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reliancetech (TechnicalUser) (OP)
11 Apr 05 5:16
IT is set to restructure world politics. The news few hours back says "China will support Indias bid for permanant member of United Nations Security Council (UNSC)." This is said by Chinise Prime-minister Mr. Wen Jiabao .

Intresting facts are ... In his visit to india last week he directly visited Bangalore and Mumbai ( IT hubs of India ) before visiting New Delhi.

China is seeking some help from India in IT support improvement. Number of Indian Institues are already working in China. IBM India is also doing number of projects for China.

Other fact to remember is India and China are not having good political relations due to Tibet and Dalai Lama factore.

So the statement of chinies premier is relay a revolution and change.

Helpful Member!  BocaBurger (Vendor)
11 Apr 05 8:37
This is going to be fun. My wife is Chinese, I have several co-wrokers/ friends from India. When they visit, I have to translate from English to English Indian English is technically much better, but the accent completely throws my wife off. Chinese English is, well, rough. I had a resume of a Chinese IT worker who was a friend of my wife's sent to me. It was translated by the head of the English department of my wife's alma mater. Three pages, every word was English. After I deleted the sentences and paragraphs that I could not make any sense of at all, it was down to less than a page. I asked my wife why her friend didn't hire a good translator, and then I was told it was her old English prof!

The pen is mightier than the sword, but the sword hurts more!

langleymass (MIS)
18 Apr 05 10:31
India and China don't like each other. But there is a rather large mountain range that has kept them from ever fighting a war. "Good fences make good neighbors."

Helpful Member!  kHz (MIS)
18 Apr 05 14:26
India and China had a brief war in 1962 and in 1987 had another clash.  In the 1962 war, China accomplished their territorial goals and declared a unilateral cease-fire, though advancing further would have stretched their logistical capabilities and their lines of communication to a breaking point.  China continues its occupation of the region.
reliancetech (TechnicalUser) (OP)
20 Apr 05 3:31


"Good fences make good neighbors."

Mountain renge is just a state of mind ... China are having weapons which can hit all the way to US west costs. China are also having good relations with Pakistan. India and pakistan are fighting  China is in much much better position to hit india all the way ...... but now they can not afford to do this. ..... China have now grown so much of population that they need them jobs ..... India though they have 2nd highest population ... job is not a big problem if you are graduate ...

China is entering to IT market .. and when they enter some where .... traditionally they do it in mass ....

Get redy as dragon will come very strong in IT world.
alexhu (MIS)
20 Apr 05 4:16


India and pakistan are fighting


reliancetech (TechnicalUser) (OP)
20 Apr 05 6:01
TRUE ...

they are trying to Patch up now ... The problem is simple ... There is beautiful vally known as Kashmir ...There are groups want Kasmir to be sapareted from India and be a saparate Nation .... India ofcourse don't want this ... Pakistan says Kasmir people should make there own decision and not Delhi base goverment ...

There are number of millitance groups oparate in Kashamir .. they have Kamp is Pakistan ( India Say so ), The fact is number of groups are actually link with Laden and Taliban ...

Presidance of Pakistan says he support Kashmir fight but not support the terrerist groups ....

It is like, he supports millitant group but not terrerist group ... both the groups are working with same aim.

" The fact is with every killing at vally by millitance, India and Pakistan will keep on fighting ". ...

Others in the world ..we all are missing one of the worlds most beautiful turist destination ... can not go there ..
jwenting (Programmer)
20 Apr 05 6:03
I guess China put some thumbscrews on them both to at least try to not go at each others' throats...
Threaten Pakistan with withholding military aid, India with economic consequences...
reliancetech (TechnicalUser) (OP)
20 Apr 05 6:08
China not doing it with best efforts ... they are having more intrest in keeping them fighting .. so china can have better control in south Asian politics.
BocaBurger (Vendor)
20 Apr 05 9:20
I can't wait to try and run software
 writtin in Chinglish

The pen is mightier than the sword, but the sword hurts more!

damber (Programmer)
20 Apr 05 13:02


I can't wait to try and run software
 writtin in Chinglish

Ha ha ha ha....

I work with a lot of people who's first language isn't English.. especially Indians, but to a lesser extent Chinese.

I vividly remember a meeting that contained Indian, Russian, Polish, German, English and American people - the Indian guy and the polish guy had a wonderful discussion in 'English'.. but neither I nor any of my team could understand what they were on about...  but we knew it was 'English'... They seemed happy enough though...

"Just because you know the words, doesn't mean you understand the sentence."

A smile is worth a thousand kind words. So smile, it's easy!

svanels (MIS)
20 Apr 05 21:43
India and China supporting each other? it makes perfectly sense.

You have the two most populated countries in the world!! Do you see all those potential buyers? Never have to worry again that you have to destroy your stock because nobody wants it.

Even if you produce crap, you still find enough suckers to buy it.
For a sales man this common market would be the Walhalla

kHz (MIS)
21 Apr 05 0:05
The US and Europe should penalize China unless they open up their monetary policy which is strictly benefiting themselves.  The G7 finally agreed they need to do this.  Now if the europeans can just stiffen the backbone and follow through with stiff penalties if the Chinese don't cooperate on this policy.
reliancetech (TechnicalUser) (OP)
21 Apr 05 1:03
Yes .. China having policies of Mass Production / No export taxes / easy and too chip row material available policies.

So the chinies good comes at very very chip rates. And it spoiles local market.

But will it be same for programs. There is definatlly differance in writing a program and making Dolls.

The policies on other good need to be modified little to jump in software market.
GwydionM (Programmer)
21 Apr 05 14:52
Tibet was never accepted by the world as an independent country.  The Tibetan Plateau might have seceeded, but only at the cost of cutting ties with other Tobetans who are mixed in with China's other populations.

The Dalai Lama is a fool who brought great misfortune on his people by failing to take a realistic line after conceeding that Tibet was indeed not sovereign.  I agree that there were provocations, but you'd have expected a wise Buddhist to endure and wait for a better day.  Not get mixed up in armed rebellions.

The border war between India and China was foolish for both parties.

The USA with its arrogant ways has finally made them see the advantage of getting together again.

No one is mentioning Nepal, but they should.

Regardless of politics, it should be good for Global IT.  A centre if ideas that are no US dominated.

An old man who lives in the UK

reliancetech (TechnicalUser) (OP)
22 Apr 05 1:21
Nepal is geologically located betweek India and Himalayas mountan renge. Nepal is too poor country for any resistance to other countries. China can easily agin political access but geologically mountan renge made the " Access Denied for China" same is the case for a country call Bhutan which is in between India and China.

Now Tibet .... India must support Tibet becouse India is Republic country with maximum Budhist. So for any political party to get votes from Bhudhist community... Indian leaders must support Dalai Lama.

Being republic country has its disadvantages .. You can not make every one happy ....
Zoom1234 (Programmer)
26 Apr 05 4:05


Now Tibet .... India must support Tibet becouse India is Republic country with maximum Budhist. So for any political party to get votes from Bhudhist community... Indian leaders must support Dalai Lama.
And how many of them follow world politics ?

I doubt it is the real reason why india is supporting Dalai Lama. Its more to do with it's relationship with China.
reliancetech (TechnicalUser) (OP)
2 May 05 5:31
With the Nation of more than 30 news channels, information sprades with more than what the news is. .. it is not about following world politics .. but following community politics ... what else can be problem with India and China ...

But the new story is UN general secratory Annan wisited India few days back said India / Japan / brasil and germany will get UNSC, but will not get VOTO power. ... so all the efforts went to mess ...

So IT can shake the world politics but can not set the lines....
kHz (MIS)
2 May 05 11:40
They should get rid of the UN.  That piece of NY real estate has a lot of value.
GwydionM (Programmer)
5 May 05 14:18
It should certainly quit New York and go somewhere more neutral.

An old man who lives in the UK

CajunCenturion (Programmer)
5 May 05 14:54
==> It should certainly quit New York and go somewhere more neutral.

Given that the land on which the UN resides is NOT part of the USA, and further given the diplomatic immunity provided to the US delegations when inside the city, where else might they want to go?  Who else would allow them to so feeely trample on their host country?

Not to imply that the US is neutral, but who on earth is?  Outside of Antarctica, where would they be more neutral?

Good Luck
To get the most from your Tek-Tips experience, please read FAQ181-2886
As a circle of light increases so does the circumference of darkness around it. - Albert Einstein

CajunCenturion (Programmer)
5 May 05 15:01
In any case, I would not lose any sleep if the UN were to move to London.

Good Luck
To get the most from your Tek-Tips experience, please read FAQ181-2886
As a circle of light increases so does the circumference of darkness around it. - Albert Einstein

kHz (MIS)
5 May 05 15:07
I realize the UN which is in Manhattan is not US territory (because it is UN property), but if it wasn't, it would be valuable property for the owner.  The Manhattan property of the UN is like the land in Cuba where Guanatamo sits.  It's in Cuba but they don't control it.

Switzerland always touts their neutrality - seems like a good location to me.
keithb03 (Programmer)
5 May 05 16:26
I think France would be a more appropriate host for the UN.  Can we move it there immediately?

reliancetech (TechnicalUser) (OP)
6 May 05 5:25
Do we realy need UN???? What does it do???

As a command person I can not see any work doen from UN.... They are the one who form to keep the world together but failed all the times ... Anyone knows UN stops a war between two UN nations.... Any other good did ..

I don't know
johnherman (MIS)
6 May 05 8:11
The UN should move to some poor country on Earth so that we can boost their economy. Then, move the headquarters every 10 years or so to help another poor country.

The trouble with doing something right the first time is that noboby appreciates how difficult it was.
- Steven Wright

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