature on 7.0 yet but I doubt that it has changed. Has anyone tried it on 7.0?

Thank you!

Phonehed in Dallas

endlesswinter (IS/IT--Management)
11 Jul 06 20:02
I cant belive this post has gone on for this long. Listen to Sinks1. I have a handfull of cics with caller id and withen 1 or 2 rings it displays caller id! Its all under the teco features of that set.

UNDER TELCO FEATURES: look at lines and it will ask(line 001: called ID Y or N) Thats all!

Then assign the set to called ID Y.

Thats it 2 settings.
Phonehed (Programmer)
11 Jul 06 20:29
Hey Endless...

Are you saying you got caller ID to work immediately (before answering) on more than one set, without using F811?

If you are by all means tell us more!

I guess I wouldn't be too surprised to find an older version of CICS sw that would do it but I've never seen it yet in person.

On my MICS 5.0 only the CLID set for that line gets the CID info before answering and without using F811. If I'm not mistaken, in earlier software, it was only the prime set for the line that got instant CID.

Phonehed in Dallas

phoneguy427 (TechnicalUser)
12 Jul 06 7:06
Hey Phonehed, any set that has a line appear and ring can have clid on a CICS. Under terminals and sets, enter ext number, show, next to Telco Features, show, Feature Assign, show, display says show line, enter line number, show, display shows caller ID set : Y or N. MICS is different, I believe that feature came out in 6.0 or 6.1.
hawks (IS/IT--Management)
12 Jul 06 8:44
Agree with phoneguy CICS any software, MICS maybe 6.0 but 6.1 for sure.
SeanComm (IS/IT--Management)
12 Jul 06 10:14
please clarify... We can have CLID info SHOW on any/all set when it PICKS UP the line... what many of us are asking is can  we have CLID display BEFORE picking up on ALL of the phones.

It seems that it will only display on the prime phone.  I've never been able to get CLID to display on all phones while it's ringing.  Please share if there's a way to accomplish that.

thank you!

Phonehed (Programmer)
12 Jul 06 17:20
Had a chance to test it this morning on a CICS w/4.2 and sure enough it does work on M-7310 sets, before answering and without F811. Couldn't get it to work on their M-7208's without F811 though.

Phonehed in Dallas

whender (IS/IT--Management)
12 Jul 06 18:13
Have installed a lot of clid.  Works on all of them regardless of set type as long as programmed properly.  Key is appear/ring on set.
phoneguy427 (TechnicalUser)
12 Jul 06 19:14
SeanComm, just follow my above post, works on all CICS versions.

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