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Member Feedback

Thanks for contacting me and that's so much for having a place for us propeller heads to hang out and chat.

Chris K.

I think the site is excellent, a true benefit to people around the planet.  I enjoy spending time on it for personal growth (I learn from the questions I don't answer, and I reinforce/stay sharp on the topics I do answer), and to give back to humanity at large.  That may sound like an exaggeration, but I think any scrutiny would prove that knowledge sharing on the site affects a large population in a positive way.

Thank you for creating, and continuing, a valuable resource for the world's population.

Cory P.

Where have you been all my life!

I found the answer I needed in seconds on your site!



Just wanted to drop a line to say "THANKS".  This is such a great site. I'm so glad that it is around. Everyone has been extremely helpful. I don't know how often, if at all, that you archive the threads, but I always seem to find what I need in previous threads without starting my own. I have started a couple but that's it.  All the people that put there time in to answer questions, I really want to say thanks. Your hard work is truly appreciated.

Elise L.

I'm so glad I found this site. Your people are so knowledgeable. Thank you sooo much. Now I can get some sleep, because my problem is solved.

Arlene P.

The forums are really a good thing.  With so many companys cutting back on training these days, lack of true support by makers of software... the forum is a great tool to have in your cyber-toolbox.


This is easily the most helpful website I've ever used. I've done some extensive searches for a good forum, and this is the best forum with the quickest response time bar none. Keep up the great work!

Richard B.

I have been a grateful member of this site for several years. I am so often called upon to create solutions with products I am unfamiliar with, and occasionally run into problems on my own systems that I cannot resolve on my own -- I love this site and refer everyone to it!

Jennifer B.

Thanks!!  Because of this forum, I continue to WOW! my clients!

Carie H.

Fantastic site.  My thanks both to the site creator and to the contributors who freely share their knowledge and enthusiasms.  This forum restores some measure of my faith in human nature.

Paul S.

I'm happy to contribute financially to the site.  These forums are an excellent source and example of the way people can help each other.  I had the right idea but just couldn't nail down the solution.  After a few postings we came up with the right solution.  I have suggested this site to a number of other people and all have been able to solve problems with help from the forums.

Judy I.

This site is a great forum to exchange knowledge.

Chris H.

I train people in ACCESS.  I make sure they know about
these forums, give them some training on how to use the site,
and have a shortcut to it on their PC's.

Marlene S.

I can't start my day without this site!


Your information in this site is absolutely WONDERFUL.  It is the most useful site on the web to me right now.

Thank You Thank You


This forum is the most helpful site I've ever used.  I used to use; but, this site is better - hands down!


It is good to know that there are groups such as this willing to share knowledge in this money driven economy.


Jessie F.

I would just like to thank you and your company for having this site. I have answered some questions and have gotten answers for my questions. Anywhere you can do this on one page helps tremendously.

Brad K.


Your forum site is the best I ever worked with. The enviroment is simple, natural and efficient. The members are competent, educated and professional.

Keep up the good work.

Luciano P.

I just wanted to let you know that I think this is a great site. I found it a couple of months ago and have been able to get my problems soved from past messages and also new posts that other users have responded to promptly.

Keep up the great work and thanks for making my life easier.

Tom M.

One of the best run forums I have used in years!  The help I received was from New Zealand and was prompt and helped me fix the problem.

I like the way the site is organized and your no tolerance of flames.

Well done

John M.

The forum looks great! You guys have done a fantastic job on arranging things there. The topics are easy to find and if you are troubleshooting a problem, you don't want to waste a lot of time looking at irellevant information. Your site is very precise and fun to visit.

Best regards,

Just a quick note to say, "THANKS!" for these forums.  I'm sure someone has put some hours in its development and even more to maintain it.  The site is very well layed out and easy to use.  Thanks for bringing us together - we need each other.

I feel your site to be an absolute blessing.  Whenever I have a problem, yours is the first site that I visit to try and find/get an answer... It is wide-ranging and the help and
experience that can be found there is absolutely fantastic.  Your site has saved me hours of work that I cannot begin to express my satisfaction.


Howard C.

Another THANKS for this site -

I've gotten a wealth of information from it and have even made some new friends !

In the past month, I've posted a couple work problems and gotten solutions within a day - it saved a lot of time and actually got me one ATTABOY from my boss

Best wishes for continued success!!

Bob C.

Greetings. Indeed this site is very unique because I have never been to any technical site that shows concern just to anybody with problems. More power and salute to the subscribers of this community. I look forward to also share in the future.
Jake C.

I love this site!  It's so nice to know that there are so many people out there who are willing to share their knowledge.  I've found so many solutions and helpful tips to my dilemmas.  The forums have also improved my skills because of the sometimes 'thinking outside the box' solutions.  It's just the best!

Jacque M.

If there has ever been a justification needed for access to the net during working  hours, just referring to this site should suffice.


yours truly,

Ties B.

I have found your site brilliant. What makes it good are the people that contribute to the site. The site itself, has been developed extremely well, making it easy to configure.


I just wanted to echo the previous comments on your feedback page.  This site is truly a marvel.  Without a doubt the most comprehensive, friendly and just plain useful resource of its kind.  Congratulations to those who dreamt it up and to all of those who, like me, contribute to its pages.

Andrew T.


So far, I've really enjoyed being a member of your site.

In the past week, I've spent hours trying to find solutions to 3 specific problems and I have come up empty.  Within the first afternoon perusing your site, I found 2 of the 3 needed solutions, and the 3rd came to me via your email notification feature over the weekend!

I'll be sure to keep the forums as a reference, and I'll point my friends to it as well.

Thanks for the great site,

Keith M.

Congratulations on a brilliant idea and a great site.


Manu K.

I am so glad that I found your site, it is an excellent resource and has helped me greatly, as well as being interesting and informative
Kathy R.

I wish I knew about this site years ago. It would have saved me a lot of heartaches.

Danny M.

An excellent site which has quite possibly prevented me from having a mental/nervous breakdown and also prevented the breakdown of my PC as it would have hit the pavement from the second floor.

I'm new to your site so it will take me some time to work within the format. So far I'm impressed.   Over the last few years it's been difficult to find a specialist whose work or science is close to yours.  Here I've found many.  I can only hope that we can contribute to others in some way or another with our expertise....

When researching projects it's sometimes difficult to find the support, guidance or answers from someone else who has been there and done that or at least been exposed to such things.  On your site I feel quite confident that the contacts and feedback will make my life a little less hectic.

Wayne L.

I think the site is just incredible....I am learning more here than anywhere else before and am looking forward to being able to help someone .... this is my idea of what the Internet is supposed to do.

Ron J.

Just wanted to let you know that I registered today, and your site is fantastic.  I found solutions to problems that I have been encountering for months!  Your site is the bomb!  (that is what my kids would say)

Thanks again!

Lori H.

Thanks for creating this site - I expect to be visiting it often as I continue to try to grow my bag of tricks!

Marianne S.

This site is awesome! I can't believe how long I have been struggling with problems, begging my VBA acquaintances to help me, when I could have using this site. Things I have been trying to figure out for weeks, I got the answer in hours!

Rick R.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great collection of forums.  I've
already passed on the good news to a friend and he's using it too.

I posted a query a short while ago and had an informed answer within a couple of hours.  Terrific!


Roy E.

Congratulations for your great site.  This site helped me more than university.

Theodore K.

I've learned more from your forums in 3 days than 3 months at school and on the job combined.
Keep it up,

Vikram P.

I just wanted to say THANKS for the forum. The knowledge I gain from your site is invaluable.


You have made an incredible site which is truly a great help to me in solving problems.  A tip of my hat to you!

Jim G.

Just to let you know (which I'm sure you're already aware) what a great site you have.  I posted a pretty generic question yesterday and have had 8 responses already (maybe its just the Unix community), anyway thanks again and keep up the good work.

Joe V.

I have tons of books, have book marked tons of tutorials, which have helped, but this forum has answered those "impossible to find" solutions. I am thrilled with this site.


This is a very good site. Please keep it running. Thanks and wishing a great health and success for the site and its owners.


Keep up the very good job that you and your team are doing. This site has replaced my morning cup of tea as a must have/do!!!

Lisa C.

Somehow a keyword search for "forane" led me to your site.  That in turn got me to a question in your site about refrigeration and one of the replies led me to  The lead in eng-tips saved me a ton of time and hassle in getting some critical thermodynamics data.  If I'd only had resource like eng-tips when I was just getting started!  I might have dazzled them with my brilliance instead of my BS.

Jeff S.

Thanks for a great forum. My problem was answered just by scrolling through previously solved problems.
Great service!!

Jill B.

What a great service!  This is the best site I've ever seen!!! It totally restores my faith in humanity when people take time out to help other people. Makes us ALL look good. Thanks !!!!!!!


Compliments on a fantastic web site.  I have learned so much from my threads and even if sometimes I cannot solve the problem, it gives me the reassurance that I am not the only one putting up with it!

Martin A.

I have to add my thanks and appreciation for your wonderful site. My sentiments echo those of others here. People who frequent the site are the two best things - nice and smart. I am so impressed with the level of technical ability and really blown away by how quickly answers are posted.

My deepest thanks.

Lynn C

Dudes!  Great site.  You've saved me hours and hours...and I have just started using your site.  I've already passed your URL onto my entire company. Keep up the awesome work.  Bingo-bango.


I just wanted to say that you guys RULE, a million thank you's to whoever created, and/or manages this site. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Matt W.

Hi there,

I really enjoy your site.  You have a lot of helpful and friendly experts who contribute so willingly.  Thank you for past (and future) technical advice.


I just signed up for your forums.  I recently had a huge responsibility shoved on my lap... and just the few hours I've spent on this site I have learned a lot.  I can now implement features that will be very useful to my company, and some of those I never knew existed.

Thank you for providing me with this information and keep up the good work.

Chip V.

I am very happy with the whole site and would like to extend my compliments to all of you who work to make it one of the most useful sites (If not THE Most Useful) ...and the easiest to navigate.

Once again Thank you

Jim M.

love the site and am constantly recommending it to (selected !) clients here in ireland

please keep up the excellent work ...


David W.

It's fun to see others going through the same stuff I did and be able to help.  It's also a way for me to stay sharp and not lose the stuff I've learned.

Joe M.

I think the forum is a great idea, especially for those of us in consulting engineering. Keep up the good work!

Charles B.

Want to thank those people who have made this forum such a valuable place to visit each day.


I have also discovered that "real" data is very hard to find.  I tried to get the yield strength of plain carbon steel off the web a couple of years ago and found myself hopelessly lost.  Such basic info should be very easy to find...

Creating a community for technical professionals is what I see as the real accomplishment in your site.  The growth will come from students who move onto positions of responsibility all over the world.  Your site allows people from around the globe to compare ideas in a very narrow yet deep facet of technology.  There may only be a few people in a forum such as "submarines" but there are thousands of people around the world who work with and are interested in them.  Your site has the potentional to allow those like-minded individuals to compare ideas and get information that has value in their professions.

I have also discovered that the internet, as it operates today, vastly compromises an individual's ability to utilize its potential...  Much is yet to be done however.  I believe that we will not fully exploit the value of the internet until it is possible for technical professionals to routinely find and use detailed information and advice from experts in equitable barter.  I hope that individuals recognize that very narrow yet deep understanding of specific technologies has value like never before.  I also believe that we all can contribute to each other's growth by sharing knowlege and experiences...

Really appreciate your site. Really good site for learning what others do when they run into problems. You guy's are great!!!
Tim S.

I have learned more through this forum than I did on a two day course.  Thanks to everyone for their help and other postings that I have found useful.

Anne Y.

This site is like first coffee in the winter morning.


I'd just like to ket you know I think this web site is a "Godsend" for me.  I know without any doubt at all that if I have a programming problem that I'm unable to solve for myself, if I post it to this site, I'll get a sensible reply in no time.  It's really great!  Thank you!



It's extraordinarily refreshing to see truly expert advice without having to wade through "hipper than thou" attitude.

I'll always recommend you guys to serious people with serious questions.  Keep it up!

Mike M

I just want to say how much I value your site.  I hope the good work keeps up there.  It's really helped me.

Stephen C.

I just wanted to say thank you and compliment you on a wonderful resource that you have enabled here. It is clear, concise, well maintained and most importantly, helpful.
Thank you,
Christopher M.

Thank you.

It's already helped me greatly, and I enjoy just reading the inputs from the other members.

Scott G.

Your site is a great idea.  I should have joined your site years ago.  Better late than never.

Mike J.

Brilliant!  Your site is great.  I have only been a member for a couple of weeks and already your contributors have answered two of my questions, saving me hours of time at work and making my boss think I am brilliant too! I also picked up on a thread that will potentially save us a lot of money in the future.

Thank you so much.

Andy L.

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed these forums. I am a new user and have a lot of elementary questions. I get quick answers with a friendly attitude.

This is unlike the more condecending tone I have gotten on other sites for asking "stupid" questions. What I was told in school is, the only really stupid question is the one you didn't ask. I have learned a lot from your site, and I look forward to be able to contribute as well as ask questions.

Thanks for everything!

Dian S.

This is the best WEB forum by far.

Since using forums in my early days 10 years ago in CompuServe. One had to log back on and sometimes wait days for a response.  Or wade through a dozen or so new posts trying to find yours and maybe never finding it again.  Now I get a response e-mailed to me which I can click a link and go right back to exactly where My post was.

You are to be highly commended for such fantastic work.


Douglas P

Thank you again!  I can't tell you how much I and my company appreciate what you've done!  I love this place!


I want to extend my thanks to everyone.  This has been the MOST helpful forum that I have been a part of and I want to say thank you.  The tips, tricks and helpful advice that you all contribute to have been lifesavers in many instances.  I can only hope that my knowledge will expand so that I can be a more frequent contributor, instead of always asking.

Thanks again,


Just wanna say your web site's great! I've been using this system for almost a year now and find it really, really helpful. The people have been helpful in answering just about any question you post in the forums. The new look looks awesome too.
Keep up the good work.

Your site is one of the cleanest and BEST forums that I
have seen.  I have sent quite a few people your way.  Keep up
the good work!!!

Steve W.

Thank you for the best reply I've ever had to a forum question - it's extremely comprehensive and legible and answers my query thoroughly. I'll take your advice and go through the routines you've suggested - I'll also post this entire thread to the General Virus Discussion forum so that this information is available to as many members as possible.

Once again - many thanks.


Thank you!  I found your site from a google search whilst I was looking for a answer to a problem I was having with Access. Your site was well structured and I found what I was looking for in about 2 minutes.  I am looking forward to participating with you in the future.

Again, thank you.


Mark B.

Thank you.  I have never said it, but you have a great web site.  It is of immense help.

Mary M.

Over the past year I have found your site to be EXCELLENT.  Never have I been able to find so many answers to such vast problems and it is an excellent service.

Keith B.

I think this forum rocks it has saved my bacon many many times.


I love the structure of the site.  You start at the top, and drill down to what you want.  Maybe I've been using Unix too long.  

I don't think testimonials would have enticed me to become a member, or even use the site for that matter.

I use the site for a learning experience - the more I try to help people, the more chance I have of learning something - so what makes this site attractive to me is the level of expertise of the people posting in the forums, not what people think about the site.


Thanks!  Awesome group.  I put out a simple question in the access/vba forum that I couldn't find answered on technet or anywhere else on the web and it was answered the same day!!


Tom J

Thanks a lot Mate! I can't tell you how many times your site has saved my "rear". hehe.  And since I'm really good with perl, I try and help out when I can. A lot of good perl people are regulars at your site though so I never really come accross an un-aswered question :).


Keep up the good work - excellent site - i'd been looking for something like this for ages !

Thanks again


I am very impressed with the site and have already recommended it to one of my associates.  I was truly impressed with the quickness in which someone actually responded to my question.

I'm not sure how you do it, but it was certainly a great resource for at the time, and I intend on using it in the future.




I signed up to your site to get help with a problem and I am so glad I did.  I found the help I needed immediately. Thanks to all who contribute to your site.

Thank you,

This was the ONLY place that I could find information that I could use to resolve the problem.  So thanks once again to member TomSark and the SQL forum!

Thanks!  Keep up the good work with this forum, I think this
is the best one around.  I think this is due partly to the lack of moderators, who in some other forums are getting on my nerves because they are using it as an ego trip, promoting their own perceived prowess, and not actually trying to help people learn for themselves.

In my opinion this is the whole point - and I commend you on providing a very good, open learning atmosphere, where usually egos are left behind...

If people could only realise "Pride only hurts, it never helps"!(M.Wallace)

But anyway, keep kicking "tail"!

Ben B.

Tek-Tips is the experts Expert site. Just about any problem gets solved as easily as a telephone support call. No contract, no fee, no fuss. Some day all sites will be like this.
What you have done for people like me is immeasurably helpful.

I find this forum to be VERY helpful to my line of work. I've spoken to my General Manager of Engineering Div from my organisation and he wants me to inform the rest of the engineers in the Engineering Div about this forum in our next engineering meeting and I am sure you will have many more from us visiting the forums soon. At last there is indeed a website/forum that
deals with professional and serious matters. Keep up with the good work!!



I learn something every time I visit this site. It is a very informative and helpful site which I really appreciate.  A lot of the information I've found at this site would've taken me forever if I'd have attempted to research it on my own. Thanks again.

AUG4570 (member)

I used to post in and monitor the MS Access forum on Compuserve, a hangout for some very impressive and helpful Access gurus. I cancelled my Compuserve account a few months back and when I encountered a tekkie problem earlier in the week, I decided to go cybersurfing for some new forums. It was very late and, unfortunately, I can't remember which search engine I used (Yahoo! or or what search criteria I put in, but I do recall you came up on the first page. I did click on some of the other sites and, of the ones I checked, either they were (1) not very active (i.e., many unanswered posts or
complaints from people about not getting an answer), (2) not well moderated (cluttered with spam) or (3) I found the messaging software confusing (mostly the typical Web-based messaging software which is unwieldy.

When I first viewed your site, the organization of it was a visual shock (compared to what I'm used to seeing on Web-based discussion forums) and I recall a fleeting sense of selfish frustration because I would have to "work" (heaven forbid) my way through to the appropriate place to post my question. But a nano-second or two later, I got the wake-up call that it was ingeniously designed and all those clicks were for my own good, and the more I clicked and discovered new features, the more impressed I became ... and that was even before I got my speedy and useful answer to my tekkie question that I eventually posted. :)

I look forward to making good use of all that your great forum has to offer as time allows!

I generally sit quietly at my computer and sort through my problems with a particular program in silence.  But you guys have given us a way of asking a question and getting some very timely feedback from other users so we don't have to re-invent the wheel time and again.

I am now compelled to write and thank you for creating what I feel to be one of the most useful tools a person could find here on the web.  So many times I just cruise through the recent posts and glean a lot of info that I can apply to my work.  It is also very rewarding to be able to offer up a solution to another programmer and thereby reinforce ones feeling of competence and confidence with their work.

We help and ask for nothing in return.  Once again, thanks for an excellent site.

I just wanted to extend my appreciation of the site in general.  I'm a freelance consultant, and your site's helped me with many issues.  I just wanted you to know that someone does appreciate the intelligent help your site offers.


I just wanted to let you know that Tek-Tips was recommended to me by someone, and that I will be recommending it to others. It is a site of exceptionally high calibre.  It was THE site I was looking for.

My only regret is that it too so long to find it!

Many thanks to you for putting it together and to the forum members for taking the time to post their replies and give their time to help others.

Their isn't another site that can touch it.


Just a simple note from someone who values greatly the advice/instruction/civility of all who contribute to this site!
I frequent other newsgroups, too, and am MOST IMPRESSED with the lack of smart a-- and presence of genuine desire to help anyone of any skill level.



Just writing to let you know that I enjoy this site for numerous reasons. The level of expertise is awesome. The nature in which people respond is professional helpful and not the least condescending. I can't say that for most forums. These are the main reasons. Good job to you and all the participants.

I owe this site many thanks.



Your forum / site has saved my "rear" many a time!!!!!!

Praise should be given to the Forum managers or the Tipmasters - they are what make it work - give them extra recognition!!!  They are timely (prompt - unlike ACTUAL support sites) and on the ball!!!

thanks for putting up a site just like this...


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